Bruno Fagali Has Experience Protecting Brazil’s Market Compliance Laws

In the nation of Brazil, Mr. Bruno Fagali is extremely well-known, for his time-honored position, as the foremost Director of Corporate Assurance. He is vastly treasured for attaining a vast extent of legal facts, revolving around the law. Mr. Fagali is respected for taking control, of Brazil’s most important, advertising publications. Mr. Fagali is a trusted expert of the Law Procedures & Values committee. Mr. Bruno Fagali places his capacity on laboring as an attorney for District Law, Electoral, Compliance & also Anti Corruption.

Mr. Bruno Fagali labored diligently to come to his understanding in State Authoritarian Directives, he is the beneficiary of a Master’s degree, which Bruno received from his studies at the University of São Paulo, in the country of Brazil. Mr. Bruno Fagali acquired his deep expertise in Managerial Law, and is qualified, by FGV, which is in Brazil, referred to as, Fundação Getulio Vargas. Bruno also acquired his knowledge from the honorable, São Paulo University. Mr. Fagali’s chief talent is positioned on Civic Regulatory Law, to prevent unsuitable demeanor in relation to legislative grounds.

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