Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold are Skyrocketing in Success

Organo Gold is a direct sales company founded by Bernardo Chua in 2007, and today, in 2016, it is doing phenomenally in 35 countries around the world. One reason for its success could be the incredible natural products that they carry, The super mushroom Ganoderma, which is infused into rich, Columbian coffee and herbal teas as well as other hot beverages, is the star product

Ganoderma is a mushroom grown in the Asian Mountains, and as a boy, his mother brought it from China for the family. Bernardo experienced the super healing qualities of the Ganoderma as he was growing up.

Bernardo has a dream that is coming true. He wanted to introduce the excellent benefits of the Ganoderma to the entire western world. Bernardo took his expert business skills and developed excellent strategies to use in managing and marketing a direct sales businesses, and he founded Organo Gold.

His first networking company was Gano Excel, which also sold Ganoderma, but in capsule form. In 2004, Bernardo got the idea of infusing Ganoderma in hot beverages, so more people would be able to reap the benefits. Coffee and tea are the most popular drinks in the world, and Bernardo made the Ganoderma available to millions more people. In 2007, Organo Gold was founded in Bernardo’s living room. he then he moved it to British Columbia Canada where it is today.

Organo Gold is achieving amazing success because Bernardo Chua is a successful entrepreneur. One of his strategic concepts is the Preferred Customer Rewards Program. This program offers 25 percent off when the customer signs up for auto-ship. The program was introduced in December 2015 for the United States, Mexico, and Canada, and it provides four significant benefits besides the discount: specials, savings, high-quality customer service, and a phone support system that is available to answer any questions.

Bernardo has over one million distributors globally, and the number is growing. This Customer Rewards Program will also benefit the distributors who can also register for it.
Organo Gold is the top 55th direct sales company, and with the new program, Bernardo Chua will undoubtedly increase Organo Gold’s already phenomenal sales numbers.  That will likely lead to Bernardo winning even more awards.