Effortless Party Planning Tips From A Profession Event Planner

Planning the next big party requires time, effort, and finances. If you don’t have a plan and are somewhat organized it can be a really stressful experience. Cut out the stress by following these easy steps given from a professional event planner. Here they are:


The first tip may seem for some, but if you are a beginner to party planning, this can be super helpful. Make a to-do list, shopping lists, and notes for what’s going on. This will keep everything from swimming around in your head. Don’t forget to send out those invites to your guest list asap.


The step is how you want to event to look like. Are you going to have a theme? What kind of decorations or feeling do you want to convey? A theme can be anything you image like a Roman theme, Spanish theme, or cartoon theme. Whatever suits the nature of the occasion. Keep table settings and food simple. Tablecloths make a statement, but take no time at all to decorate. Food can take a similar approach. Appetizers are easy to make or buy, and you don’t have to take all day making them. The idea here is not to stress yourself out doing it.


If children will be in attendance, set up an area or table for them to stay occupied. This is going to be especially helpful if you are going to have a self-serve bar. Parents need a break and want to have fun too. This is a win-win for everyone. Before your guests head home, send them off with party favors. They can fit into your theme, and don’t have to be terribly complicated or expensive. It’s the thought that counts!


Good corporate event planners in NYC can be hard to find. Twenty Three Layers is a well respected company that has been in business for years and has many happy customers. They are a fantastic design firm and full-service event company. That means they can do anything from lighting, to production, to entertainment.


There is an endless amount of event planning companies in NYC, but Twenty Three Layers can pull off any event with ease and they have an eye for detail that can’t be beat. They can help you throw an over the top party, or an intimate occasion, check them out.




DAMAC Properties – Luxury At Its Most Creative

Hussain Sajwani began his profession working as a Contracts Manager at GASCO immediately after graduating from the University of Washington. From there, he founded his own catering services organization in 1982. During the mid-90’s, he was involved in pioneering the property expansion in Dubai among other investors. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://gulfnews.com/culture/people/high-riser-1.25193

He constructed a number of hotels that offer accommodation to the large number of individuals travelling to Dubai for business or recreation. Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC in 2002 and it is currently the largest property development in the Middle East. Currently, he is worth $3.8 billion.

DAMAC group of companies is mainly involved in the construction of luxurious properties such as hotels and residential apartments among other infrastructures. Additionally, the organization has partnered with other business. For example in 1991, Hussain was recognized for offering excellent food service to the U.S army as they embarked on their mission throughout the first Iraq war.

One of Hussain Sajwani’s greatest achievements is the partnership the now president of the United States, Donald Trump. They established the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai, which was officially opened in February 2017, and the Trump World Golf Course that is expected to open late next year.

In a statement with NBC News, Hussain revealed that he will be working with the President’s children in in order to grow and expand their valuable partnership. Read more: The Donald of Dubai | Hussain Sajwani 


DAMAC properties takes part in the construction of leisure, commercial and residential properties in the key cities of the Middle East. Moreover, it also participates in numerous real estate ventures. DAMAC was established in 2002 and its headquarters is in Dubai.

Historically they have grown from a property company into a jack of many trades. In 2011, hospitality sub division was unveiled to offer catering services to its residents.

The DAMAC owner is not only a property developer but he is also involved in charitable ventures. In September 2013, he donated AED 2 million to a movement that was aimed at providing clothes to a million kids globally. The company’s donation single handled clothed nearly 50,000 children.

Family Members Of Incarcerated Individuals Thankful For Securus Innovation

Having a criminal in the family can be a very difficult situation. Everybody in the family wants what’s best for the convicted criminal. The first consideration for a lost loved one is usually safety. Some families even think that their lost loved one would be safer in prison.


While it might be counterintuitive, prison can be a very dangerous place. Despite the fact there are prison guards and cells, many criminals figure out ways to perpetuate violent crimes. That is why so many families are relieved to hear about Securus Technologies new software innovation.


Securus Technologies is a company that only prisoners and their families are familiar with. It is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services as well as Internet services to prisons around the country. Securus receives government contracts to become the telecommunications provider for a singular jail or prison.


The total indications company then uses its position to help law enforcement by recording every single phone call that an inmate makes. These phone calls are logged by inmate, date and are even tagged for phrases. But Securus goes the extra step by allowing law enforcement officers and lawyers to search the entire recorded database using proprietary software.


The software can lock on to a certain person’s vocal signature. Any recorded voice can be fed into the program, deconstructed and analyzed for its uniqueness. That uniqueness is then fed into the search engine to find every single phone call that particular voice was involved with.


This allows a family member to call into the prison and squeeze confessions or other intelligence out of their loved one. They can then go to law enforcement and tell them to listen back to all their telephone calls in order to get their family member help. Much of this information has been used to prevent crimes.