Chris Burch’s Investment Becomes The World’s Top Vacation Hotel

Chris Burch undertook a $30 million project four years ago when he became a partner with James McBride in the purchase of Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia. A former fashion guru who’s been a big venture capital investor, Burch has been making his way up in the hospitality industry, and Nihiwatu Resort has been his biggest investment yet. From a hostel that used to be on this remote island, Burch has built many luxury villas and brought in fine dining and spa therapists. You cannot go to this resort without being totally in awe of what you see, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit Chris Burch’s home and swim in his pool overlooking the ocean.  More to read on

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Chris Burch got into real estate investing after 20 years of running his own company. He got into this business back when he was a student at Ithaca College and bought custom-made sweaters that he would resell in the college dorms. Soon he had made enough money to buy his own factory and he began making millions of dollars in sales under the name Eagle Eye Apparel. After years of successfully running this company, he sold it and then bought shares in the Internet Capital Group and Tory Burch fashion’s fashion line.  Related article on

Burch started Burch Creative Capital around the mid-2000s and some of the companies he has seeded in the portfolio include Voss Water, Poppin Office Spaces, C. Wonder and Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle company. Burch started getting into real estate investing around that same time when he formed a partnership with Alan Faena to build the Faena Hotel + Universe. He also started buying up homes in the surrounding communities of New York City, Nantucket, Massachusetts and in south Florida.  Additional article to read on   Burch has also been a donor to the Rothman Institute’s orthopedic research center and the private Tilton School.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America & Its Valiant Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases in history. This illness has claimed millions of lives over the years and just about everyone has been touched by the disease in some form or fashion. This can either be directly or indirectly. On the other hand, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the most progressively fighting cancer research organizations in the world, and it has helped to save millions of lives. The organization has been around since 1988, and it specializes in personalized-patient care. Since each and every person is different, the cancer-fighting techniques may need to be different because what works for one person, may not work for the other person.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD has partnered-up for the perfect combination in eradicating cancer. This dynamic team has been brought together to provide cancer patients with copious amounts of cancer-related material. This material will help these people in the navigation department with its interactive-approach. This will be one big hub of informative-information that is easy to use. Cancer patients and their loved-ones will be able to get the information that’s needed. Just by clicking on the interactive-screen, a variety of information will pop-up right in front of you. This includes information for treatments, for diagnosis, for caregiver support and for survivorship. The options are literally endless. It would be extremely hard trying to find another interactive program that possesses this much clout. WebMD by itself is a powerhouse of information and when being combined with (CTCA), you’ll get an experience of a lifetime. The two organizations are here for you, and the duo is equipped to provide a second-opinion if need be. What more could a cancer patient ever ask?

Cancer patients will be assured with the best treatments possible. At this point, you can feel secure in the best personalized-care that you choose. All of the guesswork is taken out of the equation. All in all, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD is setting new trends by raising the bar higher than ever before and that’s a guaranteed fact.

Stream Energy And It’s Northern Expansion

Stream Energy was established by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji in the year 2005. The organization was construct and finance on the proposition of selling energy by word of mouth through the arrangement of independent affiliation. The organization present and introduced energy services in Texas state before enhancing to Georgia by the year 2008. By the year 2016, Energy Stream declares that Larry Mondry is the newly assigned president and chief executive officer.


On November 6, 2017, Stream Energy made to the public the joining of David Faranetta as Vice President and Financial Officer. He is the overall in charge and will overlook the company’s economic planning, informing, auditing, tax, and bank activity. Visit the company profile on Facebook.


Stream Energy formally begun their line of Energy Service, added and supplementary to Protective, Wireless and Home Services in the northern state of Illinois. It is the seventh state joined by Energy Stream growing family.


The extension to northern Illinois will grant customers to entry the Energy Stream access line of Energy Assistance at 2 percent down, not to mention the 6 and 12 monthly fixated rate electric arrangement. The expansion to Illinois grants us the chance to bid our service to a brand-new market. It also allows our partners to expand and grow their livelihood and businesses. The Stream Energy believes that there is so much opportunity to develop in this brand-new market.


