Brian Torchin’s Career As A Successful Businessman In The Healthcare Sector


Brian Torchin runs a company that helps people to find jobs at all levels within the healthcare sector. His company is well known throughout many regions of the world. Employers are typically very impressed with the speed at which he brings in workers. In addition to being in charge of a successful healthcare staffing agency, he has taken other steps in his career.

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor. His undergraduate education is in exercise science, and many of his clients have come to him with sports related concerns. However, he also works with clients that have other musco-skeletal concerns. His practice has gotten great reviews, and it continues to be successful. In addition to being a successful chiropractor, he also showed expertise with regard to the business management aspect of his practice.

When he began to market his business expertise, he began to make a name for himself by assisting other healthcare practices with business management. Many practices became aware of his healthcare management skills, and he was soon managing practices in multiple parts of the mid-Atlantic.

Then his service were noticed by an existing healthcare staffing agency, HCRC, and he became the CEO of the company. He has been in this position for nine years. As CEO, Brian Torchin made a number of changes to the company. One of the most striking changes was the extraordinary system of customer service he added. Instead of directing clients through automated directories and delegating all the customer service to secretaries, he posts his telephone number on the company’s webpage. When people call him to ask questions, he is very quick in getting back to them. In addition, he works to ensure that companies using HCRC’s services have access to new employees within 72 hours.

In addition, Brian Torchin is well known for the articles that he has published. His articles cover subjects related to the management of healthcare establishes, along with tips for those working as healthcare professionals themselves.   Follow Brian on Twitter, where he runs the official HCRC account.

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