Capital Group’s Successful Chairman and CEO

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, Timothy (Tim) D. Armour, was appointed to that position upon the passing of Jim Rothenberg, who was the prior Chairman. He was the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., which is part of Capital Group, and Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee.

Tim and other senior members and 7,600 associates are working to ensure that all the operations and business strategies remain intact and that the company will continue to move forward and continuing their 84-year legacy and mission of commitment to deliver superior and long-term results to their investors and clients.

Capital Group in Los Angeles, California, is an American financial services company that ranks among the world’s largest and oldest investment management organizations. It is privately held, has $1.39 trillion in assets under management, and has offices around the globe in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Tim Armour has 33 years of investment experience, with much of his phenomenal success being with Capital Group, where he began his career as a participant in The Associates Program. He also served as an Equity Investment Analyst and other roles. His bachelor’s degree in Economics was earned at Middlebury College.

The Capital Group has also formed a strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management (SAM) to co-develop retirement solutions for institutions and individuals as well as asset management products and capabilities for the Korean market. SAM is Korea’s number one asset manager with over US$165.7 billion in assets under management.

The CEO of SAM, Sung-hoon Koo feels that this demand will surge over the next decades in Korea and welcomes this partnership with a world expert. Tim Armour added that the plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the retirement, savings, and insurance needs of Korean investors.

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Highland Capital Management Support for the Family Place Legacy Campaign

James Dondero is the co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM). He has served as the secretary of the Highland Acquisition Corporation since April 2016. James Dondero is also the President and Chairman of Board of Directors at Nexpoint Hospitality Trust Inc. and Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies. He has held management positions in several companies including Highland Funds and Highland Multifamily Capital Trust.

Dondero has portrayed expertise in credit and equity markets with over 30 years of experience. In 1984, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, having specialized in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. He is also a Certified Public Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant holder.

According to The Dallas Journal, at the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards in 2106, Dondero announced a $1 million challenge grant by the company to The Family Place. The amount would serve as part of the $2.8 million meant to be raised for the Legacy Campaign by the organization within six months. The donation was administered through the Highland Dallas Foundation to help meet the campaign’s target of $16.5 million.

The Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, and Chief Police, David Brown, made an extended call of action to the company to help the campaign reduce the threatening issue in the community. James Dondero and company offered their philanthropic support to life-saving shelter and life-changing services to victims of family violence against other investors.

The Family Place is an organization in Dallas that provides support for domestic violence victims. The Legacy Campaign is designed to support the construction of a new Central Counseling Center in Dallas that will offer support for these victims. The center is to include 13 bedroom shelters, medical clinic, a call center, counseling center, job training program, and an on-site child development center. Learn more about James Dondero:

The facility will also house a project meant for civic education against bullying and teen violence. For victims afraid of leaving behind their pets, the facility will also provide an animal shelter for their pets. Corgan designs the architecture with the center being built in honor of Ann Moody.

Sam Tabar Career Growth and Economic Advice

Sam Tabar is a New York-based businessman a lawyer and a capital advisor. He attended the Oxford University and graduated with an MA and a BA in law he was a sharp student and self-driven. From the year 2001, he has been working as an associate for Skedden until present. Having excelled exceedingly well in law school, Tabar had an opportunity to work as a senior counsel in leading law firms where he has delivered on his duty beyond expectations. Among the law firms, he has worked for are Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. At Merill Lynch, he worked as Head of Asia Pacific Capital introduction where he made the process very successful.

In 2004 his career was on an uphill when he got an opportunity to work for a leading firm PMA that had a very good reputation. It is at PMA where he got a chance to interact with clients on a one on one platform, and he was able to sell his name as a legal practitioner. At PMA he was also in the management of hedge funds which was a great way for him to get diversified experience vital for his career growth. The company was impressed with how he was able to deliver services to his clients and this earned him a promotion. He rose to a managerial position where he became a director and co-head of business development. For over six years he diligently worked for the company executing his mandates excellently until he got greener pastures.

Sam Tabar joined Merril Lynch in 2011 where his association with the Asia Pacific region began, and this exposed him to more in-depth opportunity to acquire more practical information for his career. It’s at Merril Lynch where he got to manage hedge funds directly a task he gave a lot of attention. He later got a very breakthrough in his career to work at Adenval LLC where his capital strategies grew, and he later went to create his firm and the networks he had created working for other companies helped him get clients who entrusted him to handle high profile cases.

He has been appointed as the COO for Full Cycle Energy Fund which sought for him because of his expertise. Sam now is among the highly recognized senior attorneys in the New York with lots of experience in legal affairs, fundraising and development of businesses. He has significant investments in properties and starts ups. He owns THINX, a company that supports women in developing countries in Africa by developing undergarments worn during menstruation.

Coin Collecting For Kids With The U.S. Money Reserve

Kids thrive better when they have a variety of things to do. This is true for just about any kid. There are many different thing kids enjoy seeing and doing. One great hobby for kids, and parents too, is coin collecting.


There are many reasons why coin collecting is good for kids. It provides families with a positive activity to do together. It also teaches kids about the value of coins over the course of history. They can also collect a large variety of these objects, from throughout history and around the world.


One great source of information, and coins, for kids is the U.S. Money Reserve. This company has been around for several years and has completed over $1,000,000,000 worth of transactions. The company offers a wide variety of coins that customers, kids and adults alike, can choose from. All of the coins purchased from the company have been thoroughly researched, verified, and have a money-back guarantee.


The website for U.S. Money Reserve is also a great tool for coin collectors. The website offers users various tips on collecting. It also have a fairly detailed description of why people should choose to collect coins as an investment tool. These tools can also help educate older children on historical, and current events, that help shape our society.


Many kids see coin collecting as a fun and exciting hobby. Coins come from all over the country. They are also made from a variety of medals. Many contain various symbols and words that pertain to the county, or time in history, that they were made in. Some coins are harder to find than others. All of these factors help to make this an exciting hobby.


Collecting coins is a great way to help save for your children’s future too. Helping kids learn to collect coins will also help teach them to save money in the future. It can also be a source of security in the time of need too.


The U.S. Money Reserve is ran by one of the former United States Mint Directors. It is also the largest dealer of United States minted coins. All coins purchased from the U.S. Money Reserve come with verification of authenticity. These coins are also backed by a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

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