Securus Is Helping Us Share Every Day Tasks At Home

I know that talking to people on Securus is a really good idea because it helps us make sure we are all checking on my dad. He will be out in a couple years, but we need to share with him that everything is alright in the meantime. The only way to really do that is to use Securus on my tablet, and I turn it sideways when I am sitting in the house or working. It is really easy for us both to see each other, and I have been happy with the way that it works. I can still see and hear him when I am moving around of the tablet is sitting on a table.


There are many reasons why I like to use Securus, but the most important part is how good the calls are. I can hear well, and I see everything well. I can check on my dad and see how he is doing in jail, and I know for sure that he doing well because I can see for myself. We are just talking about what is going on every day, and it feels better for me to do this than to go to the jail.


I get a more personal time with him this way, and it makes me feel like we are having a real conversation. Everyone who is using Securus can get the same kinds of talks done that I do with my dad, and I know that I am going to be able to talk to him any time I want when I call with the app. It makes more sense for people like me to use Securus because it prevents us from going to the jails. It is so much easier than using any other program we have tried.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Fabletics Goes Full Steam Across America – Retail Outlets Continue To Open

Since its launch in 2013, the athleisure brand Fabletics has won many admirers in the activewear industry. In just three years, online revenues of the brand has reached approximately $250 Million, which is also a testament to the growing popularity of the subscription based model. Each year, thousands of subscribers looking for trendy activewear shop the online store to get their hands on the latest outfits approved by Kate Hudson. In fact, Kate Hudson is one of the main reasons for women subscribers to instantly approve Fabletics, when it launched in October 2013. Kate co-founded the company, therefore, she takes personal interest in deciding which activewear goes to the market on In addition, she spends a lot of time marketing her brand wherever she goes.

However, the celebrity link is not the only reason for the immense growth of the brand. Co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are successful entrepreneurs who have revived the concept of subscription-based model on Accordingly, Don and Adam preferred an activewear brand that can target a growing segment of the American society by offering clothing at every price-point. Besides, it was also important for the management to keep its activewear competitive by offering lower prices compared to its competitors. The idea took off as hordes of new subscribers quickly joined the trend making Fabletics one of the most innovative brands on the Internet.

The immense growth of Fabletics also led to growing number of customer complaints, particularly from new subscribers. Unaware of the subscription-based model, many users complained that they were charged for the services they never used, reported Racked. As such, the Better Business Bureau also got a hefty share of these complaints. To provide a solution, Adam Goldenberg has confirmed that customers are no longer required to pay if they do not shop in a calendar month. For example, subscribers are allowed to use the option “Skip the Month” if they did not shop, online.

The success of the brand has prompted Fabletics to open retail outlets. Initially, Fabletics was seen as opening few outlets in some of the most popular spots in the United States; however, recent news confirms that Fabletics will open nearly 100 retail stores in the next few years. If there was any doubt regarding the expansion, a wave of new openings across the United States have dispelled rumors. It is also evident that numerous stores are already operational across America.

Interestingly, President of Retail, Gregg ThrogMartin has confirmed that the decision to open new retail outlets has nothing to do with the online model. Already, the online model is generating hefty sales for the company. As such, the integration of both online and retail models will complement each other to generate even greater interest.

Brian Torchin’s Career As A Successful Businessman In The Healthcare Sector


Brian Torchin runs a company that helps people to find jobs at all levels within the healthcare sector. His company is well known throughout many regions of the world. Employers are typically very impressed with the speed at which he brings in workers. In addition to being in charge of a successful healthcare staffing agency, he has taken other steps in his career.

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor. His undergraduate education is in exercise science, and many of his clients have come to him with sports related concerns. However, he also works with clients that have other musco-skeletal concerns. His practice has gotten great reviews, and it continues to be successful. In addition to being a successful chiropractor, he also showed expertise with regard to the business management aspect of his practice.

When he began to market his business expertise, he began to make a name for himself by assisting other healthcare practices with business management. Many practices became aware of his healthcare management skills, and he was soon managing practices in multiple parts of the mid-Atlantic.

