Securus Technologies Remain Committed To Ensure a Safe and a Protected Community

Securus Technologies is a leading for-profit correctional technology provider in North America. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and was founded in1986. Currently, the organization has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Carrollton and Allen in Texas. The company serves over 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Mexico and Canada. The organization serves over 1,000,000 inmates across the United States.


By July 2016, the organization had invested over $600 million in acquisitions, patents, and technologies. Over the last couple of years, Securus Technologies has enjoyed a tremendous growth under its incumbent CEO rick smith. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has grown to become a leader in the provision of innovative, comprehensive and responsive customer experience across the U.S. Ensuring a protected and safe community has been their core mandate, and it is evidently clear that the firm is succeeding in its line of specialization.


Customers’ Feedbacks


Recently, Securus Technologies revealed that they get thousands of emails and letters from their esteemed clients honoring them for their excellent service provision. While commenting on the letters, Rick Smith the CEO of Securus Technologies stated that they produce new products and technologies every week. As a result, the company gets approvals and recognition’s from a wide array of consumers. Smith stated that the overwhelmingly positive letters and emails prove their hard in ensuring safety and protection to the community including inmates, friends, and families with incarcerated members.


In the letters, corporate executive praised the firm for their mobile tracking technologies, which helped them nab corrupt officers. Correctional facilities couldn’t hide their appreciation in how Securus Technologies enabled them to get information about inmate drug selling, alcohol use, and drugs within the facilities. Their efforts in monitoring and deterring incidents of contrabands were also appreciated. Securus Technologies’ LBS software was also recognized by many for its help in recovering millions of illegal money, drugs, and assets.


Aloha Construction Specializations

Aloha Construction, located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, is a construction company that offers what the others don’t–specialization. Too many of today’s constuction companies tend to overlook this crucial detail. Aloha Construction capitalized on the mistake of other construction companies and decided to profit off their specializations. Too few construction companies realize the importance of specializing in a niche area when it comes to building.

Aloha specializes in siding. The company excels in everything related to siding. Many constuction companies don’t bother with the specific details when it comes to siding. Aloha specializes in every type of siding manufactured. They are experts with aluminum, vinyl, wood and Hardee board sidings. They take pride in the fact that their laborers are proficient and experienced installing each and every type of siding. Most other construction companies only know how to install one or two of the different types of siding which limits their capabilities.

Another area of Aloha Construction’s expertise is in their roofing abilities. They specialize in all different types of roofing, such as asphalt, steep, metal and many more according to client’s specific needs. Aloha Construction does such a remarkable job on roofing projects that they’ve actually been hired on a job site to complete a roof when the building is already contracted out. Meaning, the construction of the building is already being done by someone who could do the roof, yet they choose to hire Aloha separately.

The last area of specialization is that of gutter works. The gutter system of a building protects it from water damage for years to come. Having a properly installed gutter system is one of the most important parts of the construcction industry. People are willing to pay good money for a properly working drainage system on their business. This is exactly the reason that Aloha specializes in this area. By devoting resouces to train employees to the expert level, the company can ensure that their reputation is outstanding.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Makes Inc. Magazine 5000 List

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is ranked 414 in the list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the US. Inc. Magazine compiles these ranking annually. It rates their growth over three years and revenues. Between 2014 to 2016 Waiakea has seen enormous growth as a company.

The company staff plans to attend the 2017 Inc 5000 Conference on October 10 in California. Ryan Emmons, CEO says he is excited that the company made it to the top 500 companies. The company has dreamed about being on this list since they began the company in 2012.

Waiakea has shown that a company can grown while still maintaining values. It business model was built on ethical and health focused programs for consumers. The company founded in 2012 became the first company to make a water brand that came from a volcano. They strive to create a healthy water brand for consumers.

The company actively promotes clean water access, environmental conservation, and education of consumers throughout the world. The water is filtered through lava providing minerals that make it alkaline. It has been awarded a carbon neutral certification and awarded the industry leader in sustainability.

This year they offered a program called Follow Your Flow on social media. It is a contest that gives one of their customers a chance to attend the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The contest winner received a round trip flight to Oahu. This is complements of Skyscanner. They will provide over $1,000 in free air fare. This festival occurred on February 23-26 of this year. Waiakea and Scanner fans were able to enter the contest to win the trip due to social media. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was honored as best bottled water in 2017 by Grub Street and 10 Best Water.

