Alexei Beltyukov and the Importance of Quality Education

A Serial Entrepreneur with Knowledge
Alexei Beltyukov is indeed an educated entrepreneur who is quite knowledgeable in many areas. His career choice led him into business even though he started out in the field of medicine. He attended INSEAD Business School. He obtained his MBA and he did launch a few very successful businesses upon his graduation. These include:
* Endemic Capital
* A-Ventures
* New Gas Technologies
* Mechanicus
Mr. Beltyukov is an entrepreneur in every sense. His knowledge stems from a good education and solid experience within the business area.

A Man Who Values Continuing Education
Alexei Beltyukov is an individual who places a high value in the continuing of education. He does believe that education will broaden horizons. Education is vital and it will enable anyone to reach their dreams while experiencing success in their lives.

The Entrepreneur Who Spreads Knowledge
SOLVY may be viewed as a tool for learning. This is an interactive tool that will assist high school students to experience success. This is an online math homework helper. Math education is made accessible thanks to Mr. Beltyukov and his firm belief in education. He launched SOLVY in order to enable students to use real-world problem solving. This can be done by giving them an opportunity to discover several ways to approach problems. Gaining an edge within the math education area is a is a very positive outcome for many. SOLVY provides an opportunity to increase comprehension on math subjects.

Fostering and Facilitating Learning in High School Students
Alexei Beltyukov believes in facilitating and fostering learning in high school students. He had a plan in mind when he launched Every high school student receives an educational opportunity because he had an education plan in place when he launched SOLVY.

A Powerful Love
Alexei Beltyukov seems to have a powerful and fierce love of education. He is a worldly and well-rounded man. It is a fact that he is a man who does have a passion for education. He also works along side of the Russian government. He offers his sound economic guidance. He does this with the help of Skolkovo Foundation. He is the Vice President of this foundation. His powerful love of education extends into the world of economics also.

Queens of Drama Points to the Interests of the Public

There is an array of television series on cable and the internet. Some are interactive, reality, make believe, animation and so many more. If you are looking for a positively entertaining show, the Queens of Drama is a show too look into. It follows former daytime and and prime time actresses behind the scene of a reality show, to show off who they are in real life

In the Queens of Drama, Crystal is the owner of a pet boutique, in which she has owned and operated in her life. She brings out not only her creative skills with her pet business, but her business experience as well. Crystal Hunt, plays herself in this t.v. series and is very vocal and entertaining when it comes too her acting her self, instead of a staged scenery. She portrays herself very loudly and boisterous.

Before Crystal Hunt got involved with acting, she started off her personal career as participating in beauty pageants at the age of two. She progressed into starring in commercials and was in one of the famous Walt Disney 25th anniversary for Anti-drug use. As she got older, shows Crystal started to play infamous roles in day time soap operas. One particular appearance, that she is very well known for is, Lizze Spaulding, a troubled daughter of her parents. She ended up receiving an Emmy award for this particular performance. In 2009, she moved from the soap opera, Guiding light, too appear in the day time soap opera, One Life too Live. She only kept her role in this series for a year and decided to venture into the movie screen scene. PR Newswire reports Magic Mike XXL, The Derby Stallion, and 23 Blast are just a few that have earned Crystal many Facebook fans.

She is a perfect example of how a woman can move through life through television to having her own personal pet business. Women, like Crystal Hunt, can and will be an excelling role model for many women, men, and children too come.  That’s a part of what makes Crystal such a good Instagram follow.

It’s All About The Bucks For Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass, the Argentinean hedge funder and founder of Hayman Capital Management, hit the international headlines by predicting the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. He became a superstar for a while. But it seems that time has not been so fair for Kyle. The magic touch is long gone.

UsefulStooges was first to report how Kyle Bass has made a bad call after a bad call, and some people have compared him to Shyamalan, who makes a bad movie after a bad movie. All he can do best now is TV appearance. As his fund performance goes down, his TV appearance goes up since he does not turn down any invitation.

Kyle is not only good in making bad calls but also in unhealthy alliances. His friendship with Christina Fernandez de Kirchner only serves to ruin his remaining legacy. Despite this economically illiterate Kirchner being the worst thing ever to happen to Argentina’s economy; Kyle cannot stop himself from singing her praises. Kyle defended her country when it defaulted for the second time on its sovereign debt an action not typical for a fund manager.

