In The Hands Of Soros

How The Legend Came To Be

Understanding someone is easier when you have a glimpse into their past. But you don’t have to travel too far to get that glimpse. It’s true whether the person you examine is tall, small; fat, skinny; rich, poor or neither. In either case, the same stands true for every human being.

Everyone’s history is written as the prior experiences they’ve had. Some are good, bad and then very ugly. The outcome is only simple when we face the facts as is. What we know and what we believe is dictated by our own history and the lessons we learn from them.

The legend George Soros is no different today and regardless of his financial standing. So you might be prepared to better understand this amazing figure of modern times. That is, to better understand who he is, we’ll take a quick look at the timeline he lived, endured and overcame. We do this to paint the clear picture of who that leaves us with today.

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From Childhood

We know that nothing came easy to George Soros, and we hope that you don’t assume it did. If you assume such, then realizing the full picture will be difficult. His childhood was riddled with trouble, fear and a lack of financial stability. This was all put into play during World War II which changed the dynamic of the world itself.

Nothing had been the same since, and George Soros’ family would also realize the effects and aftereffect. Yet, one man’s life was changed. But one thing remains true; the reality that the 13-year-old George Soros lived would shape the man we see today. Here, we get a true glimpse into the monumental figure and why his heart is pure with hope. Read his profile at Business Insider.

From University and Support in Finance

Though ambitious for a child, George Soros had to find the right opportunities. The train yard of the United Kingdom couldn’t contain this man’s heart forever. The only way out he found was in education. But before that opportunity would flourish, young Soros had to wait on tables.

He soon found access to financial education that changed his life forever. With the right mentorship and credentials, it was clear that George Soros would live an impressive life for everyone to see.

More Money Than One Man Needs

In time, the money became overwhelming.

Though it might seems to be in the amounts that is more than one person could obtain, none of George’s success was by accident. The financial world continues to recognize Mr. Soros as a very intentional investor. The habit remains today. Read more about George’s life story at

Giving and Philanthropy

The only natural step for a person like George Soros is to give back after making his profound wealth alone; he then began a long running charity campaign. During this, Mr. George Soros is noted for providing charitable causes roughly millions.

His name continues to be a legend to this day and because of philanthropy.

US Money Reserve Has Even Better Customer Relations Thanks To New Website

US Money Reserve’s website can now be visited by mobile users on both Apple and Android-based devices thanks to a renovation of its menus and features. The US Money Reserve undertook this revamping of their website because they wanted to make the purchasing experience more enjoyable, and the markets for gold and silver investing are growing.

The new website has an improved knowledge center that talks about the US Mint and has charts with gold and silver prices available for tracking. There are also current prices that follow the stock market’s tracker of both gold and silver, and new photo galleries of the US Money Reserve’s bullion and numismatics have been included in the menu.

US Money Reserve has been in business since 2001 and has grown into the largest private precious metals sales company. They have information booklets available that give investors advice from some of the top experts in the industry, and their aim is to keep investors informed on the benefits of owning precious metals.

Precious metals have long been a safe haven during economic perils and they cannot have zero value or negative interest rates. Whenever the stock market does take a downturn, you can quickly move your funds into gold and silver assets and know they’re safe.

Assisting new investors with an introductory page to buying precious metals is US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl. He’s the only former US Mint Director to now be working in the private sector market for precious metal bullion, and he chose US Money Reserve because of their commitment to ethics and serving customers first.

As US Mint Director he brought in billions of dollars in revenue and was the driver of a new ecommerce website that provided information on commemorative coins to customers. He won several recognitions for his work at the US Mint and was commended by former President Bill Clinton.

US Money Reserve has gold and silver kits available to newcomers and their customer service reps are always ready to make purchases happen without a hitch. Client-Connect Advantage is one of the most advanced chat platforms that allows customers to contact the reps 24/7 and they can assist with transactions and payment information, or help customers make returns.

US Money Reserve has many articles available on the risks and pitfalls that could happen with investing, and you can find out if investing in gold or silver works for you by going to

End Citizens United: The Grassroots’ Fight For Legislation Reforms In Campaign Financing.

End Citizens United is a grassroots funded political action committee, PAC, established in March 2015. It has dedicated itself to driving big money out of politics and reforming the campaign system. It is the grassroots’ platform for fighting against billionaires buying elections. Their way of fighting the war is through electing individuals who champion for reforms in campaign financing. They also support candidates who are victims of mega-donors, corporate, special interest and dark money groups.


In preparation for the 2018 political cycle, it announced its last round of endorsements on May 3rd, 2017. They endorsed Heidi Heitkamp, Sheldon Whitehouse and Bob Casey in the states of North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania respectively. These senators have fought against the tidal wave of big money buying elections and as such were easy to endorse. The ECU will connect the candidates with the over 143, 000 members of the grassroots in the region.


