Alexei Beltyukov and the Importance of Quality Education

A Serial Entrepreneur with Knowledge
Alexei Beltyukov is indeed an educated entrepreneur who is quite knowledgeable in many areas. His career choice led him into business even though he started out in the field of medicine. He attended INSEAD Business School. He obtained his MBA and he did launch a few very successful businesses upon his graduation. These include:
* Endemic Capital
* A-Ventures
* New Gas Technologies
* Mechanicus
Mr. Beltyukov is an entrepreneur in every sense. His knowledge stems from a good education and solid experience within the business area.

A Man Who Values Continuing Education
Alexei Beltyukov is an individual who places a high value in the continuing of education. He does believe that education will broaden horizons. Education is vital and it will enable anyone to reach their dreams while experiencing success in their lives.

The Entrepreneur Who Spreads Knowledge
SOLVY may be viewed as a tool for learning. This is an interactive tool that will assist high school students to experience success. This is an online math homework helper. Math education is made accessible thanks to Mr. Beltyukov and his firm belief in education. He launched SOLVY in order to enable students to use real-world problem solving. This can be done by giving them an opportunity to discover several ways to approach problems. Gaining an edge within the math education area is a is a very positive outcome for many. SOLVY provides an opportunity to increase comprehension on math subjects.

Fostering and Facilitating Learning in High School Students
Alexei Beltyukov believes in facilitating and fostering learning in high school students. He had a plan in mind when he launched Every high school student receives an educational opportunity because he had an education plan in place when he launched SOLVY.

A Powerful Love
Alexei Beltyukov seems to have a powerful and fierce love of education. He is a worldly and well-rounded man. It is a fact that he is a man who does have a passion for education. He also works along side of the Russian government. He offers his sound economic guidance. He does this with the help of Skolkovo Foundation. He is the Vice President of this foundation. His powerful love of education extends into the world of economics also.

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