In addition to the expansion, Delaware state joined the company. At the campaign, customers in Delaware will choose the Energy Stream’s six-month fixated rate arrangement plan at 2 percent and 12-month fixated-rate energy system plan at competing for the market estimate. Follow Stream Energy on


Stream Energy announced their support for the victim affected by Hurricane Harvey. With the donations to the American Red Cross, Energy Stream management agreed to reinforce 127, 000 customers in the district by removing the late fees on energy check from August 29 to September. Stream Energy sales association is also pursuing together to support friends in the crash area. Energy Stream made an assurance to meet up the aid up to 25, 000 dollars. The company will extend and monitor as they extend and welcome donations on behalf of American Red Cross.

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Jeff Yastine Brings Attention to New Investment Opportunities

Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider column was intended for people who want to learn how to invest. He is an investor and has worked hard to learn the right methods and that’s how he feels confident in showing other people what they can do. He also knows there are different ways he can make investments work so people don’t have to worry about the issues that can sometimes come from doing these investments. For Jeff Yastine, this is part of how he can make things easier on others and part of what he can do to make sure they are doing their best. He wants to see people make all the right choices like he did so they can continue to make money no matter what. It is his purpose to keep giving the community what they need no matter the issues they are facing on their own or in different areas of business. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg

For as long as Jeff Yastine has been investing, he has learned about the right investments and the wrong ones. He also knows there are things he can do to give people the options they need. It goes back to the hard work he has done and the opportunities he has had to make people understand the options they can use for success. There hav been so many things he can do to make things better and give people what they are looking for in different areas of business.

Even though Jeff Yastine knows what he needs to do and knows what he can make happen for other people, he is confident in the skills he has. He tries to make sure people understand there are new opportunities to make their lives better and new ways they can show others what they can do to be successful. For Jeff Yastine, this is part of how his business is going to get better and part of how he can truly feel like he is a part of something special for the people he works with. Read more about Jeff Yastine at to know more.

Now that Jeff Yastine is suggesting people invest in opportunities that are going to compete with Amazon, there are many who are interested in the investments he has available. There are also many people who know they are going to have a positive experience when it comes to the work they are capable of doing on their own and in different situations.

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3 Tips From Investment Guru on Succeeding in Brazilian Market

Investment guru Igor Cornelsen has three main tips when it comes to investing in Brazil.

Get to Know the Natives

First, he believes it is imperative to interact with the natives and begin networking yourself. If you can make genuine friendships with financial savvy natives, you will greatly increase your business’s chance for success. He encourages you to take advantage of the notoriously social nature of Brazilians and soak up some advice from experienced business people. Read more about Igor Cornelsen

Regulations Run Far and Deep

Next, he warns everyone to prepare for a large amount of bureaucracy. The red tape exists because of the complex regulations, enormous taxes, and rigid labor market. He encourages you to perform detailed research on the regulations and get to know what strategies work in Brazil versus other countries. Igor believes that even though the bureaucratic hassle exists, it ultimately pays off in dividends at the end.

Nothing Is Ever Free

Finally, the top Brazilian banker warns you must be well educated on the foreign currency restrictions since transactions are tightly controlled. He stresses that you must ensure you are using the correct rate for the correct transaction and that foreign currency has no single exchange rate.

The investment expert firmly believes in a diverse portfolio so you can minimize your risks and gain revenue from multiple sources. He also believes in having a mixture of both sound and risky ventures, but in any case to start as soon as possible as time is of the essence.

On a personal level, the most appealing tip from Igor Cornelsen was the importance of connecting with the natives of Brazil. Since business relationships are a fundamental building block of success in that country, networking would be key to garnering new ideas that ultimately lead you to reap the maximum benefits.

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Jason Hope and Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope grew up and attended college in the state of Arizona, graduating with an MBA and a degree in finance. Entrepreneur Hope has always enjoyed researching anti-aging research. Mr. Jason Hope tenaciously supports The Sens Foundation which an organization that studies diseases like dementia, Alzheimer, and diabetes that causes the lost of lives too early.

Jason Hope is also a knowledgeable futurist who can see new technology trends which SENS is researching to find a cure for diseases that affect the heart, lungs, and causes cell damage causing advanced aging problems. Mr. Hope and the SENS Research Foundation is working on biotechnology to destroy diseases like atherosclerosis and diabetes.

