How Eli Gershkovitch has changed the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

It is not a secret that most Canadians are fond of their beer. In this country, most people prefer taking the alcoholic beverage. In the recent past, craft beer has gained a new reawakening in this country. The result is a reduction of beer consumption in favor of craft beer intake. The following are the common brands of craft beer in Canada.


The Nutcracker Porter.

Unlike ordinary beer, the Nutcracker is less hoppy, very sweet and slightly dark. The ingredients of this liquor are cinnamon. The beverage is made by the Black Oak Brewery (IMBd).


The Glutenberg Belgian Double.

Glutenberg craft beer is made from barley. The Brasseurs San Gluten processes this drink. Unlike other standard beers, this beverage contains gluten contents. The manufacturing firm is popular among many due to its incredible love for comforting tastes.



Unlike Glutenberg beer and other beers, the Weissbier has a lower taste. The Denison Brewing Company is the brain behind this product.


Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is the current CEO of the Steamworks Group Inc. As the chief executive officer and the owner of the group, Eli believes in the need to grow your business concerning the general demand. He argues that one of the determining force on whether you should build your firm or not is the prevailing market. Eli Gershkovitch has been in the craft beer business for two decades now.


Eli Gershkovitch is a law graduate student. He joined the craft beer business in 1995 immediately after college. After graduation, Eli has thought of taking a break before settling on his first career. He enrolled in the art classes where he practiced French Alps on weekends. During these classes, Mr. Eli noticed something that later made him drop his law career.


On a trip to Germany, Eli Gershkovitch got into contact with the Belgian beer. He also took the opportunity to visit a microbrewery firm. While on the company, he learned two things, the business was too big for him yet too small to intimidate his determination. Upon returning home, Eli decided to invest in the beer industry. He resolved to use his legal expertise to defend himself.

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How Louis Chenevert Elevated UTC

When you think of United Technologies Corporation and its metamorphic rise to one of manufacturing’s most profitable and technological advanced corporations reporting a growth in their stock of 200 percent during a time of subprime recession the name of its former CEO and president Louis R. Chenevert comes up.
Chenevert was born in Quebec, Canada in 1958 and went on to acquire an education in the same country culminating in the achievement of his bachelor’s degree in production management from an affiliate of the University of Montreal (HEC Montréal). After graduation, he joined general motors and it is here that he sharpened his skills and grew to become a production manager in line with his education and passion. After a successful 14 year stint, he left and joined Pratt & Whitney Canada where he worked in the engine business department. Louis worked in the role for six years and was appointed president of Pratt & Whitney in the year 1999. This was not a mean achievement for a someone who had just been in the organization for 6 years.
In March 2006 he was appointed CEO and president of UTC seen as a vote of confidence for his performance in the previous role. At this position, he was able to make more strategic decisions that would have far reaching impacts in the organization.
He was very instrumental in technological investment and man power hiring to properly run the technology in the organization. His firm believes in the need to offer commensurate compensation to his employees as well as avoiding layoffs when there was a downturn in the economy earned him loyalty in the organization and in turn ensured the organization continued to perform exceptionally.
He oversaw the biggest acquisition by UTC of Goodrich for an estimated $16.3 billion it was one of the biggest in the world of aerospace development. With this acquisition, he ensured that UTC was able to offer the market equivalent of a one-stop shop for airframe integrators.
Chenevert was also very conscious of the environmental impact of the big manufacturing industries and to this end that he ensured that they achieved various benchmarks such as a 53% reduction in water consumption of water across UTC as well as a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases by 26%.

Sam Tabar Career Growth and Economic Advice

Sam Tabar is a New York-based businessman a lawyer and a capital advisor. He attended the Oxford University and graduated with an MA and a BA in law he was a sharp student and self-driven. From the year 2001, he has been working as an associate for Skedden until present. Having excelled exceedingly well in law school, Tabar had an opportunity to work as a senior counsel in leading law firms where he has delivered on his duty beyond expectations. Among the law firms, he has worked for are Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. At Merill Lynch, he worked as Head of Asia Pacific Capital introduction where he made the process very successful.

In 2004 his career was on an uphill when he got an opportunity to work for a leading firm PMA that had a very good reputation. It is at PMA where he got a chance to interact with clients on a one on one platform, and he was able to sell his name as a legal practitioner. At PMA he was also in the management of hedge funds which was a great way for him to get diversified experience vital for his career growth. The company was impressed with how he was able to deliver services to his clients and this earned him a promotion. He rose to a managerial position where he became a director and co-head of business development. For over six years he diligently worked for the company executing his mandates excellently until he got greener pastures.

Sam Tabar joined Merril Lynch in 2011 where his association with the Asia Pacific region began, and this exposed him to more in-depth opportunity to acquire more practical information for his career. It’s at Merril Lynch where he got to manage hedge funds directly a task he gave a lot of attention. He later got a very breakthrough in his career to work at Adenval LLC where his capital strategies grew, and he later went to create his firm and the networks he had created working for other companies helped him get clients who entrusted him to handle high profile cases.

He has been appointed as the COO for Full Cycle Energy Fund which sought for him because of his expertise. Sam now is among the highly recognized senior attorneys in the New York with lots of experience in legal affairs, fundraising and development of businesses. He has significant investments in properties and starts ups. He owns THINX, a company that supports women in developing countries in Africa by developing undergarments worn during menstruation.