The ECU is planning to marshal its 330,000 political donors to provide resources which the candidates need to win. The political arena has felt the impact of the PAC. In the 2016 cycle, the first election it took part in, it helped elect 15 new Congress members by raising $25 million. It was the 3rd largest spending Political action committee. In the Georgia special election of April 18, 2017, the members of the ECU raised $900,000 to aid the election of Jon Ossof.

Since the beginning of the year, the End Citizen United has continually raised funds for the coming congress election in the midterm of 2018. It collected over $4 million in the first three months of the year alone. Close to 100,000 people contributed among whom 40,000 were first-time donors, an indication that more people are joining hands in the fight for reforms in the legislation of campaign financing. Raising more money is the only way to get big money out of elections and politics.

The political action committee plans to raise $35 million before the 2018 election. The president and the executive director of the PAC, Tiffany Mueller said that the average donation had reached $12 this year. Though it needs donations, it still operates within the boundaries of a traditional PAC. Therefore, End Citizens United cannot receive from an individual a donation greater than $5000.


The name, End Citizens United, alludes to the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 that allowed union and corporations (Citizens United) to donate in candidate elections. The ruling led to the launch of Super PACs which can spend an unlimited amount of money in campaigning for a candidate. As a result, legislation has fallen in the hands of the person or groups with the largest paycheck. The ECU PAC is fighting back by electing candidates who can champion for reforms in campaign financing.


Eco-Conscious and Conservation Centered Destinations

Taos, New Mexico is a great eco-conscious and conservation centered destination. This destination is known for its momentous Native American structures and its environmental structures known as Earthships. Earthships are assembled from natural and salvaged resources. The purpose of an Earthship is to gather solar energy. Taos offers off-grid existing possibilities, growing one’s own food supply, and using water from cisterns.


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort located in British Columbia is another great eco-conscious and conservation centered destination. This destination offers kayaking, horse-riding, trekking through the woodland, surfing on a private beach,and thrilling escapades. This resort works with Wild Fish Conservancy to help defend fish stocks against overfishing and weather change. This resort helps to reestablish native property with Ahousaht First Nation. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort offers a great variety of adventure for the eco-conscious individual.


Sian Ka’an located in Tulum, Mexico is a destination to be explored by an eco-friendly frame of mind. Sian Ka’an is home to thousands of plant and wildlife. There are numerous environmentally friendly activities such as exploring Mayan structural remains, deep diving, swimming, and exploring the beautiful beaches. Sian Ka’an is very dedicated towards guarding its delicate ecosystem. It is known as a remarkable and environmentally diverse destination by many.


Nurture Through Nature is a retreat center that has provided an ecologically conscious escape since the year 1999. It is located in Denmark, Maine. Individuals can explore secluded trekking trails that lead to breathtaking views. Nurture Through Nature also provides yoga lessons, directed meditation, a secluded sauna, a massage, art lessons, and general life teachings that helps individuals connect to self and the eco-friendly atmosphere.


Wild Ark was established by Sophie and Mark Hutchinson. Wild Ark teaches individuals about wildlife and protecting our world. Wild Ark helps protect biodiversity in various areas. It provides the possibilities for individuals to feel a connection towards nature. Wild Ark also provides exclusively environmentally friendly and ecological adventures. For more information about Wild Ark visit this link.


In conclusion, Wild Ark as well as the other destinations mentioned are great eco-conscious and conservation centered destinations to explore.


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Julia Jackson- “Preserving A True Family Legacy”

Julia Jackson works with the International sales team at Jackson Wines. Julia Jackson attended Scripps College in California. Ms. Jackson graduated with a degree in Studio Arts in 2010. In addition, Julia Jacks also has General Management training from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Julia Jackson believes higher education is very important. However, much of her education it seems came directly from her parents by watching both of them build the family wine business.

Ms. Jackson has two favorite wines which include Pinot Nior and Chardonnay. In addition, Janet Jackson feels Pinot Nior and Chardonnay are two of the best wines that are produced in Sonoma. Out of the Jackson Family wine collection Julia Jackson favors La Crema or Silver Palm.

Julia Jackson is a firm believer in giving back to those in need. “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment” awards $100,000 annually in cash grants to non-profit organizations. Jackson herself founded this organization back in 2014. “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment” is meant to help women who have overcome hardships and they now inspire others within their local community.

Julia Jackson feels strongly that we need more young women as role models to give others inspiration and hope. Overcoming hardships may be difficult at times but it is possible with the help of others.

Cambria Estate-Pinot Nior was named a wine of the year by wine enthusiasts. Julia Jackson feels quite honored and credits much of her success to her parents as well as the strong legacy in which her father started many years ago.

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