Kyle supports Kirchner’s economic policies that only serve to rip off the Argentinean people. When Judge Thomas ruled that Argentina had to pay its creditors that included Paul Singer, Bass went on to support Kirchner in calling Singer and company “immoral” for holding poor countries hostages. But to be sincere Kirchner and her corrupt and economic illiterate flunkies are holding up the country’s progress.

Kyle, so as to protect his investment in General Motors, has gone further to defend the company for not deploying airbags and faulty power steering in their cars; a problem that the auto company knew about but never acted.

Plotting with Eric Spangenberg, known as world’s notorious patent troll, challenged patents on certain pharmaceuticals that he picked out. This led to high drug prices, and the pharmaceutical firms gave up on their motive to fund medical research. Millions of people, who depended on drugs from these companies, ended up suffering severely. In response to a filing against him by his main target Celgene, Bass admitted that his motivation was a lust for profits. The Patent Trial and Appeals Board is now considering sanctioning Bass, for abusing the system.

But why is Kyle Bass, despite being filthy rich sink so low to enrich himself even more? According to an article by Barron’s seems like things are much worse for Kyle. Despite Kyle keeping his fund’s performance a secret, there are reports that in 2014 he lost around 30%. This is a massive loss in history.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Planning For Huge Expansion


The new brand of clothing by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is taking off rather quickly. (pardon the pun) Her new line of fitness apparel is aimed at making women’s fitness fashionable and comfortable. According to information shared on Facebook, the Fabletics brand plans to open 75 to 100 stores within the next 3-5 years. This kind of rapid growth is a giant leap for any company. Especially one that is just taking off. Albeit, not every brand is endorsed and invested in by a celebrity.

The new stores will allow the customers to try on the clothing and in the meantime, the associate will attempt to sign you up for their subscription service. This service includes special clothing items shipped to your door once a month at a discounted price. It includes a recurring charge to the customers credit card to keep the subscription. In the average month as of now, they are shipping out over 80,000 clothing items. Adam Goldenberg co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab, (parent company to Fabletics) stated that “Largely speaking, customers really like this program.” He also went on record stating that “We want every single one of our customers to understand how the program works.”

For this to be answered, JustFab is in the process of redoing the Fabletics FAQ section of their site and updating the customer support as well. For the whole scoop on << just click this link.

The inception of Fabletics was a combination of passion for motherhood and overall well being that got Kate involved in co-founding the clothing line. Every month, she shares her absolute favorite ‘Kate approved’ outfits with the fans of the clothing lineup. Having a real flair for style and a love of overall well being is the spark that motivates Hudson to create these fantastic apparel selections.

There are literally a cart full of styles straight from Kate’s closet. Well, not her personal closet, but you get the metaphor. ‘Kate’s Fitness Favorites‘ page is filled with a variety of styles and fits. They’re being won and posed for the best presentation of the looks. Take your time as you scroll down through all of the discounted Fabletic styles that will have you smiling through your workout!  If you desire any more details on any of this here, just click any one of the links in the page for the whole story and more!

Follow Fabletics on Instagram for happy fashioning!

Coriant Ready To Amaze 2016 OTC Conference With Revolutionary Technology Innovations

Telecommunication partner, Coriant, a specialist in networking solutions and innovations has maintained a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace. It’ll reveal its latest breakthrough in multilayer POT (Packet Optical Transport) technology at the upcoming OTC Conference next week. Established in 2013, Coriant adopted the heritage of three telecommunication innovators, Sycamore Networks, Siemens, and Tellabs. Initially, it launched under the Nokia Siemens trademark, a Marilyn Equity Partners brand, and began trading independently two months later.

Cloud-based business models are a leading innovation today. Coriant expertise as an architect of dynamic networking solutions is to help businesses implement such innovations. With this, they’ll be in a better position to effectively compete in today’s fast-evolving cloud-based environment. With Coriant revolutionary products, including edge-to-core transport and SDN-enabled innovations, network operators profit from improvements across all verticals. This includes Cloud services, revenue-generating automation, and multilayer networking tools. Additionally, it lessens the common frustrations influenced by operational complexity. Largely, it’ll ease the burden on the workforce while optimizing services to align with the changing demands of consumer and business applications. Cloud resources, digital content and mobile innovations are examples of such appliances.