A socially conscious company, Waiakea has helped 70 million people across the globe that lack access to water. The donate over 5% of their revenues. The company partnered with Pump Aide to help millions of people in Africa find access to clean water. They continue to grow in a positive way.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry

Due to your busy schedule, you might be tempted to overlook sleep. It is always common to find the older people who are after achieving much in their lives to engage in drinking plenty of coffee to work harder every day. This is one of the misguided norms about many people. If you lack enough sleep, your performance will deteriorate significantly. Moreover, you may also develop certain kinds of illnesses associated with lack of enough sleep. There are also a wide range of undesirable consequences you will incur in your body if you don’t sleep enough during the night. You will exhibit key differences in your appearance if you deny yourself enough sleep during the night.

If you lack enough sleep, your eyes will be sleepy and full of blood shots. Just like it is with old age, sleep deprivation often results in wrinkles to your face as well as rendering you age faster. Your body needs at least seven hours of sleep for sufficient makeover to enable you to have a fruitful day ahead of you. If you don’t sleep well, you will incur a wide range of such effects that amount to health implications when you are old enough. There are various ways you can deal with sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the few dentists who understands what sleep apnea is all about. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has developed numerous sleep apnea treatment therapies that have been approved for better results in the American Medical Association.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey-based dentist with over 15 years of professional experience in the industry treating sleep apnea patients. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also the CEO and Founder of the Dental Masters Company based in New Jersey that offers tutoring sessions to the sleep medical professionals as well as other professionals seeking to advance in sleep apnea as a medical therapy. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also worked towards providing medical solutions to people since he was a child. When Dr. Avi Weisfogel was a young child, he wanted to make a difference to learn and treat his mother, who was a cancer patient. This was his source of motivation as a child.

How Louis Chenevert Elevated UTC

When you think of United Technologies Corporation and its metamorphic rise to one of manufacturing’s most profitable and technological advanced corporations reporting a growth in their stock of 200 percent during a time of subprime recession the name of its former CEO and president Louis R. Chenevert comes up.
Chenevert was born in Quebec, Canada in 1958 and went on to acquire an education in the same country culminating in the achievement of his bachelor’s degree in production management from an affiliate of the University of Montreal (HEC Montréal). After graduation, he joined general motors and it is here that he sharpened his skills and grew to become a production manager in line with his education and passion. After a successful 14 year stint, he left and joined Pratt & Whitney Canada where he worked in the engine business department. Louis worked in the role for six years and was appointed president of Pratt & Whitney in the year 1999. This was not a mean achievement for a someone who had just been in the organization for 6 years.
In March 2006 he was appointed CEO and president of UTC seen as a vote of confidence for his performance in the previous role. At this position, he was able to make more strategic decisions that would have far reaching impacts in the organization.
He was very instrumental in technological investment and man power hiring to properly run the technology in the organization. His firm believes in the need to offer commensurate compensation to his employees as well as avoiding layoffs when there was a downturn in the economy earned him loyalty in the organization and in turn ensured the organization continued to perform exceptionally.
He oversaw the biggest acquisition by UTC of Goodrich for an estimated $16.3 billion it was one of the biggest in the world of aerospace development. With this acquisition, he ensured that UTC was able to offer the market equivalent of a one-stop shop for airframe integrators.
Chenevert was also very conscious of the environmental impact of the big manufacturing industries and to this end that he ensured that they achieved various benchmarks such as a 53% reduction in water consumption of water across UTC as well as a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases by 26%.

Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu is Evidence that He is an All-Round Investor

Chris Burch is familiar because he has business interests in famous brands such as Tory Burch. He is an entrepreneur who has begun successful firms or joined other in creating profitable ventures. In 2012, in partnership with hotelier James McBride, Burch bought a beach hotel from a New Jersey couple. The hotel is located in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Burch and McBride were interested in developing the hotel into a sensational tourists’ attraction. The two spent a whopping $30 million in reconditioning the beach hotel into a five-star resort referred to as Nihiwatu which means “mortar stone.” Check this here.

