For the love of Texas

Texas is a phenomenal place to do all your banking. It is an expert in oil, petroleum, gas, mining, finances and more. In fact, perhaps that’s where the name Texas Bankers’ Annual Conference comes from in the first place. Texas is known for holding some of the wealthiest millionaires and billionaires on the planet, men like John Holt of Nexbank. Did you know that the association had its most latest annual event in New Orleans this last November and that Mr. Holt was at the front lines, speaking out for what is right, good, noble, true and fair in the world of modern banking? This is likely what made the event an outstanding success and one worth repeating very soon.


Nexbank is known in the following statistics as well. Take careful note. This company has done much and reach the stars for you – in terms of your wildest aspirations.


  1. Concentration: 2 All Other Specialization > 1 Billion


  1. Established: 1934-11-30


  1. FDIC Insurance: 1934-11-30


  1. FDIC Cert: #29209


  1. Charter Class: Savings banks and state charters are fully supervised

by the FDIC.


  1. # of Branches: 4, ranked #2465


  1. Website:


  1. Total Assets: $5,307,592,000, ranked #205


  1. Total Deposits: $4,761,012,000, ranked #183


  1. Total Equity Capital: $407,723,000, ranked #266


  1. Domestic Deposits: $4,761,012,000, ranked #183


  1. Net Income: $30,589,000, ranked #121


  1. Quarterly Net Income: $30,589,000, ranked #121


  1. Return on Assets: Two percent, ranked #138


  1. Quarterly Return: Two percent, ranked #138


  1. Return on Equity: 33 percent, ranked #31


  1. Quarterly Equity: 33 percent, ranked #31


Nexbank is based near McKinney, TX and continues to serve many of its communities faithfully, even after having served for nearly 100 years. Nexbank is FDIC insured and qualified. is the official company website. Nexbank owns three bank branches.


Greg Secker is on a One-Man Mission to Educate all on the Merits of Forex Trading

With money occupying such an important place in modern human societies, financial empowerment is an important objective for many. We all want to know how to manage better, generate and save money. According to Greg Secker, one of the most viable strategies for generating more money is forex trading. Mr. Secker is an accomplished foreign exchange (forex) trader that has also successfully ventured into entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

While he does concur that forex trading can be an intimidating for first-time takers, Mr. Secker sees far more benefits than perils in its current state. Starting off is quite easy as the lowest trading limit for most brokerage firms is quite low. Further, with many trading platforms now being available online, you are only a click away from commencing trading, anytime and anywhere.

He does, however, have a few words of caution for those looking to get involved with forex trading. In addition to being disciplined, one must also approach trading without any emotions. After experiencing a setback, it is common to panic and abandon your set strategy in the hope of recovering your losses. Above all, one must be realistic. There is no way you will turn a dollar into a million within a few short weeks. It takes time and considerable input.

Greg Secker is one of the most successful forex traders out there and the CEO of Learn to Trade. The Englishman’s journey in the financial began at Thomas Cook Financial Services. After helping bring one of earliest real-time trading platforms, he left for American-based Mellon Financial Corporation. Shortly after, he left to form his own company, Learn to Trade. In the close to 14 years since its formation, the company has been in the business of educating people about trading through conferences, workshops, and seminars. Mr. Secker has been at the heart of these seminars, offering much-needed mentorship and advice to eager everyday people.

In addition to seminars and workshops, Mr. Secker has also used books as a platform to empower people with the right forex information and resources. His most renowned books are Financial Freedom Through Forex and Trading Your Way to Success.


Christopher Burch Establishes the World’s best Resorts!