Then his service were noticed by an existing healthcare staffing agency, HCRC, and he became the CEO of the company. He has been in this position for nine years. As CEO, Brian Torchin made a number of changes to the company. One of the most striking changes was the extraordinary system of customer service he added. Instead of directing clients through automated directories and delegating all the customer service to secretaries, he posts his telephone number on the company’s webpage. When people call him to ask questions, he is very quick in getting back to them. In addition, he works to ensure that companies using HCRC’s services have access to new employees within 72 hours.

In addition, Brian Torchin is well known for the articles that he has published. His articles cover subjects related to the management of healthcare establishes, along with tips for those working as healthcare professionals themselves.   Follow Brian on Twitter, where he runs the official HCRC account.

Squaw Valley Expansion Moves Forward Amid Appeals for Solving Transportation Problems

Finally, the Placer County Development Commission has approved plans for the Squaw Valley Resort to initiate further growth. The new development will include development of additional tourist housing giving employment opportunities to the local community.

Regarding the development of project, it is interesting to highlight that Squaw Valley project was embroiled in a legal battle between the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings and a private group. However, Andy was able to win the battle to preserve the land for additional development that will likely benefit locals. In the coming days, the project is likely to be approved by the County Board of Supervisors, as well.

Still, it does not mean that worries of Andy Wirth are over. Experts view further development of the area leading to traffic congestion and environmental hazards.

Already, the area is crowded with traffic, particularly in the peak season when traffic jams from thousands of tourists are common. Without another feasible transportation project, it is likely that the development of the resort or other adjacent areas will only prove unsustainable in the long-run.

Despite such concerns, Andy looked confidence in resolving the issue as he claimed that building transportation projects in the area is his top priority. He insisted that the development of Squaw Valley resort was put on hold due to legal battle and it has nothing to do with his company that is already proposing transportation projects for the area. In a recent meetup with concerned parties, Andy Wirth insisted that he is ready to put a large-scale mass transit proposal in front of the voters as early as this fall.

From the community’s perspective, the mass transportation setup is not restricted to Squaw Valley Resort or the Olympic Valley. Instead, it will help ease traffic congestion in the entire Lake Tahoe area. In fact, the new transportation proposal will help strengthen the existing links between different resort communities along North shores.

Jesse Patterson, deputy director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, who is one of those holding meeting with Andy claims that he also sees traffic congestion as the major hurdle to the development of further projects. Therefore, he hopes that Andy’s proposal will not be restricted to just the paper. Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

As for Andy Wirth, the new development will definitely be a major challenge as he will also need to appease the local public who are aware that Andy Wirth has the financial backing and the power to make their dream a reality.

Flavio Maluf Analyzes UK Exit From European Union

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman. Currently, Maluf is the president of the company Eucatex. The Eucatex Group operates in the construction and furniture industry. The Eucatex Group helps meet the needs of furniture manufacturers, cars, toys, doors, and plates. The Eucatex Group also has a Forestry Unit.

Recently, Maluf, while speaking in his native Portuguese, offered his thoughts on the potential economic consequences of The United Kingdom exiting The European Union. The comments in Portuguese did translate to English. After the UK exit, there was a large drop in stock markets across Europe. The British currency has also been drastically devalued. Maluf feels this could greatly impact the global economy.

Maluf notes on his blog, that Paulo Figuieredo the Director of Operations of FN Capital, states that the UK insulation will cause a drop in the investment received by the country. Figueiredo suggests that the movement of goods between European Union member countries will lead to negative results.

In European Union countries, there is a customs union that permits free trade without tariffs and quotas on products from other countries. Using the block output, The UK will have new rates. This may harm foreign trade, however Maluf does see some ways that this may benefit the UK. Maluf envisions potential bilateral agreements that were not possible before.

Brazil may benefit from this situation due to the possibility of making a bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom. The business department at New York University believes that these benefits are limited. Maluf notes that the UK is not a major trading partner of Brazil.

The United Kingdom’s exit hurts Germany and France as well, because there is a lot of structure in those two countries. France is showing signs of weaknesses in its economy, according to Maluf’s Twitter posts, leaving the burden on Germany to pick up the slack. Maluf notes that there is uncertainty due to the impact of the UK exit from the European Union, and it remains to be seen how the impact of the exit may translate to other countries in the European Union and Worldwide.

