Securus Technologies Serves Their Community With Honor And Pride

Securus Technologies has added John Bell to their team as a senior executive in sales. He will be helping to develop a new, high tech software to expand the portfolio of the company. The company currently offers 800 products to the corrections market. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies CEO, The company has spent $600 million developing efficiency, security, and safety products in a time frame of just three years. Rick Smith discussed John Bell’s career and stated his experience, performance, leadership, and ability to help a company grow exemplify his career of 35 years.John Bell has been an asset to IBM and is a graduate of the Holy Cross. In addition to IBM he has worked for AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and NTT. As the Vice President of Sales for Securus Josh Conklin will be reporting to John Bell although he will continue with his current responsibilities. They will be working as a team in the development of a training program for their sales associates, to increase their personal customer relations, to represent the companies bundled products, and to fully utilize the Securus Technology Center.

Reporters have started using emails in the production of blogs. Their hope is to make incarceration safer and to prevent the occurrence of situations that incite terror. According to Rick Smith this represents a strong investment for Securus Technologies. Proposals regarding the development of their products and services are being released a minimum of once each week. This is how they provide assistance to law enforcement so crimes can be solved and many of the social problems plaguing society can be prevented.There are thousands of emails and letters received by Securus Technologies sent by clients who wanted to express their appreciation and hold the company in high regard.

Due to the efforts of Securus, their services have provided safety to numerous inmates as well as their friends and families. This safety has become part of the DNA of the company and it about so much more than social responsibility. Securus Technologies is truly honored to be able to both serve and protect their community.Richard Smith has an amazing capacity for leadership. He has been a force that has helped drive Securus Technologies in technical innovations. He additionally guides the company in their investments such as improvements in access, collections, and communication with his main focus always on the families and inmates they serve. Rick Smith has a solid education with several prestigious degrees from when he attended college and is an asset to Securus Technologies due to his expertise and experience in his chosen field.



Marc Sparks Shows the Best Mix of Entrepreneurship with Philanthropy through his Life

Marc Sparks, a leading serial entrepreneur, is known for his philanthropic life as well and leads a successful life in both. He is an investor, author, and motivational speaker with words from his heart. Marc is credited for a number of startups, and currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital, a prominent startup incubation firm. His more than 34 years of career comprises some outrageously successful ventures while few others were disastrous. However, he takes failures as the most valuable lessons in his life and thinks highly useful comparing to success. Marc is a man of endless passion, and that led him to build many companies from the scratches with his hard work and commitment.



Marc is a great inspiration for the aspiring entrepreneurs, and he is ready to share his experiences in entrepreneurship. His book, They Can’t Eat You, showcases every hurdle he faced in his life, and he says, “the readers have more to learn from my failed ventures than the successful ones.” Marc thinks that rather than talking about a software company that is founded and sold for $200 million after a year, it is good to talk about establishing an insurance company, growing it to a market cap of one billion, and losing everything in a 90 days period. He says that his book for entrepreneurs who are losing their hope and think that they cannot be successful. Learn more:



Sparks is known for chasing ideas that others think not possible. While coming to his firm, his doors are always open for his colleagues to access him and discuss any idea or issues they are facing. Sparks is ready to address the issues then and there, and people call it as “Sparks Speed.” Whenever he builds a new firm or organization, he tries to implant a culture in it along with short-term and long-term goals. What makes him highly successful? Marc says it his passion, tenacity, faith, the savvy of monetization, focus, and most importantly, a great sense of urgency that others call as Sparks Speed. Learn more:



Marc is also a man of deep compassion to the society, and he is a regular supporter and contributor of a Texas-based homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. The shelter houses 160 people at a time and gives them counseling, family services, financial education, health programs, and job placement services. Sparks also personally helped numerous homeless families in his locality to construct their dream homes by offering funds and assistance. He established a foundation called “Sparky’s Kids,” and it provided more than a thousand computers to the struggling children to get them out of the poverty. Sparks also supports American Can! Academy, a magnet high schools network. He is an avid traveler and loves golf, working out, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Julia Jackson- “Preserving A True Family Legacy”

Julia Jackson works with the International sales team at Jackson Wines. Julia Jackson attended Scripps College in California. Ms. Jackson graduated with a degree in Studio Arts in 2010. In addition, Julia Jacks also has General Management training from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Julia Jackson believes higher education is very important. However, much of her education it seems came directly from her parents by watching both of them build the family wine business.

Ms. Jackson has two favorite wines which include Pinot Nior and Chardonnay. In addition, Janet Jackson feels Pinot Nior and Chardonnay are two of the best wines that are produced in Sonoma. Out of the Jackson Family wine collection Julia Jackson favors La Crema or Silver Palm.