Some may think Entrepreneurship, is all about drudgery and having a deep knowledge about extreme financial strategies. But Entrepreneurship is beyond than one can ever imagine. Entrepreneurship involves, Brainstorming risk taking, creative strategies, and also learning from the critics. When one talks about successful business, ideologies, and impressive gimmicks, Christopher Burch is one of a kind. Christopher Burch with his brother Bob established Eagles Eye, a fashion wear brand. Eagles Eye conquered an amount of $165 Million and then later it was sold. The CEO and the founder of the Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch is an innovative and a creative individual. With successful Entrepreneurial plans, Christopher Burch has created forever impact on every individual in the field of entrepreneurship. Christopher Burch has conquered deep knowledge and a profound experience in the field of real estate, classic fashion, new technology and various other industries.  For more reading about the above, click on

We all have heard of people having the most exotic dream luxurious resorts at enchanting places. Christopher Burch the serial entrepreneur, has gone far beyond to fulfil his dream of an ideal destination for a grand Five-Star resort. Officially declared as the best Resort in the world, Christopher Burch owns a glamorous resort in Indonesia. Nihi Sumba Island popularly known as Nihiatu is a heaven on the Earth. Travel + Leisure has voted as the World’s best hotel. Spending over a huge amount of $30 million on the renovation on the hostel Christopher Bruch and James McBride who is also an entrepreneur, bought a beach hostel and updated it to a 5-Star Resort in 2015, at Sumba Island in Indonesia. For related reading, head over to

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The main purpose of choosing this location was the specular aura of this natural beauty and the thrill of spending time on this on this isolated island. In 2015, Christopher Burch stated when he was interview by Business Jet Travel that he bought it for his children and with an expectation that it would be preserved.  For the interview, click this.   More to that he shared an amazing strategy, he stated that under a waterfall, one can build a spa and also have a butler in each room of the resort. The thrill of being to a place where one has been to before, makes this an ideal destination for any individual who has an urge to explore the unexplored. In a busy schedule of an individual, this place takes one beyond the ordinary life, promising to be a luxuries destination.  Additional article on

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The Checkered History of Unionist, Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is a renowned trade unionist, best known as the founder of the Irish Transport and the General Workers Union (ITGWU). According to an excerpt published on, Larkin was born in 1874 in Liverpool, England and passed on in 1947 in the Irish capital of Dublin.

Jim Larkin traveled to the US in 1914 soon after ITGWU broke apart following the infamous Dublin Lockout. During his stay in the US, Larkin was a fervent Marxist who believed in the strong tenets of the labor movement that permeated the 40’s.

Jim had a checkered past, having been born in the slums of Liverpool and growing up with little education. During his youth, he did menial jobs to make ends meet before settling as a foreman at the Liverpool docks. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

Being a committed socialist, Larkin grew up at a time when most workers were being treated unfairly. It is this predicament that pushed him to become a member of the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) and a full time trade union organizer.

ITGWU’s primary goal was to combine the skills of all Irish workers to form a formidable movement and organization. The most prominent of these strikes was the Dublin Lockout of 1913 that saw over 100,000 workers strike for 8 months to win fair employment.

Back in 1907, Larkin helped found the Irish Transport and General Workers Union after some members of NUDL found his militant strikes alarming and unbearable.

Larkin was also instrumental in spearheading the formation of the Irish Labor Party, which led to a series of strikes to champion labor causes. He also famously took part in the massive anti World War I demonstrations in Dublin.

Larkin was deported to Ireland from the US following his 1920 conviction for supporting communism and criminal anarchy. Before being pardoned and deported, he served 3 years in jail. When he returned to Ireland, Larkin helped the Worker Union of Ireland secure recognition from Communist International group.

n his old age, Larkin continued to champion various workers’ causes. According to, Larkin helped the Catholic Church mobilize people against the communism in the 30’s. During the 40’s he greatly reduced his activities due to old age, as he enjoyed partial rehabilitation in the labor movement.

His activism on the Dublin Corporation and the Dublin Trade council mostly focused on solving the hectic housing problem. He was later was elected the Labour TD for North East Dublin in 1943. He died at the Meath Hospital after falling down while supervising repairs at the WUI Thomas Ashe Hall.

The Larkin Legend came into the fore during the marking of 50 anniversary of the Lockout strike. He will be remembered as a visionary agitator and magnificent leader and, more significantly as the man who revolutionized trade unionism by instituting changes to the policy that depended heavily on the British Labour. His long struggle to fight for the rights of workers made it possible for unskilled laborers and workers to be unionized.