SENS stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” The research foundation is conducting scientific research, supporting advocacy groups, and promotes education focusing on treating age-related illnesses. SENS Research and Jason Hope are bringing the damage that certain diseases have on the aging population to scientists, national and international researchers, theorists, and throughout the medical/healthcare industries.

Jason Hope is supporting SENS in its work to redefine industries like pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and healthcare institutions. The SENS Research Foundation hosts many biotech conferences on diseases that affect aging and medicine solutions in regenerative research. Jason Hope as a successful businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who helps to fund, support research efforts, and keeps an eye on the political front to increase research efforts to make new anti-aging medications. Jason Hope and the SENS Research Foundation has a goal to one day completely reverse the aging process and eliminate the diseases that contribute to cutting people’s live short.

Jason Hope’s unique interested in anti-aging research did not begin in a medical setting. Actually, Jason began his career in telecommunications with a mobile communication company called Jawa before he changed to a personal involvement in research, biotechnology, and scientific start-up companies. He holds a portfolio of technology companies and investments involving business systems, software technology, marketing services, digital media solution enterprises and more.

Mr. Hope also mentors and offers grants to many young entrepreneurs who are techies in the medical industry. He has a strong belief in IoT or the Internet of Things technology were integrative devices are created with an Internet connection to help people who are disabled. The modern techno devices also include innovative mobile apps, desktop software, and gaming software. Jason Hope’s philanthropic efforts extends to many programs for orphans, healthcare, and education. He supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs, the International Family Health organization and the many celebrity inspired philanthropic foundations, like those of Andre Agassi, Tony Hawk, and Mark Wahlberg.

Moves Rick Smith Has Made for Securus

As the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith makes sure he is making all the right moves for the company. He has remained dedicated to the company in different ways and that has helped him make sure he is doing things the right way. He has always wanted people to realize he is doing things the best way for the company and that has led him to the choices he has made. He knows there are different things that will allow him to make a difference and all of that has led him to a point where he can provide more opportunities for those who are working in the business. He knows the people who are a part of the industry struggle to get the help they need and that’s what has given him the ability to do more with the industry and with the people who are in the industry. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Recently, Securus acquired JPay. This is a way for people to pay for things while they are helping their loved ones in prison. They know there are different things they can do and that will allow them to make all the right choices for their business. It will also give them what they are looking for and the options they need to be successful in every way possible. For those who use JPay, Securus was the perfect option to make sure things would be going right for them. It was also a way for the companies to grow together by using the resources they both had.

This wasn’t the first time that Rick Smith, Securus made a good move to help other people. He actually chose to help them through different avenues and that’s what gave him the motivation he needed to keep doing things the right way. He had always wanted people to realize there was more to the community than what they would normally see so he did his best to give them what they wanted. The prison administrators quickly saw how things were getting better and how things were changing as a result of what the company was doing. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

Looking at these options gave Rick Smith the chance to make sure things would get better. It also gave him the ability to continue working on different projects within the community. Even though there were times when people could see a difference in the community, they knew they were working toward a more positive role with others. It helped them through the times they were dealing with and through the things they had started to do to help people. For years, Rick Smith had been successful at giving back to the community he had become such a big part of.


Chris Burch’s Five Star Resort is World’s Best

Chris Burch is not just an ordinary businessman. Many people in the international platform recognize him as a wealthy business and fashion mogul who has managed to do very well. In his successful career, the businessman has started various companies, and most have been doing very well. Although he has been investing in fashion for a while, he recently chose to venture into the hospitality department. The results of his first venture in the hotel industry are amazing. His brands are internationally and locally appreciated because of their great services.  Additional article to read on

Six years ago, the businessman partnered with his longtime friend so that they could both invest in the hotel industry. The friends acquired a beach hotel that is located in Indonesia, Sumba Island. The businessmen decided to spend over thirty million dollars in transforming the hotel into a five-star resort that has impressed people from all over the globe. The resort is known as Nihiwatu, and it has all the features a modern customer is looking for. The prestigious hotel started its operations after its renovations, and it is winning the hearts of millions of people.