Julia Jackson is a firm believer in giving back to those in need. “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment” awards $100,000 annually in cash grants to non-profit organizations. Jackson herself founded this organization back in 2014. “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment” is meant to help women who have overcome hardships and they now inspire others within their local community.

Julia Jackson feels strongly that we need more young women as role models to give others inspiration and hope. Overcoming hardships may be difficult at times but it is possible with the help of others.

Cambria Estate-Pinot Nior was named a wine of the year by wine enthusiasts. Julia Jackson feels quite honored and credits much of her success to her parents as well as the strong legacy in which her father started many years ago.

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Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties Merge with the Trump Organization

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties. Sajwani took advantage of a decree by the Dubai government that allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirate. He, therefore, purchased land from the underdeveloped areas and resold it at a profit. His efforts leave Dubai a place to be admired by many people.

Sajwani merged with Trump long before he was elected the U.S. president on a long-term golf courses project and real estate development. In February 2017, the first Trump International Golf Course was opened in Dubai.

His relationship with Donald Trump

Sajwani is impressed by Trump Organization and wishes to link it to his business. Trump Organizations focuses its services on real estate business. This is not the first time both moguls (Trump and Sajwani) have engaged in a contract. They have merged on the Trump International Golf Club project. For several years, DAMAC has collaborated with Trump Organization in the development of two golf courses. The merge exhibited very positive results.

Philanthropic Acts

Mr. Sajwani has extended his love to the public. Not long ago, Hussain Sajwani donated AED 2 million to the needy. The cash was expected to cloth more than one million needy children worldwide. This initiative was conducted during the Ramadan by Sheikh Mohammed.

About DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC

DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC is a company that develops the commercial, residential as well as leisure properties. The company extends its services across Dubai as well as the Middle East. It’s amazing that the firm can also help individuals on the real estate projects. The company was founded by Hussain Ali Habib. It was founded in 2002. Its headquarters are in Dubai.

The food business as well constitutes DAMAC Group operations. The company reminds Sajwani of his initial business expertise. To him, food industry showed his capacity of cultivating friends on different international scale places.

According to Sajwani’s and DAMAC’s experience, proper handling of cash, reigning various projects as well as controlling costs ensures a possible business growth


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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Online Ordering Of Reports

Recently, the real estate industry has been plagued by the issue of title defects, which has resulted in slow transition of assets in the secondary market. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), a top research and document processing company, has come to the rescue of the populace by launching a website where clients can access property reports easily. NTC executives explain that property reports are the pillars of clear title conveyance, which reduces the risk of failure to foreclose and buyback.

Most commonly, title defects occur when an individual claims an entire property that is in ownership of someone else. However, other factors can result in title defect. They are basic wording mistakes according to real estate requirements for the area and omission of an important signature like of a spouse. The others are documents with previous liens and document filling that does not follow the required real estate procedures.

NTC’s CEO John Hillman insists that it is important to keenly address the title defect issue before transferring property ownership. Their online ordering of property reports will help control the problem of title defects. Clients will be able to access tax status reports, tax status (plus) reports, assignment-verification report services, and current owner reports. The reports made available by NTC are processed from data acquired from multiple sources, especially the counties. These data processes include human verification automation, a practice that has enabled NTC to earn trust of most of the largest lenders under vital and keenly audited compliance regulations in the United States.

John Hillman said that NTC is committed to delivering user friendly processes of securing property reports, which are simple and fast. The company assures users the most accurate online report services. They get the financial impact of the report when ordering numerous fields and other documents that could be of no use. Due to their clear understanding of their customer’s needs, NTC has continuously delivered tailored property reports, which have resulted in the company’s success. This information was originally reported on National Mortgage News as outlined in the following link

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc

Since its inception in 1991, the Palm Harbor, Florida-based company has served mortgage lenders, investors and servicers, including the country’s top 10 residential mortgage servicers. Nationwide Title Clearing is famed for its highest level of accuracy in their processes, setting the industry’s bar high. Their unique research and document processing services aim at redefining the mortgage banking industry, protect homeowners, and store the nation’s land records. In 2013, the company was ranked position 26 in the Fast 50 Awards list of the fastest developing firms in Tampa Bay. They have also received recognition from the Inc. 500/500 and earned the Inc. Hire Power Award for the second time in 2013. As of 2016, the company had over 450 local employees. The entity has opened an office in Dallas, Texas.

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How Will The Drought Affect Squaw Valley Ski Holdings?

The California has been hit by a series of winters that have threatened the existence of snow. The ski businesses are worried about the possible effects on their business. If snow will melt away, their businesses may have to come up with new ways of either making snow or simple getting other operations. This is in an effort to avoid the effects of reduced profitability and subsequently, the stability of the companies.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The company is situated in Olympic Valley in California. Over the past period, the changing weather patterns have posed a challenge to the firm and they have decided to come up with measures to deal with the problem.