Christopher Burch Surprises the World Again

Popularly, Christopher Burch is known for his fashion brand that was a great milestone in his career. However, the fashion mogul never ceases to amaze. Who had the idea that Burch would earn a fortune from the hospitality industry? Many would say that the notion was a risk not worth taking, but to Chris Burch, the venture was a challenge worth taking. In 2012, Chris bought Nihiwatu, a hotel located on a remote Indonesian Island, Sumba.

Chris has a record of tapping the talented individuals in the industry when it comes to the run for the money, and this particular venture was no different. The successful entrepreneur partnered with James McBride, a respected hotelier in the journey to build his hospitality brand. Burch and McBride spent about $30 million to renovate the property, and this saw it transform into a luxurious five-star resort.  Related article on

Last year, Nihiwatu was named as the world’s best resort, just a year after opening. Many would be surprised how this was possible, but a simple visit to the resort will disagree with the doubts. Nihiwatu, meaning mortar stones has 27 private villas each with a dive pool. Also, there is Raja Mendaka, Chris’s private which is open to guests.

The resort has the best sceneries ever. The plunge pools face the Nihi Beach and across the Indian Ocean. There are also two story houses which give the resort a wonderful appearance. The two rooms are usually linked together by a bamboo bridge. The entertainments within the resort are incredible from indoor to outdoor. From yoga sessions to spa services, visitors are in a position to have a touch of these services even from the comfort of their rooms. Also, the visitors get to enjoy swimming at the blue lagoon beside the excellent surfing experience.

The resort charges considerable prices. For the people residing within the island, the resort has been of great benefit as it has created a pool of employment to its members. Besides, the resort regularly donates part of its profits to the Sumba Foundation as a way of giving back to the community. In the future, Burch and his new partner ought to build resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

About J. Christopher Burch

In the business world, Chris Burch is a respected individual. His success story puts him in a level way above a majority of renowned entrepreneurs.  Read more about Burch on   His versatile mode of business surpasses that of an ordinary person. Burch has been associated with the technology and real estate industry besides the fashion and now the hospitality industry.  Additional reading on

Chris’s success story dates back to his young hood. As an undergraduate at Itchica College, Chris and his brother started Eagles Eye Apparel. Surprisingly, the business had grown to $165 million before it was sold. Today, Burch serves as Burch Creative Capital principal, a company that has incubated many exciting brands such as the Nihiwatu venture. Burch is associated with renowned retail brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch.  More interesting news on this link

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High Position Work History of Dick DeVos

It is common for people to spend most of their days in low level positions and just getting by. However, this is not the type of life that Dick DeVos has led. He has made sure that he has found something that is a good match to his skills and passion. He has also worked very hard in his education so that he can build some sets of skills that are needed for making huge achievements and succeeding in the competitive business world. He has held a lot of high positions in companies such as his father’s company Amway. He was also the owner of the Orlando Magic franchise for a time.


Dick DeVos has not only learned special skills to be a business owner but has also learned how to analyze the market so that he knows what types of decisions need to be made when it comes to his business. He is also highly involved in his community along with his wife Betsy. They both look at the issue in the community and look for solutions to the problems they see so that they can inspire people to bring improvements to the community. They know how to address the problem at its root.


One thing both Dick and Betsy DeVos are very passionate about is bringing forth opportunities for better education to the children of these communities. One thing that this does is encourage and inspire children to work towards their goals. Dick DeVos himself has seen the disadvantages of educating children according to their location. One of the disadvantages is that not all communities are equal. Some communities are in a low position which leaves very little funding for schools. As a result, people find themselves getting very low quality education.


Dick and Betsy have worked hard to bring forth the school choice initiative. This allows children to go to schools other than their location. Therefore, parents can take their children to higher quality schools without having to pay tons of money because of the public funding of these school choices. The DeVos Family is an example of success, generosity and philanthropy.


