Christopher Burch, founder and CEO Burch Creative Capital

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital; he has previously served in a wide range of industries as an investor and entrepreneur. Burch played a pivotal role in the rise of brands like Jawbone, Tory Burch Voss Water and Faena Hotel.

He has established business partnerships with a couple of well-performing brands. He owns 50% stake in Solid and Striped, a swimwear brand, 40% stake at Sarah Staudinger’s Staud and another 40% stake at Ellen DeGeneres’ ED. Burch has a penchant for fashion and likes investing in the human. He has created a niche in other industries such as travel and healthcare.


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Burch acquired Nihiwatu in 2012, a luxury resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba. His first hospitality projects include the redevelopment of an unused land Argentina. He partnered with Philippe Stark, an architect and hotelier Alan Faena to start Faena Hotel and Universe, source (

Speaking to, he gave out his thoughts on a number of issues addressed. First, on why he has invested a lot in beauty and wellness, Burch said that: “I like luxury and I like women. I spend most of my time contemplating about how to make the womenfolk happy. I like making people feel good about themselves”, according to

Second, on how Chris Burch manages to balance between maintaining active roles at the many brands and scouting new talent, he stressed on his ability to stay intense. “I don’t know how people sleep knowing they have something to do; it is much easier to just intensely get to it. He thinks highly of new experiences and luxury and considers this a future trend that investors should tap into. “Things are going to very fast and slow, but luxury will remain to be critically crucial. Nature, travel and experiences are the new luxuries”, see