Sussex Healthcare: The Healthcare Facilities

When Shafik Sachedina and Shariz Boghani opened up Sussex Healthcare in 1985, that was the start of something brilliantly put together. As a result, there are 20 facilities that include a new gym for patients that need it most. The elderly, dementia, Alzheimer’s, neurological, and learning challenged patients have benefited from this healthcare network. People in the United Kingdom are very happy that Sussex Healthcare is around.

Each facility houses patients according to their specific need. Some of these homes include the Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Horncastle House, Kingsmead Care Centre, Longfield Manor, and Rapkyns Nursing Home. Each one has their own chef and caregivers to help give every patient the best experience with staff that they really should have. Because it is all about the well being of all the residents, there are activities in every home with them in mind. This helps to slow down the progression of some of the diseases they are dealing with. Losing your memory is not fun, and Sussex Healthcare makes sure to help patients try to regain as much of their mind as they can through rehabs and other different exercises. Also, their diets are very important. Each patient has a diet that is specifically tailored towards their health. All of the chefs are highly trained to make sure that every patient is eating the foods that they are supposed to get. It also helps that every meal is very nutritious.

Each Sussex Healthcare facility comes with trained staff that looks after the patients around the clock. These employees are trained right at the academy that has a building on the property. Some of the jobs that the staff is trained for are Care, Domestic Care, and Laundry Assistant. Most of these jobs are needed at every location and having experience is not necessary. Employees are always encouraged to continue training at the academy in order to get promoted.

Sussex Healthcare is the largest network facility in the United Kingdom. There is room for more residents as well as more jobs for people needing to work. This is a fantastic company.


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Anil Chaturvedi’s Banking Career and Academic Background.

He is a seasoned banker with several decades of experience in the industry. The Meerut University graduate majored in Economics during his undergraduate education and later advanced to obtain an MBA from Delhi University in 1973. Before joining Hinduja Bank in Switzerland, he worked as a branch manager at the State Bank of India and later moved to Merrill Lynch where he served for two decades. He is considered as one of the best financial experts in the country. Over the years, he has earned respect from his colleagues both in the lower level management and the executive. His opinion is highly valued on various merging issues in the banking sector and has helped many of his clients to make informed business decisions. Anil Chaturvedi has an impressive track record from his previous occupations.

The banker has spent most of his career life in multinational banks in Europe and the United States. Anil Chaturvedi’s main focus is always good customer service. He was born in a humble background and that motivated him to work hard and have a successful life. He points out that many people fail in their lives due to their negative attitude. The banker attributes his success to the education he acquired at his younger age. He urges people not to expect excellence in their career overnight but should instead focus on working towards it in the long run. While working for different organizations, he has always focused on expanding them. One of his major accomplishments is helping a firm to acquire properties with an estimated value of $500 during his tenure.

At ANZ Grindlays, he spearheaded the product development initiatives and was tasked with ensuring compliance with existing regulatory frameworks. One of the reasons for his growth is his ability to network with various stakeholders in the industry. He has been invited to many forums to shed some light on certain issues in the banking sector and to speak about his achievements. Despite his decades of experience, he still values the opinions of his colleagues in addressing the challenges in the organization.

James Dondero: Giving Back To Dallas

James Dondero is a profitable businessman and a generous philanthropist from Dallas, Texas. James began his rise to the top at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce where he earned two Bachelor of Science Degrees, one for accounting and the other for finances. After receiving his degrees, James stepped into his first genuine position in the industry at JP Morgan Chase & Company where James worked on a financial training program. His work was such a success that he stepped into his dream job with American Express in only a year’s time. Between the years of 1985 and 1989, James Dondero would be solely responsible for managing fixed income funds which totaled to $1 billion by the end of his time with the company. James would receive an offer he could not refuse in 1989 when Protective Life offered him the title of Chief Investment Officer of their GIC Subsidiary. Taking on this role would prove to be the right move as James flipped the concept of a company into a thriving, profitable, $2 billion success story in very little time. It was this success that would earn James the title of leading alternative credit manager, amongst his peers. Visit his website at


It was in 1993 that James became the Co-founder and President of an alternative investment firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, called Highland Capital Management. The firm’s primary focus is on private equity accounts and a wide variety of credit accounts, but James also makes time for his passion for philanthropy as well. He does this by setting aside $3 million in the budget for the support of their charitable efforts. A recent example of James’ generosity and that of his staff, is the $1 million challenge grant given to a shelter for men who are suffering from domestic violence, known as The Family Place. Housing for the men is close to medical care if they should need it, and offers a 24-hour crisis hotline which is manned around the clock by a compassionate staff. Without the help of people like James Dondero, organizations like The Family Place may not be able to survive to help their community. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Why Paul Mampilly Urges Investors to Invest in E-pill Manufacturing Companies like Abilify

We live in an age where everything is fast embracing technology, and very soon, even the medicine you are taking will be going digital. This is after the FDA approved Abilify, an electronic pill utilizing blockchain technology. In the most recent article on his Crunchbase profile, investment bigwig, Paul Mampilly, urges investors to buy stocks in companies such as Abilify and chip-making firms as they are about to take over the medical arena. According to Paul Mampilly, most manufacturers are now embracing the use of blockchain and bringing forth electronic pills as they pack a lot of benefits not only to them but also to the doctors and the patients taking them. This is because, these pills have digital sensors and once a patient takes them, the sensors send data to the doctor’s and also the patient’s phone, showing how the body responded to the medicine.

This makes it possible for the practitioner to determine whether the medication is working or not, thereby making it easy for him/her to decide whether the patient needs a new prescription. If the physician is forced to prescribe a new medication, then the manufacturer already has data showing where they need to improve on, to make the drugs more effective. Additionally, with such data in hand, drug makers will also be able to eliminate false claims as the data showing whether the medicine worked or not and whether it had side effects or not, will be stored safely in a blockchain. With all the benefits listed above and many others that were never brought to light, it comes as no surprise that Mampilly urges investors to buy stocks in this field, as it is clear that they will soon cash in big.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Mampilly is an ex-Wall Street guru who now dedicates his time and money in analyzing the most viable stocks, and recommending them to investors, thereby helping them gain benefits in this ever competitive arena. Paul Mampilly has been in the finance arena all his life, a factor that explains why he is so knowledgeable when it comes to matters stocks and investing. As soon as he graduated from Fordham University with an MD in business administration, Paul Mampilly began working with some big names in Wall Street such as Bankers Trust, Kinetics asset management and many other companies, and in all he gained recognition for his prowess. He later quit wall street as he felt that he was only helping the wealthy gain more wealth and started his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which now has over 130,000 subscribers. Through this, Paul helps average investors make profits too, through his top notch investment and stock advice. He also has other two newsletters, Extreme fortunes and True momentum, all of which have the same function as Profits unlimited.