Christopher Burch – An Expert In Entrepreneurship and Investment

Christopher Burch is an American Entrepreneur and Investor. He is the CEO and Founder of an investment company known as Burch Creative Capital. Through his company, Christopher applies his entrepreneurial values and vision for the new market to support ideas and concepts that have the potential to scale large. He believes that implementing imagination, creativity, scale, and support to business and brands will lead them to create a long-lasting impact that is direct and positive.

Burch Creative Capital has participated in the rise of more than 50 companies. This is due Christopher Burch’s 30 years experience within the field of investment and entrepreneurship. Christopher has a very extensive track record due to his expertise in the fields mentioned. His ability to combine an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing has led to this track record. Christopher Burch has backed a number of brand and businesses including ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, Poppin, and TRADEMARK. Recently, Burch Creative Capital has broadened their type of investment to several lifestyle and consumer product brands. These types of brands range from home furnishings to organic foods and technology. More to read on

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Christoper Burch’s decision to broaden the type investments that his company makes has resulted in a very positive way. In 2012, Christopher had decided to invest in the industry of hospitality. A beach hostel located on the Indonesian island of Sumba was purchased by Burch Creative Capital along with an hotelier known as James McBride. Together, an investment of $30 million was made to renovate this hostel. In 2015, this location was reopened as a 5-star resort called Nihiwatu.

More of Burch insights here.

The opening of the resort resulted in great success. Following its opening, Nihiwatu was named the best result in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2016. Check on for additional reading.  This achievement was a great step forward for both Christopher Burch and his company. Christopher states that resort was developed for his children and as a place to reserve. He also stated that Nihiwatu is a way to give back to the community of Sumba. The success that the resort has received was more than expected to Christopher Burch. Nihiwatu is now another home for Christoper and his family. The resort consists of 27 villas including the one in which Christopher lives in.  More to learn on

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Fashionable Technology and the Technologically Enhanced Fashion

The title says it all. Modern day technology always takes a fashionable look while contemporary fashion cannot be separated from technology to. This is a trend that cannot be stopped; it has been with us from time immemorial. A look at happenings in recent pass will make it clearer.

Most adults in the 70s will vividly remember the boom box era when people took delight in carrying favorite tunes and stations from place to place. Surprisingly by the 90s, some teens would argue nothing like boom box ever existed because they grew up to know the Walkman. Technology and fashion keep evolving and by the turn of the millennium, the iPod took over the center stage.

No accomplished fashion designer will ever dispute the all important role of technology in the world of fashion; it is made to look like breath to the human life. Innovation and functionality in the fashion world seems unattainable without the involvement of technology. A popular Dutch fashion designer summed it up this way: “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”

Today, there are people who design cloths that attract kinetic energy meant for powering appliances like mp3 and watch. Soledad Martin is also on the verge of producing a prototype shoe for the human feet that can charge cell phones when walking or running.

We all know fashion can penetrate the human heart and hold people spell-bound. Technological is exploiting this attribute to gain popularity and sell their products. Fashion Shows all over the world are helping out in this regard. They showcase new technology products for the purpose of awareness and patronage.

The partnership between technology and fashion remains intact and will always yield great dividends.

The Man, Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a product of natural talent and training. Check for related article. He is a natural talent in the sense that he is a born-entrepreneur. Before undergoing formal training, he already understood some of the dynamics of entrepreneurship and was already a success in business as early as his college days. Together with his brother Bob, he founded Eagles Eyes apparel and managed it to greatness in only few years. They were able to rake in $165 million by the time they sold it off. More on

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Burch is not only a fashion giant. He has also accomplished great things in technology and real estate. He is currently busy taking Burch Creative Capital to greater heights. Already the company has an awesome portfolio which includes the likes of Poppin, Nihiwatu, ED and Cocoon9.  For a close look at the company’s portfolio, hop over to

