Lime Crime-Colors You Can Count On

Lime Crime has every tool imaginable when it comes to your makeup needs. They have Unicorn Hair dye, palettes that look like a toy, lipstick, highlighters, and so much more. It is fun to explore the seemingly limitless options and choices when it comes to makeup items, and they even have many hues of purple to help you to stay in the loop when it comes to this year’s Spring trend.

That’s right, the color of the season is purple, and if you never considered yourself to be a huge fan of purple or you just aren’t sure how to wear it, there’re so many ways to have fun with it.

Lime Crime has highlighter palettes that feature opalescent hues such as barely-there lavender, and there are brilliant purple colors in the Venus palettes. The Venus 3 palette features hues like Beam, a lilac with an iridescent shimmer, and Beloved, a lavender brown.

A highlighter’s a perfect way to accentuate your face. You can apply it to highlight the ridge of your nose, under your eyes and brows, and your cheekbones. It is a step that you don’t want to skip because it does so much for minimal effort. A good highlighter will make your skin glow and will add so much dimension to your look.

An eyeliner will also add a dramatic effect toy or eyes and will make your mascara pop. There are many different ways to wear it and many different techniques to apply it, but no matter what you do with it, it will make your beautiful eyes stand out and is a step that you do not want to pass on.

Once you get your technique down, it only takes a couple of minutes and is well worth your time. A liquid eyeliner with a very fine tip is the best and easiest way to go since it will glide on smoothly and will make it easier to have the control that you want to have. It is always best to practice at home until you have the confidence to really rock your new look.