How to Respond When Social Media Problems Happen

When responding to any social media crisis, you need to first understand and appreciate the importance of safeguarding your reputation.  According to SocialMedia Examiner‘s comprehensive list of facts and strategies of responding to social media crisis, most executives rank reputation ranks as the number 1 strategic risk. When it comes to online conversations, it is important to understand that anyone’s voice can be heard in social media and companies often experience bigger challenges than individuals. The other fact to remember is the idea that bad news travels faster than good news.

However, to develop a successful reputation management strategy, you need to build building a plan and make sure shared standards are maintained across the company operations. These policies can be instigated by ensuring uniform customer relations, quality standards, utilizing an online reputation company like privacy standards, human relations and safety standards among others. Every member of the team must understand and comply with these policies to prepare the company for any undesirable eventuality. According to SocialMedia Examiner, when crisis strikes, companies need implement the following crisis management actions to protect their reputation:
• Act fast before anyone else
• Take charge of the situation
• Handle the reality by dealing with the real facts
• Involve the Nay-sayers in the process
• Spread the word using all means of communication to avoid misconceptions
• Encourage positive dialogue through online forums
• Stay true to your word

Workville NYC Offers the Value Found in 15th Century Renaissance Coworking Space

Shared and coworking spaces are starting to emerge in every major city. One could argue that the “Google Campus,” in London began it all, but that would be about a few hundred years after it emerged the first time. Back in the Renaissance a workshop, or “bottega” existed in Florences’ 15th century. It was dev eloped so that master and accomplished artists could work side by side with new artists and transfer their skills in a working relationship. Naturally there was some healthy competition between artists, but it was more of an environment of collaboration, with master artists committed to passing on their craft.

During the Renaissance this value on creation put forth the shared learning experience at the heart of the bottega. But it wasn’t just artists that worked in this shared space. More than sculptors and painters were engineers, architects, anatomists, architects and other scientists whose collaborative efforts led to new innovations. And sharp working minds working together is still as valuable today within the new startup communities in particular, that the effectiveness cannot be dismissed.

The Florentine workshops are much like the co-work communities of today in that when people from different fields or areas of study are working and connecting, creativity is a natural by product as these diverse individuals put more emphasis on communication and networking. Honed communication skills are as vital today as they were to the success of any business operation in the 15th century. With differing professionals turning their attentions to one alternative area of problems this is the true way to think from an outside perspective but still address the inside questions.

Such a valuable think tank exists in the shared office space of Workville NYC. Located at Times Square in Midtown West, the posh building of 1412 Broadway, on the 21st floor offers an exclusive and professional image. To say the space is modern hardly begins to do it justice. The bright, ergonomic and high -end workspaces offer bright working conditions 24 hours a day. With suites and conference rooms there is always someplace you can meet with customers and display your prestigious business address to let them know that you are a solid firm. The breath-taking views from the wrap around terrace are spacious and exclusive. They offer a fantastic cityscape view and are just as amazing at night as they are during the day.

When designing Workville the model design achieved was that of a 5 star hotel. A very large reception area provides more than adequate seating and is used dually as event space which can be arranged for your working needs. All of the workspaces are drenched in sunlight and come with dedicated desks, lounge spaces and open desks. You will find white marble and sculpted lighting fixtures highlighting the Café and common areas.

Workville also offers a central location near Bryant Park and all transportation lines, increased performing internet connection, fresh coffee, a private phone, multiple printers and plenty of outlets. Tenants are encouraged to enjoy the terraces and benefit from the office always being immaculate with daily cleaning services. When combined with 24 hour access you will find more than you expect out of coworking spaces.