A Review Of The Provisions Catered For By The SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC Whistleblower Program was introduced as an amendment to the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, which seeks to protect consumers against violations by companies and businesses. With the program, it has become easier to locate factual information about the violations perpetrated by companies and individuals, simply because more and stringent security measures have been introduced.

Before the 2010 amendment to the Consumer Protection Act, whistleblowers were not able to report violations for fear of victimization, or the reporting capabilities available then were not adequate. These are some of the things that inspired the introduction of the SEC Whistleblower program, which has since streamlined the business world by eliminating securities violations.

Global reach
Among concerns raised during the draft of the amendment is the fact securities fraud is an issue that cannot be confined to one demographic, so it was necessary to come up with laws that would allow for international reach. The SEC Whistleblower Program allows for international reporting, so it does not necessarily matter whether you are located within the U.S. or not. In fact, since 2010, many reports that were submitted to the SEC came from other jurisdictions.

The Annual SEC Report cited that 10.8 percent of the reports received were from jurisdictions outside the U.S. Some of the countries where this information came from include China, Venezuela, India, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Israel and Spain to name a few.

Sanctions to perpetrators and awards to whistleblowers
Punitive measures have also been heightened to ensure those caught violating securities laws are made to understand the message the government is trying to share. In this regard, the SEC Whistleblower Program has outlined laws that spell out how those who violate the laws are sanctioned and the amounts they are supposed to pay.

Additionally, whistleblowers will receive a package and honor for playing their part in curbing securities violations. This package will include a share of the total sanctions collected calculated as a percentage depending on the severity of the case and other factors. Whistleblowers receive as much as 30 percent compensation and in other cases where the issue reported is too technical there is a special package that includes the payment of between $4 and $5 million.

Law firms like Labaton Sucharow have also joined in this race to ensure whistleblowers are advised about the position of the law before reporting. This allows them to engage in honest reporting to ensure no party is implicated wrongly. Learn more about the SEC Whistleblower lawyers

The Growing and Advancement of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services is a corporation that brings unique skills, expertise, and knowledge together to solve problems that people are going through. Each person who works for IAP Worldwide contributes the unique skills of experience and knowledge to what they are able to provide to the company. There are many different qualities and personalities that bring a unique professionalism to the team, who are empowered to do their jobs safely and effectively. As stated in IAP Ingenuity and Purpose:

“IAP’s Human Resources professionals care about your success in contributing to IAP’s mission – to provide “world class” levels of customer satisfaction. We are committed to developing and implementing support programs and processes which add value to IAP and its employees. We do everything possible to ensure that working for IAP is a satisfying and rewarding experience for everyone. In all our interactions with our customers and employees we live out our core values — respect, responsibility, integrity, ingenuity and purpose” (IAP Careers. 2016).

IAP Worldwide Services empowers their employees with a multitude of different ways to success in their field of profession. Education assistance is available for those that need it in regards to any career-related education. Full time employees can take advantage of improving their job skills and enhancing their career development with employee incentives, rewards and recognition. IAP encourages managers to create an award program for their employees, as well as individual and team accomplishments that encourage safety.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

There are different services and areas that a person can take advantage of that would include government services such as hospitals, emergency response, logistics and supply chain management and network and communications. There are expeditionary infrastructures such as engineering, security and parking in places such as hospitals and emergency services. As well as utilizing renewable energy by using cost-effective, non-polluting, alternative energy sources from water, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass sources. As stated in IAP Ingenuity and Purpose:

“For us, we engage the “unexpected.” From natural disasters to overseas battlefields, we are ready at a moment’s notice — with the experience to plan, coordinate and carry out complicated logistical and technical challenges. We maintain, manage, and operate military installations the size of a small city, civilian facilities, and remote research laboratories. IAP delivers the people, technologies, and program management required to support its customers’ workforce flexibility needs around the globe” (IAP Careers. 2016).

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

Sam Tabar Accepts Role as Chief Operating Office of FullCycle Energy

In December of 2015, FullCycle Energy named Sam Tabar as its chief operating officer, according to Private Equity Wire. Tabar is an attorney and financial strategist who has spent years managing the budgets of large institutions and corporations. Prior to signing on with FullCycle Energy, Tabar served as Merrill Lynch’s Bank of America head of capital financing. As head of capital, Tabar would introduce hedge-fund managers to large groups of institutional investors that included endowments, pensions and foundations.