Recently, Coriant restructured its leadership with the appointment of telecommunication innovations strategist, Shaygan Kheradpir as chair and chief executive. The powerhouse engineer holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree from the renowned U.S. higher education house, Cornell University. Today, he’s among Cornell’s elite engineering council members. Additionally, Kheradpir formerly served the U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) advisory panel. With 28+ years pioneering technology and business innovations, Kheradpir brings the fuel Coriant needs to keep competitive. His expertise aligns with financial services, technology, and telecommunications. He’s developed a series of patents focused on media, payments and telecom innovations.

Initially, Kheradpir joined GTE Corporation where he spearheaded Verizon product innovations, systems modernization, and efficiency initiatives. Famously admired for the FiOS innovation, Kheradpir who held multiple executive positions such as CIO and EVP of the group quickly became a sought-after brand. He’s also the architect of Barclays Bank “TRANSFORM” initiative. At the time, he operated as the bank’s CTO/COO (Chief Technology/Operations Officer). Before Coriant, he briefly secured employment with Juniper Networks as chief executive.Wall Street Journal highlighted Kheradpir achievements following an interview with some 120 CIO candidates with dreams of reaching CEO status. Of the vast majority who ambitiously prided themselves as worthy candidates, Kheradpir is among the few who actually delivered.

What the Koch Brothers are Really About

A recent article by Moyers & Company takes a closer look at the Koch brothers, beyond what is typically heard about them and their political influence from the mainstream media. By going beneath the surface, the article addresses the most common misconceptions about the Koch brothers and provides more accurate insight into the goals and motivations of the leaders of a powerful network of political donors. The Koch brothers are multi billionaire industrialists who made their fortune following in their father’s footsteps at the head of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the U.S.

Charles Koch is commonly portrayed as having the singular goal of fighting against the Obama administration’s liberal agenda. However, the Koch brothers have been supporting libertarian and free market policies for over three decades now. In fact, they really increased their political activity during the George W. Bush administration when they disagreed with its less than conservative policies and the expansion of big government into everyday lives of its citizens. The article also points out that the Koch brothers are not such an obscure pair who operate independently of the Republican party or other political activists, despite what the general public has been told. The Koch brothers have orchestrated quite the connected political machine built on a strong foundation of libertarian principles and free market economics, which is supported by many businessmen who share in the Koch brothers’ political and economic philosophies.

Charles Koch has an impressive educational background and plenty of experience in engineering, finance and management. He speaks openly and frequently about his belief that the smaller the role of the government in people’s lives, the better. He also vehemently opposes any form of corporate welfare. He has written two books about his success in business and the economic principles underlying his free market philosophy. Koch consistently supports educational initiatives that promote free market principles, such as programs at George Mason University. Charle’s net worth is estimated at $44.3 billion as of 2015, and he has earned a spot on the list as one of the wealthiest men in the world. Charles Koch’s political spending and endorsement is poised to have a major effect on the 2016 presidential election.

Understanding The Basics Of Investment Banking

To understand what investment banking is, one must first be able to differentiate investment banking from retail or commercial banking. First off, investment banks do not have checking accounts where you can place money into an account and then withdraw it at anytime. Investment banks typically also do not have standard bank branches that feature a teller, branch manager, loan officer etc. Instead investment banks may only have one major corporate headquarters and offices nearby or in other cities and countries. This is because investment banks play a very different role in finances and the economy.

Retail or commercial banks that have checking and savings accounts for example often make money by taking the money from their depositors and loaning it out to other folks in the form of a mortgage, personal loan or business loan. The commercial bank must keep a portion of the deposit within its vaults however according to federal rules. Investment banks play by different rules than commercial banks. They actively invest their own funds into ventures. This may include the stock market, shares in businesses, bonds both domestic and foreign, commodities and loans. Another important differentiating point is that investment banks may actually purchase companies or businesses outright and become their parent companies or manager.

Investment banking can be a tricky game, but the rewards and payoff from investment banking can be very big and lucrative. Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker from Florida who has demonstrated that he is capable of handling the pressures of investment banking. He has shown that he understands the complex dynamics at work in the economy, finance and business.