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With a huge amount invested, the hotel now features luxurious villas, tree houses, and five-star auxiliary services. Nihiwatu has 27 villas including Burch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. All the villas have plunge pools with beautiful views of Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean. It costs $750 per night to rent a private villa in the off-peak season. Raja Mendaka cost $14000 per night during the high season because the villa has a main house and four other sub-villas within it, and it also has expansive indoor and outdoor entertaining space. The architectural design of all the villas incorporates traditional Sumbanese antiques, local wood, and Ikat prints.  More related reading on

Burch and McBride made sure that outstanding services complement the beautiful structures in the beach. Spa treatments are not only available outdoors on the beach but also in the rooms on request. The wellness center offers regular group yoga sessions, and instructors are free to provide private classes on demand. Nihiwatu is slowly gaining popularity with surfers because of its strategic location on the path of swells emanating from the Indian Ocean. Surfing is highly regulated in the hotel to minimize the chances of an unlikely event occurring. Surfers have to part with $125 in the peak season. Tourists interested in surfing classes have to part with $250 for excellent surfing classes provided in Coconut Grove—a calm bay for novice surfers to learn the ropes. Excursions are also available to tourists at $125 per person.

The locals around Nihiwatu are proud of the hotel. The hotel has provided employment opportunities, and to top it up it runs a foundation that contributes to support local projects. Burch is pleased that the investment turned out to be overwhelmingly successful.    Hit on to read an overview of his diverse successful investments.

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Chris Burch has an eye for revolutionary investments. Since his undergraduate days, Chris has run successful businesses, and he is still on the look-out for promising ventures.  Chris Burch is renowned as the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital.

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Know who Chris Burch is and his Achievements

When it comes to facilitating and hosting a party in or near the Hamptons, you go hard and fast. Nothing can prevent you from enjoying the best food that you like. That is why going to Burch Creative Capital. In here, you will meet Chef Morataya, who currently has a farm-to-table eating place in Panama, has some expertise in making unique food which is past the plate.

When Morataya and his wife initially opened their restaurant, financial constraints prevented them from purchasing the best equipment admired and required. Those limitations made them ready to learn. That made Morataya look for a unique method of cooking.

The unique ways cooking made him well known. When Chris Burch the founder and CEO to Burch Creative Capital started searching for the ideal person to cater one of his mid-year parties, he knew Panamanian culinary specialist Andrés Morataya’s was near him. His friendly flame broil approach would be the ideal and fit for the party. And this October, Morataya will be taking his unique concept to Nihi Sumba, an Island which is Burch’s resort situated in Indonesia. Additional article on

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Chris Burch is the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is an active investor in a variety of businesses spanning a wide scope of ventures and is the prime supporter of the luxury design brand. He has dependably been dedicated to the power of branding, and currently applies his sharp feeling of advertising and sales to business interests, innovation, spanning apparel and hospitality, consumer items and money related services. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has a series of business foundation in a wide scope of ventures, including land, innovation, and fashion.  Read insights and views from him on this must-read article, click on this.

According to, Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurial achievement started in 1976 when he was an undergraduate study at Ithaca College. With his brother Bob, he contributed $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye apparel, after a few years the business developed to $165 million and then they sold it to Swire Group. After the offer of Eagle’s Eye, Mr. Burch was one of the youngest investors in Internet Capital Group, a wide perceived IPO story in the Internet world.  For related article, check on

Mr. Burch relied on his capacity to discover the nexus among innovation, and he used it to keep on acknowledging his unusual achievement. His success comes from his instinctive understanding of consumer behavior and his experience using better sourcing infrastructure and direct consumer communication channels. Currently, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is well known well for its exciting brand portfolio.  Learn more of his exciting brand portfolio, head over to

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Daniel Taub Improves Diplomatic Relations between Israel and the UK

Not many diplomats keep their faith intact, especially when in foreign nations. Daniel Taub managed to do an incredible job as the Israel ambassador to the UK and kept his faith intact. As an orthodox Jew, he was fully dressed as a Jew when he set foot in London to meet the queen. He was a staunch orthodox Jew who was not about to change because of his role in the UK.

Daniel Taub is a social man, easy going and very professional. His stay in London brought great success to Israel and Britain as well. He has been named the most successful Israel ambassador to the UK since 1982 when Shlomo Agrov was the ambassador.

Daniel has strengthened academic relations between Israel and Britain, trade activities and even cultural links. He stands firmly against extremists and views every crisis with a neutral eye. He served as an ambassador during a time when the Middle East countries were in turmoil.

Daniel Taub says his stay in the UK was a fantastic experience, although it was very demanding. He needed all the time he could get to attend to his diplomatic duties as well as meet Jews who always sent invitations to dine with him in their homes.

