Access to Clinical Information Made Easy by Eric Lefkofsky’s Team of Researchers

A few months ago, doctors and other medical specialists faced an uphill task while trying to extract critical clinical data from Tempus platform. They had to take a break from their regular duties to fetch the information used in the diagnosis and management of tumors. However, today, the doctors have a reason to smile. Tempus’ team of technicians has developed Tempus Labs, a mobile app that enables them to access Tempus’ library from their most convenient place.

Tempus’ chief operations officer (COO) says that the new medical application will let doctors access essential clinical and genomic data required to make sound medical decisions. Moreover, the app will enable healthcare practitioners to access relevant information on clinical trials and therapy options used to diagnose tumors. The app is easy to use, and one can download it from the internet, or they can get it as a bonus by purchasing Tempus’ diagnostic assays.
According to Tempus’ COO, Tempus Lab was developed to match the needs of busy doctors who had limited or no time to retrieve clinical information from a computer located away from their workstation.

Apart from the app, the COO unveiled that they had upraised $110 million from their August 2018 fundraiser. They will use the money to run their regular activities, as well as venture into new medical areas. Tempus’ partners had proposed that they extend their services to cover cardiovascular and neurological disorders. “We believe that our company is in a position to diversify without losing its focus on oncology,” the COO attested.

Tempus has been serving the world’s medical industry since 2015. It manages a database of crucial clinical information required to deliver actionable medical insights. Besides maintaining the database, the company boasts of a team of trained scientists who develop software used in clinical data analysis. Eric Lefkofsky, a US-based businessman, co-founded the company. In addition to Tempus, Mr. Lefkofsky has cofounded other companies like Lightbank, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings.

He runs a charity foundation that works to alleviate poverty, improve access to education, support crucial medical research, preserve culture, as well as empower women from underdeveloped societies.

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Financial Guru And Sports Expert- Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a prominent business person in the United States of America. Ever since his early years, Wes has been a go-getter, and when he was young, he was a modest skier. After his graduation from High school, Mr. Eden joined Oregon State University where he pursued Bachelors of Science in Finance and Business Administration in 1984.

Immediately after his graduation, Mr. Wes got an opportunity to secure a job with Lehman Brothers where he was serving as a partner and the Managing Director from 1987 to 1993. Eden is not among the individuals who settle for less; instead, he is a hardworking man who always wanted to fulfil his dreams as he changes the financial sector. In 1997 he joined BlackRock Asset Investors where he also worked as the Managing Director and partner. His passion for the financial industry led Wes Edens to establish Fortress Investment Group together with other partners in 1998. The investment expanded and in 2007 it was the first private equity firm to trade on February 2007 publicly. Wes Edens is an expert in the financial sector, and the Wall Street Journal described him as one of the individuals with a unique economic strategy which builds a business from investment and also has creative financing.

Apart from being a financial expert, Wes Edens has also invested in other sectors including sports. He is the co-owner of Aston Villa Soccer Team. He is passionate about sports, and apart from the soccer club, Mr. Eden is also the co-owner of NBA Franchise Milwaukee Bucks. Wes Edens together with his co-owner were thrilled to become part of one of the greatest football clubs and team. Wes together with his partner are football fans, and during their speech, they said that they believe they will bring positive changes in the football club as they combine their business and sports experience to return Aston Villa to its rightful position. Wes Eden’s passion for sports led to the foundation of eSports which is a professional video gaming. Wes continues to make positive impact both in the sports and the financial world.

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Betsy Devos and the Educational Choice Movement

The Republican Mrs. DeVos happens to be the significant other of the billionaire Mr. DeVos, whose father created Amway in 1959. Also, Amway is a group that after quite some time grew to become multinational. Having herself gone to privately owned educational institutions as well as having kept her offspring in privately owned academic institutions, Mrs. DeVos has also mobilized her hard work to put together a voucher system which supports private schools.


Her opponents have also attacked her because she referred to a scenario where a rustic educational campus considered it necessary to have a weapon to defend itself from wild beasts. Furthermore, Vice President Pence was required to deliver the deciding vote in the Senate to validate her scheduled appointment. Moreover, you should also understand that the charter schools that she supports are educational facilities which accommodate pupils, in concurrence with the positive aspects held up by their supporters, and which provide a choice to the public institutions.