In an interview in KRCW radio, Andy explain at length the challenges they face and how they are curbing the adverse effects of El Nino winters. In the program “Press Play with Madeleine Brand”, Andy explains that their business is not hard hit as people would like to speculate. He says their resort is fully booked for the coming summer. It indicates that most people are not only coming for skiing but other activities too.

After listening to the interview in KRCW, I learnt that the resort has over 6,000 square meters of ski and they have still have over 4,000 available. Andy affirms that they have tried to keep the business afloat by managing the situation and offering strategic objectives. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

They have partnered with the University of California in a scientific research on the possibility of making snow for the business. In fact, asked about the future of the firm in the next 20 years, he points out that the future is on making snow. However, he insists that they will tailor the business according to what the weather presents. If the weather is unfavorable, they will come up with other courses of business that will keep the business afloat.

He was asked an interesting question which wanted to know whether he was prepared for such cases from the onset. The question was specific as it referred to the unforeseen weather conditions.

In his reply, Andy Wirth is confident and goes ahead to explain that he previously worked in places that he had to deal with weather changes. In Mexico, he dealt with fire companies that would always face challenges when the climate changed.

Andy Wirth is the President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Since 2010, he has raised the business through a tough time that closely relates to climate change.

Also, he leads marketing and sales and had been able to put the business in the global market. His skills and ability to foresee the future needs of the market are unmatched.

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The Wildfire In Canada Is Upsetting The Investment Market

The latest report on the incredible wildfire that is out of control in Alberta, Canada is not good. The fast moving wildfire is having a major impact on crude oil deliveries to the United States. Crude prices dropped to the lowest level in the last 14 days even though shifting winds moved the fire away from the oil facilities in Alberta, according to entrepreneur and investor Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is familiar with the oil business because of his dealings with countries like Venezuela and other Latin American suppliers.

Lustgarten, a Florida resident, said that a cut in oil production in Canada may have a dramatic impact on U.S. oil stockpiles. Mr. Lustgarten said the oil prices dropped by 2.7 percent in New York. The oil production in Alberta is 40 percent less than it was before the fire. If the fire continues, stockpiles will suffer. Morgan Stanley said the U.S. stockpiles are at record levels so the production cut would have a major impact on prices at the pump.

Martin Lustgarten is familiar with offshore investments. Lustgarten has been part of the investment industry for more than 20 years. Lustgarten is an avid watch collection and animal rescue proponent. His work in South Florida and his GoFundMe program is helping find homes for abandoned dogs. Lustgarten has a history of working and investing in other countries. He has been involved in several venture capital purchases, and those investments are in retail, wholesale, and the energy sector. So getting natural disasters under control like the fire in Alberta is important to him.

The investment banking industry is connected, and Lustgarten keeps abreast of the issues that can impact his companies. If the fire continues and the winds change again, the impact on the oil industry could have a dramatic impact on Lustgarten companies.

One of the important lessons that Lustgarten has learned in the investment industry is things can change quickly. Lustgarten thinks it’s important to keep communications open especially when natural disaster strike. Even though Martin is in South Florida what happens around the world directly affects his businesses. Follow Martin on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

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Brian Bonar Honored With The Inclusion Into The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry

Brian Bonar is a recipient of the highest honor from the Professional Networking Community. The chairman and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation was named as the Cambridge Who’s Who, Executive of the year in Finance. It is imperative to note that only two male and female members in each category are named as executives of the year.

Being part of the Cambridge Who’s Who registry serves as a great honor. The selection committee for the registry bases their choices of the honorees on professional accomplishments, leadership qualities and academic achievements. Brian Bonar’s professional management experience, of nearly 30 years, in the financial sector uniquely positions him to run Dalrada Financial Corporation’s operations.

According to Modern Luxury and Dalrada, Brian Bonar has worked in the company for more than ten years both as the chairman and CEO. These positions give him the responsibility over a wide range of employee and employer benefits along with aftermarket products.

These programs include employee benefits, financial management and risk management insurance consisting of business liability and workers compensation. They also include promotional and business management services. Brian Bonar also serves as the chairman and CEO of Smart- Tek Automated Services Inc. and he is the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. About Brian Bonar Additionally, he is professionally associated with the American Finance Association. Brian Bonar has a rich technical background, which he has utilized to establish strong foundations in the various businesses that he has created or worked in. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive and Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

He holds a bachelors degree in technical engineering from the James Watt Technical College as well as a master’s degree and PhD in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. Brian asserts that his passion is helping high-performing teams to develop, create and deliver innovative solutions. He uses every available opportunity to build client trust.

