Madison Street Capital show other firms what success looks like

The hedge fund industry has seen a drop in performance in the year of 2015. Some of the blame can be placed on a limited amount of investors, increased liabilities, or even higher operational costs. A combination of these three factors has caused revenue for hedge fund firms to dip noticeably. Though many firms have seen a decrease in performance there is one firm that has actually seen an incline. Madison Street Capital, LLC has many firms guessing as to what their secret is. This firm was not only able to match the performance goals of 2014 but they were also able to exceed them.

At the start of 2015, Madison Street Capital had just finished celebrating a great year where they were able to close 32 transactions in 2014. The company knew that the hedge fund industry was in a downward slum but they did not allow news discourage them. Madison Street Capital, LLC continued to provide clients and customers with the best services that they had to offer in 2015. Their hard work and dedication paid off. At the close of 2015, Madison Street Capital learned that their transaction volume was 27% higher than the previous year. In other words, the number of hedge fund deals that were closed were 10 higher than 2014. In 2014 32 were closed but in 2015, the Madison Street Capital was able to close 42 of them.

With increased transaction closings from 2014 to 2015, Madison Street Capital can only be optimistic about the 2016 year. They have faith that their expert services and various strategies will not only allow them to outperform other hedge fund companies but also beat their own performance levels.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is a highly successful international banking firm. Their commitment to excellence and honesty has allowed them to become the international banking firm of choice across the globe. They offer many services to clients and businesses including merger and acquisition expertise services, assessment services to publicly and privately held businesses, and even financial recommendations.

For years, Madison Street Capital, LLC has outperformed many of its competitors because it goes the extra mile for its clients. Madison Street Capital has a host of strategies that allows them to render results to those that recruit them for services.

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FreedomPop Has A New Hotspot, But Why?

The FreedomPop hotspot program is the newest in the world today, and it is a very good place for people to get cheap cell phones and cell phone service. There are a lot of people who need to get a better Internet signal when they land in certain places around the world, but they have to get that signal with help from FreedomPop. Recode says that people are going to be able to get to the Internet any time they want when they are using the FreedomPop global hotspot, and it is called SIM.

The point behind SIM is that people will be able to connect to the Internet simply, and they can use that hotspot for as long as they want. There might not be a good signal where the user is, but they can buy the hotspot from FreedomPop to use at any time. The hotspot can be turned on pretty easily, and the hotspot is going to be the best thing for people to use so they can connect with the tablets, computers and phones they are using.

Someone who is trying to make sure that they are going to have a good way to get online can get that when they go to FreedomPop. FreedomPop does have their own phones, and they have cheap plans for people to use. The other thing that people can do is to make sure that they are going to have the hotspot early. Paying the low price of $49.99 is wise, and that price helps people get online for free any time they want. The free service will connect people using networks from around the world, and FreedomPop has it ready for use in the US and the UK. That is a very easy thing for people to use to get work done.,2817,2498185,00.asp

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Bob Reina: Bringing Video Marketing to Your Business

Looking for a way to effectively promote your business? Talk Fushion’s business package will propel your business to the top. In an new promotional YouTube video, founder Bob Reina introduces you to their line of all-in-one video marketing products, including video emails, video newsletters, and video chat. One feature unique to Talk Fusion is that they will manage and host your video products for you. Their products are available in three different packages to meet your marketing needs, and they offer a free no-obligation 30 day trial with no credit card number required.

The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Reina became interested in the field of video marketing when he attempted to send his own video email, and it was blocked because the file was too large. He credits this as his “aha” moment. Reina began the company developing one product, video emailing, and now Talk Fusion has expanded to offering eight products with three more projects on the way.

In addition to running Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is a big believer that charity begins at home. He has made donations to and videos for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also donated to the Hillsborough County Animal Services (HCAS) and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Lakeland.

Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, not only has developed a quality video marking product that is taking the world by storm, but he is a leader in the community, promoting the concept of giving back and paying it forward.

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Recovering from a Crisis

Everyone has a crisis at some point in life. The real test comes in how he recovers from it. Even businesses have crises that they have to recover from. As a matter of fact, it is important to address the problem and fix it before it gets out of control. If they try to ignore it, then the problem might not go away, but will instead consume the business. Status Labs was faced with that when an executive has made some questionable decisions in how to deal with certain people. As a result, the other employees have called for a resignation of the executive. Afterwards, they looked for ways to deal with the backlash that they have received from the news.

Status Labs is really skilled in how to deal with online reputation crises. How it handled its own crisis shows its skills. When the problem turned into a national story in the media, the workers of Status Labs including President Darius Fisher saw a threat to their reputation and their business. Therefore, they took many steps towards fixing it. Among the things that Status Labs done in order to change the image was to change their behavior towards others.

Status Labs has changed a lot of their approach when it comes to their relationships with their clients. They not only handle online reputation, but they also give people advice on what they have to do in order to improve their own reputation. Among the things that they advise people who are hit with a reputation problem is to tell their customers that they will make changes. At the same time, they also advise their clients to do what they say they would do. Darius Fisher and his company understands that anyone can say that they are going to do something. Actions speak much louder than words. Businesses have to show their customers the changes that they are making.