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When Burch was purchasing the hotel several years ago, he did not know that it would turn out to be so successful. At first, Burch wanted the hotel to become his home where he could visit with his family and spend time away from work. He also wanted the hotel to be conserved and assist the communities living in the region. Although the resort has been in the market for a short time, it has become one of the most visited and best hotels in the world.  Read more about the resort on

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The five-star resort is believed to have twenty-seven villas. Each villa has a name, and it can accommodate several people. Burch has one villa that is known as Raja Mendaka. The special villa has a main house and several other facilities to make the businessman comfortable whenever he is visiting.  Additional article on

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Chris Burch — An Innovator in Investments

Chris Burch has recently been voted as the person owning the finest hotel inside the world. Located on the Nihi Sumba Island, his luxurious inn in Indonesia beat Obama’s spot for the title. Indeed, if you were to undergo a vacation in the palm trees and sleep in a hammock absorbing sunrays you would be remiss to go back to society. The holiday spot cost $14,000 for each night and it’s worth far more than each penny spent. More to read about this holiday spot on

Chris Burch created Nihi after founding and cofounding numerous corporations. He owns more than one international retail manufacturer like Tory Burch. His funding portfolio is fantastic – it’s been stated that it rivals Warren Buffet and Donald Trump. In 2012, Chris Burch invested $30 million renovating a hostel he purchased at the Island of Sumba and turned it into a luxury lodge. The inn opened for commercial enterprise in 2015. He is taking incredible satisfaction with what he has finished, and he hopes to pass it all the way down to his kids. He purchased the island as a symbol of what he can give back to the community and desires to be a spark of ideas for others. Chris Burch created a terrific sight that can be seen for miles. The palette of the landscape has allowed him to create wondrous attractions like spas under waterfalls. His luxury inn has a butler in each room.  Hop over to for an additional article.

When Chris Burch isn’t in his hotel he spends his time in Miami. He additionally travels to the Hamptons together with his circle of relatives for regular vacations. He’s the proprietor of 27 private villas in Nihi and his personal home has more than one section with private pools.

Chris is the founder and CEO of many businesses like Burch Creative Capital. That is his predominant department of funding. He is taking his funds and high price startups and ongoing operations to generate wealth. He’s an avid investor within the style industry and the owner of brands like Tory Burch. He believes substantially in the strength of branding and applies his super abilities and keen feeling of advertising to drive income for diverse enterprises. For more of his entrepreneurial views on various business-related matters, check  He continues to keep busy with more than one entrepreneurial endeavor like apparel, hospitality, economic services, and patronage. His present day portfolio incorporates corporations like Hooch and Nanoleaf. Each business is an example of a young startup that Chris Burch shows interest in. Keep up to date with his latest cool offering to the market, hit on this.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Makes Retrieving Info Easy With WebMed

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with a chronic illness, it causes devastation for the entire family. Many avenues are explored, but no satisfactory treatment options are made available, and this causes many people to lose hope. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is there with a wide range of treatment options, and to offer hope. They are a network of Cancer Treatment Centers throughout the United States that are designed to give compassion while they allow you to choose your best treatment option. Cancer Treatment Centers of America have recently partnered with WebMD to provide patients and family members with information and the opportunity to track their treatment from diagnosis to becoming a survivor.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMed also provide information for the caregiver support. The Cancer Treatment Centers treats the disease on two levels. First by using the most modern state of the art technology. They also use advanced options which includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery and radiation. The experienced clinicians offer supportive therapies for pain management, and to ease nausea, and other related side effects. Patients and caregivers can find all of their comprehensive treatment in one facility with a welcoming, warm environment. They will be assisted by experts who will help them make the most informed decision about their cancer care.

Cancer patients maintain their stamina, strength, and quality of life with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America integrative approach to cancer treatment. Partnering with WebMed will allow the patient to be more involved with their treatment, and will help keep them abreast of every aspect of the disease and the recovery. Cancer Treatment Centers of America have facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Chicago Illinois. They serve people from all around the country, and for any type of cancer. Now patients can follow their reports from all of their doctors by visiting WebMed, their source for all of their medical information from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.