At the same time, the DeVos husband and wife group are exceedingly engaged in Michigan wherein they have assisted the cause of charter educational facilities for a long time. However, academic personnel, as well as teachers’ unions, have criticized her for committing her previous efforts to the cause of privatizing educational facilities. She has also claimed that she would love to provide families a legitimate replacement for public educational facilities.


Moreover, she wants to make it easy for people to decide to send their offspring to faith-based as well as non-public academic institutions. For her supporters, Betsy DeVos is a reformist, but then again they are also convinced that she will most definitely demonstrate herself to be a top of the line Secretary of Education. However, as a student of Calvin College and Holland Christian High in Michigan, Mrs. DeVos seems to have under no circumstances tutored in or attended a public institution, and neither have her youngsters.


Mrs. DeVos’ husband was also a contender for the role of governor in 2006. Her supporters emphasize the point that the emergence associated with this “outsider” represents one of the most significant prospects for modifying an inferior approach to executing teaching, as well as one which is inadequate to many other developed regions across the globe. That is the reason why her number one objective would be to strengthen the educational framework of the United States of America.


However, her Senate approval hearing was also one of the few times where a vice president was required to cast their vote in affirmation of choosing an applicant. On the other hand, her supporters claim that public institutions are routinely insufficient as a consequence of the adverse outcomes attributable to the dominance of the unions.


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Waiikea Water the Future in Water Bottles Can Literally Improve our Planet.

If you go to any supermarket, gas station, or anywhere that sells food or drink products, you will find bottled water. Bottled water is convenient, filtered from pollutants, and some have a distinguished taste to them. All of those attributes you may not find in you tap water. It’s no wonder that the bottled water industry is over $100 billion. These water bottles can either can have different filtration techniques, and even be enhanced with vitamin and minerals. With so many to chose from the consumer may ask; which water do I want to drink?

Created in 2012, a very unique water bottle has made it’s way to the shelves of stores; Waiakea Water. This water comes from the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and is then filtered though 14,000 feet of the Mauna Loa volcano. This water is not only from a natural source, filtered naturally, but also comes with a natural bottle. Which in today’s water bottle industry, is very rare.

Today’s oceans are filled and polluted with plastic bottles. Over eight-million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every yea,r effecting marine life as well as the word’s ecosystem. In 2018, Waiakea Water has started using the word’s first biodegradable bottle, made with 100 percent recyclable plastic. This bottle can breakdown in 15 years compered to the other plastic bottles that take centuries to breakdown. This in a whole is great news for the environment, bringing us one step closer to fixing the plastic problem in our oceans. As if Waiakea Water didn’t seem to be changing the world in the right direction enough, they also donate a week’s supply of clean water to people in need in Malawi. Perhaps, the other leading water bottle companies could learn a thing or two about how to turn business profit, into a way to reshape our world. That sure would be a refreshing idea.,18.htm

Felipe Montoro Jens Advises on the Improvement of the Brazilian Infrastructure Sector

Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in Infrastructure Projects. He is one leader that has greatly influenced the entrepreneurial capability of Brazil’s economy. Having served in several leadership positions and engaged in several charitable activities, he remains celebrated across Brazil. He recently revealed a survey done by National Confederation of Industry which reveals that 2796 projects are paralyzed in Brazil. Based on his experience, he advised the government to take key measures to improve the infrastructure sector. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe’s analysis of Brazil’s Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens explained in a report that 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the Economy of Brazil is generated from the country’s infrastructure. He, however, noted that one of the challenges limiting the sector includes the difficulty in budgeting and financial challenges that interrupt several infrastructure projects.

Felipe Montoro Jens also claimed that the crisis that the economy of Brazil is experiencing has led to limit in investments, fiscal deterioration, and also limit in spending which in turn has led the Federal government interrupting several development projects.

It is also noted that difficulty in the interaction between public managers who are in charge of making the projects to be a reality is also another obstacle to the developments of infrastructure funded by the Federal Government.