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What Does Thor Halvorssen Think of Democratic Socialism?

There are a lot of greedy people in the world. There are people who would take everything that others have given the opportunity. Many have made their career doing precisely this. They have risen to fame on the back of corruption and theft. They have spent their lives taking advantage of the weak and the helpless. If you have ever listened to Bernie Sanders, you will recall that he spends a lot of time targeting these individuals. He is quite right that there is a lot of greed and corruption. But, In this video, Thor Halvorssen argues that socialism will only make things worse.


First-Hand Experience

The reason that socialism has so quickly overtaken the masses is that people only see the potential benefits. They see that poor people will get a little extra money and tax benefits, but they do not see the history of corruption in socialism. Thor Halvorssen has first-hand experience with socialism. Unfortunately, that experience with socialism has had devastating impacts on his family. He recounted how his parents were imprisoned and murdered and his cousin is currently a political prisoner.


The “Lesser Evil”

According to Buzzfeed, Halvorssen is drastically and vehemently opposed to the doctrines of socialism. However, he is even more opposed to the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He suggested that they have made alliances with people who are clearly immoral simply so that they could have money for their campaigns or to win over voters. As terrifying of an alternative as socialism may be, Halvorssen thinks that it is not nearly as terrifying as the prospect of either of these individuals coming in to office. That is why he has given his full support to Bernie Sanders (which may sound odd, since Sanders is campaigning on socialism). Not only is he giving him his support, but Halvorssen has also made the largest allowable donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign, all to stop Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
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Compliance officers effecting change by fixing problems and preventing fraud

The field of compliance officers is new in the business field, and it is growing fast. The role of a compliance officer is to execute a compliance program to discover, solve, and prevent ethical and regulatory problems using familiar tools like risk assessment, audits, education, and investigation. When a compliance officer comes across a problem, they deal with it and come up with new ways to prevent the problem from ever happening again. They ensure that discipline is instilled to the offenders if necessary.
Compliance is a fast-growing and career path with a perfect opportunity for advancement especially in the heavily regulated industries like banking, gaming, and insurance. The compliance director at Island view Casino Resort confessed that the daily compliance is quite intensive. She has to ensure that the gaming plays by the rules of the state as well as those of the company.
According to Snell, most people often misunderstand the role of a compliance officer. The role of a compliance officer is not making rules; this is just but a myth. Every company has its rules, and the work of the officer is to ensure the rules are followed to the latter. They prevent the employees from making mistakes that could lead to disciplinary actions by the enforcement community.
Corporate compliance officers get jobs by accident. Companies pull them out from accounting or legal professions when they need them. Problems arise in companies, and they keep affecting the company as there lack people to influence the management of the company to take action. The career, compliance, is now offered in several universities as there is a great need for enforcement.
Helane Morrison is a perfect role model. Helane is a chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She went to Northwestern University where she received a B.S. in Journalism. Ms. Helane also studied law at the University of California at Berkeley School of Law.
Ms. Helane joined Hall Capital in 2007. She was the first woman to hold the coveted seat of a district chief. In her previous jobs, Ms. Helane supervised major investigations, including three that led to enforcement actions against prominent people. Helane is an iron lady who understands her job as a compliance officer and does it as it to the best of her efforts.
Most organizations that are multinationals need a compliance department to handle language differences, cultural differences, and regulations in various countries. Companies need people who can fix the problems that they encounter; not attorneys, or more risk assessors.

The Wildfire In Canada Is Upsetting The Investment Market

The latest report on the incredible wildfire that is out of control in Alberta, Canada is not good. The fast moving wildfire is having a major impact on crude oil deliveries to the United States. Crude prices dropped to the lowest level in the last 14 days even though shifting winds moved the fire away from the oil facilities in Alberta, according to entrepreneur and investor Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is familiar with the oil business because of his dealings with countries like Venezuela and other Latin American suppliers.

Lustgarten, a Florida resident, said that a cut in oil production in Canada may have a dramatic impact on U.S. oil stockpiles. Mr. Lustgarten said the oil prices dropped by 2.7 percent in New York. The oil production in Alberta is 40 percent less than it was before the fire. If the fire continues, stockpiles will suffer. Morgan Stanley said the U.S. stockpiles are at record levels so the production cut would have a major impact on prices at the pump.

Martin Lustgarten is familiar with offshore investments. Lustgarten has been part of the investment industry for more than 20 years. Lustgarten is an avid watch collection and animal rescue proponent. His work in South Florida and his GoFundMe program is helping find homes for abandoned dogs. Lustgarten has a history of working and investing in other countries. He has been involved in several venture capital purchases, and those investments are in retail, wholesale, and the energy sector. So getting natural disasters under control like the fire in Alberta is important to him.