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Chris Burch’s Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Chris Burch has officially built the best five-star resort in the world. The fashion mogul bought the former beach hostel from a couple in 2012 before transforming it into the masterpiece that it is now. Located in Sumba, Indonesia, the resort is on a remote Indonesian island. Together with hotelier James McBride, the two spent $30 million renovating the resort that was officially opened in 2015. Their efforts paid off. In 2016, Nihiwatu, the resort, was voted the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure.  Check this on

The resort has 27 private villas. All the villas have private plunge pools. One can also opt for any of two, two-storey tree houses that have a bathroom, bedroom, and balcony. The main tree house also has a living area and private infinity pool. During the low season, a one-bedroom villa at the resort goes for $750. Burch also has his own private estate that is also available to guests.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Located on the beach, Nihiwatu offers scenic views ideal for sightseeing and field excursions. Those with a knack for surfing can enjoy doing so on swells from the Southern Ocean at a location surfers consider as one of the best surfing locations in the world. Surfing lessons are available for those interested. Riding stable are available for those who enjoy horseback riding into the sunset. A local horse whisperer can even teach you how to connect with the horses. Yoga sessions and a beach spa are available. Private sessions for both can be organized at the comfort of one’s room.

About Chris Burch

A well-seasoned entrepreneur, Burch is the founder and also the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. A fashion mogul, Burch is the co-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand. He also owns other businesses in different industries such as financial services, technology, spanning apparel, consumer products, real estate, and hospitality.  For update on Burch timeline activities, hit

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Burch started his entrepreneurial journey while still at Ithaca College as an undergraduate student. Using $2,000, he started Eagle Eye’s Apparel together with his brother eventually growing the business to $165 million before selling it to Swire Group. His entrepreneurial journey spans more than 40 years, and he is using his knowledge in business to advise budding managers and entrepreneurs on his website, He has also served on several boards such as that of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also sat on The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board as president. Additionally, his philanthropic pursuits have seen him contribute to research and initiatives such as The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, The Child Welfare League of China, among others.  Related article on


Investor Chris Burch’s Island Paradise

Seasoned entrepreneur and investor Chris Burch’s latest project is an ultra-luxurious resort called Nihiwatu on Indonesia’s Sumba island. The founder of Burch Creative Capital (and a host of other companies) bought the location in 2012 with James McBride, a veteran of the hospitality industry. After purchasing it from the original owners, the pair have transformed the beachfront property into a world-class vacation spot boasting 27 villas and a range of amenities and recreational opportunities for visitors. Burch’s own personal residence in Nihiwatu, known as Raja Mendaka, is also available to guests. Besides enjoying the plunge pools and their amazing tropical views, travelers can indulge in spa treatments or take surfing or horseback riding lessons. The resort also contributes to the Sumba Foundation which promotes local development and indigenous handicrafts are proudly displayed around Nihiwatu. In 2016 Nihiwatu topped Travel + Leisure’s countdown of the world’s 100 best hotels.  Check

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Chris Burch is no stranger to ambitious business projects. His entrepreneurial debut was Eagle’s Eye, an apparel company he began as a college student with his brother and eventually sold for millions. Since then, Burch has been involved in building numerous brands including TV personality Ellen DeGeneres’s ED collection and office furniture supplier Poppin. In addition to Nihiwatu, Burch has also invested in the real estate market in New York’s elite Hamptons region and in Florida. A hotel project in Argentina is also in the works. As an active venture capitalist, Chris Burch also seeks investment opportunities in promising new start-ups with the potential to grow. Among the up-and-coming businesses that have benefited from Burch’s contribution is Chubbies, makers of men’s notoriously short retro shorts. Burch is always on the look out for the latest game-changer. When the Internet was still in its infancy, Chris Burch was an early investor in Internet Capital Group’s initial public offering. Known today as Actua, ICG was a pioneer in investing in online businesses.  Interesting news on

Along with his business endeavors, Chris Burch is also involved in philanthropy. He is a board member at the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and has contributed to non-profit organizations in the US and China as well as New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and NYU Langone medical center.   For an update of Burch timeline activities, click on  Chris Burch is a graduate of Ithaca College’s business school and has six children, some of whom are also aspiring entrepreneurs. Check for additional article.

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