Based on the survey results, Felipe Montoro Jens recommended six measures to curb this situation of paralysis and delays. They include improvement on macro planning, evaluation of the most appropriate modality execution, carrying out a most efficient micro-planning, having teams that are well equipped, designing contracts that are well balanced, and having an internal control that is well strengthened.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Apart from being an entrepreneur and an investor, Felipe Montoro Jens is also a public speaker. He has attended numerous conferences where he has addressed the current state of the Brazilian development sector. At one point, he was invited to be a speaker at Latin America’s World Economic Forum. He was able to discuss the issues and opportunities in the economic sector and the global influence of market growth. Felipe Montoro Jens is indeed an inspiration to the country of Brazil and the world at large.



Guilherme Paulus, and his Innovative Travel Agency

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who specializes in the top travel agency in Brazil. He founded and operates the CVC travel agency. Paulus is the Chairman of the GJP Group. GJP Group is in charge of GJP Hotels & Resorts. Guilherme Paulus has been a member of the National Tourism Council. He is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors for the São Paulo Convention. Paulus is also the vice president of International Relations for the Brazilian travel agency, ABAV. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

During a recent interview with a media outlet, Paulus was asked about his career and how he manifested his success. He spoke on how CVC came about. According to Paulus, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari thought of the idea. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari was a state deputy at the time of their encounter. Cerchiari spoke the possible success with a travel agency and offered Paulus and investment in exchange for his time and work. Paulus was young at the time and accepted this offer in order to manifest his passion and create success.

From early on, Guilherme Paulus had a passion for entrepreneurship. The challenged of starting a new business from scratch without many faucets available did not detour Paulus from continuing on. These events were a strong testament to his ability to face adversity and rise above it.

When asked how he starts his day, Paulus replied by saying he is very thankful and optimistic about the day and for the opportunities he has been gifted with. A healthy habit that he has developed has been to write his weekly schedule. The action of doing this facilitates organization and productivity.

A trend that Guilherme Paulus is fascinated by is the use of technology. The ability is has to transport information rapidly is a precursor for what is to come in the future regarding business, and the way interactions occur. Paulus believes the best way to spend money is to invest it in something that will be able to reciprocate the initial investment and more to follow. Visit to know more about Guilherme Paulus.

Sussex Healthcare: The Healthcare Facilities

When Shafik Sachedina and Shariz Boghani opened up Sussex Healthcare in 1985, that was the start of something brilliantly put together. As a result, there are 20 facilities that include a new gym for patients that need it most. The elderly, dementia, Alzheimer’s, neurological, and learning challenged patients have benefited from this healthcare network. People in the United Kingdom are very happy that Sussex Healthcare is around.

Each facility houses patients according to their specific need. Some of these homes include the Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Horncastle House, Kingsmead Care Centre, Longfield Manor, and Rapkyns Nursing Home. Each one has their own chef and caregivers to help give every patient the best experience with staff that they really should have. Because it is all about the well being of all the residents, there are activities in every home with them in mind. This helps to slow down the progression of some of the diseases they are dealing with. Losing your memory is not fun, and Sussex Healthcare makes sure to help patients try to regain as much of their mind as they can through rehabs and other different exercises. Also, their diets are very important. Each patient has a diet that is specifically tailored towards their health. All of the chefs are highly trained to make sure that every patient is eating the foods that they are supposed to get. It also helps that every meal is very nutritious.

Each Sussex Healthcare facility comes with trained staff that looks after the patients around the clock. These employees are trained right at the academy that has a building on the property. Some of the jobs that the staff is trained for are Care, Domestic Care, and Laundry Assistant. Most of these jobs are needed at every location and having experience is not necessary. Employees are always encouraged to continue training at the academy in order to get promoted.

Sussex Healthcare is the largest network facility in the United Kingdom. There is room for more residents as well as more jobs for people needing to work. This is a fantastic company.


Working with NewsWatch guarantees success in marketing products, services and projects through its virtual tools and machinery reaching millions of households in the United States. In view of the reviews and the testimonials, the subscribers are proud to constantly work with the program’s proficient team that is up to the task to ensure widespread broadcasting of the latest trends. The latest innovations in technologies such as mobile apps and new devices are centered giving people the insight. NewsWatch has secured a top position in viewership programs with its interviewers who are friendly and outstanding.