Britain is a unique part of Europe because it represents financial stability and economic strength. The media in the UK has a lot of influence as well. Although Daniel Taub was born in Britain, back in 1962, he celebrates his family background as a Jew. He has not found it hard to represent Israel in the land where he was born. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

He does not take sides in people’s opinions. His main role when he was the ambassador was to let every person he met understand who the people of Israel are and what they are capable of in terms of developing careers and relations. He approached every problem with simplicity, yet he was always very elaborate.

Daniel says that having faith made it easy for him when dealing with any problem. He had to renounce his British citizenship to serve as the ambassador. He is not just a successful diplomat who has served Israel in many capacities, but he is also a family man. He is married to Zehava and together they have six children.

Daniel Taub is very happy to raise his children in Israel. Daniel was born and raised in the UK. He got his prestigious education in Britain from Harvard and Oxford universities before he moved to Israel.

Andrew Rolfe- Expanding The Opportunities For Disadvantaged Children in Port Elizabeth

The Ubuntu Education Fund is an action that utilizes its resources to help the disadvantaged children in Africa. Currently, the organization is serving over 400,000 less fortunate children in Africa. In South Africa, at Port Elizabeth, Ubuntu has a campus for helping the disadvantaged children. This center assists children with challenges in health and education. Once the children join the center, all these needs are met. The center focuses on meeting the needs of the children and nurturing them to prepare for future careers.

Ubuntu Education Fund was started in 1999. It began as a small charity focusing on education. Due to challenges of hunger and HIV, the organization expanded to provide services in health, home stability, and nutrition. These are serious problems that can hinder children from reaching their full potential in education.

Recently, Ubuntu held an Education Fund Charity Gala in London. They did this together with Andrew Rolfe. About 300 socialites and philanthropists in London attended the gala. The fundraiser aimed at raising £600,000. They, however, surpassed the goal by raising more than £603,000. The purpose of this money was to expand Ubuntu’s Port Elizabeth campus in South Africa. Some of the money was also meant for improving the center’s pediatric clinic.

During the Ubuntu’s fundraiser, a young girl narrated her story of success. Her father was irresponsible, and this was due to his alcohol addiction. The girl, known as Sinesipho, was lucky to get a scholarship with Ubuntu and she is now in law school.

Jacob Life is the founder and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund. He acknowledges that there is a group of generous donors who have helped in sponsoring over 2000 disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew is also the managing director at TowerBook Capital Partners. Andrew is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the University of Oxford where he got a BA in Business economics and administration and Bachelor of Arts respectively. He studied his master’s degree at ST. Edmund Hall.

Andrew Rolfe has a strong experience in leadership positions. His leadership and expansion skills are an asset to Ubuntu Education Fund.


An Explanation as to Why Rocketship Education Is so Successful

Rocketship Education is a network of 18 public charter schools, founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, better known for organizational innovation than any other region of the United States. In its 10 years of operation, Rocketship Education has firmly established itself as boasting some of each facility’s highest test scores, despite being located in low-income areas. As every great school features, this network of charter schools – meaning each location receives state and local grants without having to adhere to nearby school boards’ regulations – relies on several pillars of education from its first decade of experience.

Teachers visit the homes of students once per year, helping them develop personalized educational plans for each and every student. They also get to meet students’ parents, learning what teach student goes home to after long, demanding days spent at school. Parents are also inherently involved in recruiting new teachers, as panels of three to six parents carry out group interviews each year. Parents understand what their children need in educators more than administrators or instructors themselves, helping Rocketship Educations’ test scores remain at such lofty heights year after year.

Students’ parents and guardians are also encouraged to fight for better public schools in their areas, lobbying school boards and local governments to hire instructors with better experience and credentials, as well as pushing for schools to have higher educational standards. In turn, Rocketship Educations’ 18 facilities are held to higher standards than most nearby schools, just one of many aspects that help students learn more than at other public schools located in underprivileged, low-income environments.

Although other schools strive to have diverse collections of enrollees, Rocketship Education strives to diversify its teachers and principals before drawing in students from a smorgasbord of backgrounds. This causes students to get along better with teachers, rather than constructing proverbial learning walls between students and instructors by hiring bases of teachers whose demographical characteristics don’t align with those of students.

Rocketship Education was created by chief executive officer Preston Smith, having more than 15 years of experience as an educator at the time. Smith does great things for the network of schools, trusting so highly in its capabilities, he sends his own students to school at Rocketship.