The investment banking industry is connected, and Lustgarten keeps abreast of the issues that can impact his companies. If the fire continues and the winds change again, the impact on the oil industry could have a dramatic impact on Lustgarten companies.

One of the important lessons that Lustgarten has learned in the investment industry is things can change quickly. Lustgarten thinks it’s important to keep communications open especially when natural disaster strike. Even though Martin is in South Florida what happens around the world directly affects his businesses. Follow Martin on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

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Brian Bonar Honored With The Inclusion Into The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry

Brian Bonar is a recipient of the highest honor from the Professional Networking Community. The chairman and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation was named as the Cambridge Who’s Who, Executive of the year in Finance. It is imperative to note that only two male and female members in each category are named as executives of the year.

Being part of the Cambridge Who’s Who registry serves as a great honor. The selection committee for the registry bases their choices of the honorees on professional accomplishments, leadership qualities and academic achievements. Brian Bonar’s professional management experience, of nearly 30 years, in the financial sector uniquely positions him to run Dalrada Financial Corporation’s operations.

According to Modern Luxury and Dalrada, Brian Bonar has worked in the company for more than ten years both as the chairman and CEO. These positions give him the responsibility over a wide range of employee and employer benefits along with aftermarket products.

These programs include employee benefits, financial management and risk management insurance consisting of business liability and workers compensation. They also include promotional and business management services. Brian Bonar also serves as the chairman and CEO of Smart- Tek Automated Services Inc. and he is the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. About Brian Bonar Additionally, he is professionally associated with the American Finance Association. Brian Bonar has a rich technical background, which he has utilized to establish strong foundations in the various businesses that he has created or worked in. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive and Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

He holds a bachelors degree in technical engineering from the James Watt Technical College as well as a master’s degree and PhD in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. Brian asserts that his passion is helping high-performing teams to develop, create and deliver innovative solutions. He uses every available opportunity to build client trust.

Despite of the ever-evolving finance market, Brian Bonar’s exceptional skills and leadership qualities stand out. He has played an important role in the success of several firms that he had a chance to serve in the past. These companies include IBM where he worked as a procurement manager and QMS where he worked as the director of engineering supervising more than 100 people.

Later on, Brian Bonar joined Adaptec and served as the sales manager before establishing Bezier Systems. Brian Bonar went on to work in a number of other firms before joining Dalrada Financial Corporation. At Dalrada, Brian Bonar has had unprecedented levels of success resulting in his recognition through different awards. In addition, Brian Bonar is the founder of Trucept Inc. This corporation assists and provides solutions such as payroll management and human resource administration to other companies.

Workville NYC Offers the Value Found in 15th Century Renaissance Coworking Space

Shared and coworking spaces are starting to emerge in every major city. One could argue that the “Google Campus,” in London began it all, but that would be about a few hundred years after it emerged the first time. Back in the Renaissance a workshop, or “bottega” existed in Florences’ 15th century. It was dev eloped so that master and accomplished artists could work side by side with new artists and transfer their skills in a working relationship. Naturally there was some healthy competition between artists, but it was more of an environment of collaboration, with master artists committed to passing on their craft.

During the Renaissance this value on creation put forth the shared learning experience at the heart of the bottega. But it wasn’t just artists that worked in this shared space. More than sculptors and painters were engineers, architects, anatomists, architects and other scientists whose collaborative efforts led to new innovations. And sharp working minds working together is still as valuable today within the new startup communities in particular, that the effectiveness cannot be dismissed.

The Florentine workshops are much like the co-work communities of today in that when people from different fields or areas of study are working and connecting, creativity is a natural by product as these diverse individuals put more emphasis on communication and networking. Honed communication skills are as vital today as they were to the success of any business operation in the 15th century. With differing professionals turning their attentions to one alternative area of problems this is the true way to think from an outside perspective but still address the inside questions.

Such a valuable think tank exists in the shared office space of Workville NYC. Located at Times Square in Midtown West, the posh building of 1412 Broadway, on the 21st floor offers an exclusive and professional image. To say the space is modern hardly begins to do it justice. The bright, ergonomic and high -end workspaces offer bright working conditions 24 hours a day. With suites and conference rooms there is always someplace you can meet with customers and display your prestigious business address to let them know that you are a solid firm. The breath-taking views from the wrap around terrace are spacious and exclusive. They offer a fantastic cityscape view and are just as amazing at night as they are during the day.

When designing Workville the model design achieved was that of a 5 star hotel. A very large reception area provides more than adequate seating and is used dually as event space which can be arranged for your working needs. All of the workspaces are drenched in sunlight and come with dedicated desks, lounge spaces and open desks. You will find white marble and sculpted lighting fixtures highlighting the Café and common areas.

Workville also offers a central location near Bryant Park and all transportation lines, increased performing internet connection, fresh coffee, a private phone, multiple printers and plenty of outlets. Tenants are encouraged to enjoy the terraces and benefit from the office always being immaculate with daily cleaning services. When combined with 24 hour access you will find more than you expect out of coworking spaces.