Avanca innovators initiated there funding campaign for “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC” and by virtue of NewsWatch interview went viral and surpassed their target figures. The campaign was set to raise at least $10000 within 30 days which prompted allocating it to NewsWatch to be featured on national television and through online channels. Exceptionally, within 30 days the campaign recorded a staggering $456,551 which was estimated to be 29 times more than they had objected.

As stated by Avanca Marketing Director, Nathalie van Wijkvliet, in an interview, it is absolutely fulfilling to work with NewsWatch considering its great support team. Notably, the Avanca segment influence was felt in more than 96 million households in the U.S. As Avanca is focused on working closely with NewsWatch to realize success in other funding campaigns, it remains to be seen how it will be an influence in the market.

NewsWatch is an award-winning show running for 30 minutes with episodes that are distributed to over 200 markets in the U.S. The program boosts itself of hosting numerous interviews with key personalities such as Julianne Moore, Phil Mickelson, and many others. Additionally, top-level companies such as Ford, Bounty, LG among others have been featured over the years. In retrospect, several breakthroughs in health, technologies, business, and fashion were made aware to the public courtesy of NewsWatch media and review.

Anil Chaturvedi’s Banking Career and Academic Background.

He is a seasoned banker with several decades of experience in the industry. The Meerut University graduate majored in Economics during his undergraduate education and later advanced to obtain an MBA from Delhi University in 1973. Before joining Hinduja Bank in Switzerland, he worked as a branch manager at the State Bank of India and later moved to Merrill Lynch where he served for two decades. He is considered as one of the best financial experts in the country. Over the years, he has earned respect from his colleagues both in the lower level management and the executive. His opinion is highly valued on various merging issues in the banking sector and has helped many of his clients to make informed business decisions. Anil Chaturvedi has an impressive track record from his previous occupations.

The banker has spent most of his career life in multinational banks in Europe and the United States. Anil Chaturvedi’s main focus is always good customer service. He was born in a humble background and that motivated him to work hard and have a successful life. He points out that many people fail in their lives due to their negative attitude. The banker attributes his success to the education he acquired at his younger age. He urges people not to expect excellence in their career overnight but should instead focus on working towards it in the long run. While working for different organizations, he has always focused on expanding them. One of his major accomplishments is helping a firm to acquire properties with an estimated value of $500 during his tenure.

At ANZ Grindlays, he spearheaded the product development initiatives and was tasked with ensuring compliance with existing regulatory frameworks. One of the reasons for his growth is his ability to network with various stakeholders in the industry. He has been invited to many forums to shed some light on certain issues in the banking sector and to speak about his achievements. Despite his decades of experience, he still values the opinions of his colleagues in addressing the challenges in the organization.

James Dondero: Giving Back To Dallas

James Dondero is a profitable businessman and a generous philanthropist from Dallas, Texas. James began his rise to the top at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce where he earned two Bachelor of Science Degrees, one for accounting and the other for finances. After receiving his degrees, James stepped into his first genuine position in the industry at JP Morgan Chase & Company where James worked on a financial training program. His work was such a success that he stepped into his dream job with American Express in only a year’s time. Between the years of 1985 and 1989, James Dondero would be solely responsible for managing fixed income funds which totaled to $1 billion by the end of his time with the company. James would receive an offer he could not refuse in 1989 when Protective Life offered him the title of Chief Investment Officer of their GIC Subsidiary. Taking on this role would prove to be the right move as James flipped the concept of a company into a thriving, profitable, $2 billion success story in very little time. It was this success that would earn James the title of leading alternative credit manager, amongst his peers. Visit his website at


It was in 1993 that James became the Co-founder and President of an alternative investment firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, called Highland Capital Management. The firm’s primary focus is on private equity accounts and a wide variety of credit accounts, but James also makes time for his passion for philanthropy as well. He does this by setting aside $3 million in the budget for the support of their charitable efforts. A recent example of James’ generosity and that of his staff, is the $1 million challenge grant given to a shelter for men who are suffering from domestic violence, known as The Family Place. Housing for the men is close to medical care if they should need it, and offers a 24-hour crisis hotline which is manned around the clock by a compassionate staff. Without the help of people like James Dondero, organizations like The Family Place may not be able to survive to help their community. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.