Mr. Lustgarten has his own firm called Lustgartin Martin. It is named after himself and features his family name followed by his first name, which is in opposite order. Martin Lustgarten has established his firm in the Jacksonville, Florida area. It is now known as a leading firm in dealing with investments in Latin America. Mr. Lustgarten resides with his family in Ponte Vedra Beach, just outside of Jacksonville, Florida. He is fluent in Spanish and has a Soundcloud account.

Keith Mann Rewards Productivity

Scholarships are a lot of money to grant to students. However, it is like an investment into the future. Keith Mann sees how big of an investment scholarships can be. For this reason, he looks for someone he deems to be the most productive upon graduation. One example of productivity is an entrepreneur with good business sense. He looks for them because he understands how creative entrepreneurs can be.

Keith Mann has created his scholarship called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This is in order to award the innovation of business leaders. They grant the scholarship to one entrepreneur. Therefore, if anyone wants to get the scholarship, they have to work very hard in order to have a chance at the scholarship. Keith Mann himself runs Dynamics Search Partners. This is also created with the purpose of giving low income students a chance at college.

Keith Mann’s expertise is in hedge fund compensation. He is the founder and CEO of a hedge fund. He is also involved in staffing and hiring strategy. Keith Mann has also shown a keen eye for spotting a market that is rapidly growing. He is also very willing to give people a better chance in life if they were raised in less than favorable conditions. His industry deals with three different territories and serves over 200 mandates of clients on a yearly basis.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time

Since the beginning of his career, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has focused on connecting with patients and making sure they receive the treatment they need. Dr. Weisfogel earned his Doctorate of Dental Science degree from New York in 2012, and opened his private dental practice Old Bridge Dental Care in late 1999 and managed the practice for over 15 years. Soon Dr. Weisfogel began to gravitate to the study and treatment of dental sleep disorders, allowing him to establish his next endeavor Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. Dental Sleep Masters allows Dr. Weisfogel to focus on identifying and treating patients with an array of dental sleep disorders.

As a trail blazer in his field, Avi Weisfogel has extensive knowledge in the field of dental sleep disorders, and assists his fellow Dentists in pursuing the field by supporting many foundations responsible for furthering awareness and education. In 2010, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a company which focuses on training and advising physicians in the treatment of dental sleep disorders around the globe. Dr. Weisfogel works with the physicians of Healthy Heart Sleep to establish and manage sleep labs, allowing life changing treatment to span the globe. Avi Weisfogel has labored for over 15 years building a career as a dental practitioner and sleep dentistry specialist, and currently resides in New Jersey where he continues his success managing Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Weisfogel believes in the strength of community, and has been honored with many prestigious awards and titles including Best Dentist for multiple years.

Dr. Weisfogel’s primary endeavor, Operation Smile, is an international children’s medical charity. Operation Smile provides life changing surgeries for children with cleft lip, cleft palet, and other facial deformities all over the world. Dr. Weisfogel has launched a GoFundMe Campaign in support of this honorable and life changing cause. He explained his devotion for Operation Smile in a recent interview stating, “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.” Dr. Avi Weisfogel asks for the community’s support in his endeavor to change the lives of children all over the world with Operation Smile.



In the world of philanthropy, rich corporations and wealthy families are to be appreciated in making the world a better place. When philanthropy isn’t just giving but stewardship then the result is a happier world. The DeVos name springs up in my mind at the very mention of the name philanthropy. The DeVos family has stayed true to its roots by contributing to charity in every way possible. It is not uncommon to see one of the DeVos in one of those philanthropy events. In fact, that name is synonymous with philanthropy.
Richard DeVos Sr co-founded the company Amways in 1974. The company focuses on direct marketing as the source of revenue. It has grown immensely to be a great source of his wealth and he thanks his community for this. Dick DeVos is dedicated to religious giving. Any charity that is associated with religion grabs his attention faster than you can say Mississippi. The founder of Amway also gives money to the Republican Party. He supported Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich in their presidential campaigns. His wife is not left behind in all this. She is an active participant in the family traditions. The couple jointly contributed to form a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids. The hospital is now known as the Helen DeVos Children Hospital. As a family, their name looms large in the city and the country as well.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos. He acted as the CEO of Amway Corporation before leaving to start his own business. The son of the giving family has followed in father’s footsteps. Together with his wife, they founded The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation gives aid to communities for growth and viability. In the spirit of his father, Dick DeVos continues to bless his community.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

The couple has four children, some of whom are married and have children.