Prior to Merrill Lynch, Tabar served in the role of co-head of marketing at the Sparx Group. At the time, the Sparx Group was the largest independent fund in the Asian Pacific, and he supervised all aspects of the company’s global marketing campaigns. Mr. Tabar built office teams as he consulted with the Sparx Group’s executive division of marketing.

Mr. Tabar holds a Masters of Law from Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford. Before working as a private venture capitalist, Tabar worked as an attorney for the law firm Skadden, Arps, Meagher Slate and Flom and worked for Schulte, Roth and Zabel. Mr. is a member of the New York State Bar Association and while attending Columbia, he worked as the editor of the school’s business law journal.

As a private equity investor, CrunchBase indicates Mr. Tabar made a name for himself by investing in the company She Thinx, which helped revolutionize the feminine hygiene industry by empowering women. Tabar’s goal at FullCycle Energy is to eliminate the need for high-polluting fuels and develop ways to introduce environmentally friendly fuels.

Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright appeared on the Larry young Morning Show last month to discuss his project with RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions was founded in 2015 as joint partnership venture that specializes in constructing and renovating affordable housing in the city of Baltimore. Kevin told Larry Young that the company is very passionate about home ownership. He also stated that he deals with a lot of first time home owners and buyers and are trying to give them an opportunity to have a home to live in and to create stability in the neighborhood. As the founder of RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright’s mission is to grow Baltimore’s home ownership rate to 48%.

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative operations leader who’s recognized for his strategic vision and ability to achieve business goals. Kevin has used his financial expertise to help improve communities on the East Coast. He currently serves as the vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. During his career, Kevin has managed to reformulate business strategies that has built responsive accounting and finance divisions that continue to deliver results. He has also helped to transform revenue planning corporate processes that have successfully worked across the board for general contractors and sub-contractors. Kevin’s accomplishments include revenue enhancements that have helped to increase annual returns by 25%. He has also solidified Human Capital Divisions by improving staff retention, enhancing recruitment efforts compensation adjustments and change management. Kevin has had 13 years of experience in executive-level finance and human resource.

Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold are Skyrocketing in Success

Organo Gold is a direct sales company founded by Bernardo Chua in 2007, and today, in 2016, it is doing phenomenally in 35 countries around the world. One reason for its success could be the incredible natural products that they carry, The super mushroom Ganoderma, which is infused into rich, Columbian coffee and herbal teas as well as other hot beverages, is the star product

Ganoderma is a mushroom grown in the Asian Mountains, and as a boy, his mother brought it from China for the family. Bernardo experienced the super healing qualities of the Ganoderma as he was growing up.

Bernardo has a dream that is coming true. He wanted to introduce the excellent benefits of the Ganoderma to the entire western world. Bernardo took his expert business skills and developed excellent strategies to use in managing and marketing a direct sales businesses, and he founded Organo Gold.

His first networking company was Gano Excel, which also sold Ganoderma, but in capsule form. In 2004, Bernardo got the idea of infusing Ganoderma in hot beverages, so more people would be able to reap the benefits. Coffee and tea are the most popular drinks in the world, and Bernardo made the Ganoderma available to millions more people. In 2007, Organo Gold was founded in Bernardo’s living room. he then he moved it to British Columbia Canada where it is today.

Organo Gold is achieving amazing success because Bernardo Chua is a successful entrepreneur. One of his strategic concepts is the Preferred Customer Rewards Program. This program offers 25 percent off when the customer signs up for auto-ship. The program was introduced in December 2015 for the United States, Mexico, and Canada, and it provides four significant benefits besides the discount: specials, savings, high-quality customer service, and a phone support system that is available to answer any questions.

Bernardo has over one million distributors globally, and the number is growing. This Customer Rewards Program will also benefit the distributors who can also register for it.
Organo Gold is the top 55th direct sales company, and with the new program, Bernardo Chua will undoubtedly increase Organo Gold’s already phenomenal sales numbers.  That will likely lead to Bernardo winning even more awards.