Despite of the ever-evolving finance market, Brian Bonar’s exceptional skills and leadership qualities stand out. He has played an important role in the success of several firms that he had a chance to serve in the past. These companies include IBM where he worked as a procurement manager and QMS where he worked as the director of engineering supervising more than 100 people.

Later on, Brian Bonar joined Adaptec and served as the sales manager before establishing Bezier Systems. Brian Bonar went on to work in a number of other firms before joining Dalrada Financial Corporation. At Dalrada, Brian Bonar has had unprecedented levels of success resulting in his recognition through different awards. In addition, Brian Bonar is the founder of Trucept Inc. This corporation assists and provides solutions such as payroll management and human resource administration to other companies.

Shaygan Kheradpir Is Selected As Chairman And CEO At Coriant

In September of last year, Shargan Kheradpir was brought in as a new Chairman of the Board and CEO of Coriant. This position at Coriant is perfect for Shaygan, as a distinguished electrical engineer with extraordinary skills when it comes to technology. Optical transmissions and transport as well as DCI and Data Center applications are just the start of data operation upgrades. By using the software at Coriant developed to fix common problems, the Mobile Networks and operators will soar in efficiency.

Shaygan Kheradpir has assisted with the development and design of communication systems and software as well as created electrical devices for different companies and their clients. At the top of the list showcasing his skills is market strategist, finance planning, team builder for top projects, and leadership insight.

Kheradpir is an inspirational person that shows what hard work and dedication to education brings with some time and effort, which is a substantial amount of success. Shaygan received his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in Electrical Engineering in the course of 8 years from Cornell University.

During the first decade of the 21st century, Shaygan was working at Verizon. He became the first Chief Information Officer and was president of the online business sector.  Through his input, the company was able to expand and update their services and operations.

By the time Kheradpir joined the prestigious Barclays as Chief Operating Officer in 2011, he was already an experienced executive. In just 2 years he also became the Chief Technology Officer and was assisting with the creation of Pingit mobile, a payment software.

In January 2014, Shaygan joined the team behind Junper Networks as CEO, up until the end of the year. Shaygan was in charge of executing the initiative known as the Integrated Operating Plan for the company.

Kheradpir has many accomplishments outside of his executive positions at high end companies. Shaygan’s involvement with Coriant is shaping up to be another success, which is not surprising given the decades of experiences he has.

Coriant Ready To Amaze 2016 OTC Conference With Revolutionary Technology Innovations

Telecommunication partner, Coriant, a specialist in networking solutions and innovations has maintained a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace. It’ll reveal its latest breakthrough in multilayer POT (Packet Optical Transport) technology at the upcoming OTC Conference next week. Established in 2013, Coriant adopted the heritage of three telecommunication innovators, Sycamore Networks, Siemens, and Tellabs. Initially, it launched under the Nokia Siemens trademark, a Marilyn Equity Partners brand, and began trading independently two months later.

Cloud-based business models are a leading innovation today. Coriant expertise as an architect of dynamic networking solutions is to help businesses implement such innovations. With this, they’ll be in a better position to effectively compete in today’s fast-evolving cloud-based environment. With Coriant revolutionary products, including edge-to-core transport and SDN-enabled innovations, network operators profit from improvements across all verticals. This includes Cloud services, revenue-generating automation, and multilayer networking tools. Additionally, it lessens the common frustrations influenced by operational complexity. Largely, it’ll ease the burden on the workforce while optimizing services to align with the changing demands of consumer and business applications. Cloud resources, digital content and mobile innovations are examples of such appliances.

Recently, Coriant restructured its leadership with the appointment of telecommunication innovations strategist, Shaygan Kheradpir as chair and chief executive. The powerhouse engineer holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree from the renowned U.S. higher education house, Cornell University. Today, he’s among Cornell’s elite engineering council members. Additionally, Kheradpir formerly served the U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) advisory panel. With 28+ years pioneering technology and business innovations, Kheradpir brings the fuel Coriant needs to keep competitive. His expertise aligns with financial services, technology, and telecommunications. He’s developed a series of patents focused on media, payments and telecom innovations.

Initially, Kheradpir joined GTE Corporation where he spearheaded Verizon product innovations, systems modernization, and efficiency initiatives. Famously admired for the FiOS innovation, Kheradpir who held multiple executive positions such as CIO and EVP of the group quickly became a sought-after brand. He’s also the architect of Barclays Bank “TRANSFORM” initiative. At the time, he operated as the bank’s CTO/COO (Chief Technology/Operations Officer). Before Coriant, he briefly secured employment with Juniper Networks as chief executive.Wall Street Journal highlighted Kheradpir achievements following an interview with some 120 CIO candidates with dreams of reaching CEO status. Of the vast majority who ambitiously prided themselves as worthy candidates, Kheradpir is among the few who actually delivered.