The Future of Fashion Comes From Academy of Art University

Aspiring fashion designers dream of participating in New York Fashion Week in hopes that their creations will gain recognition and interest from big names in the industry. Academy of Art University holds a runway showcase at New York Fashion Week, and 2017 marked its 21st time doing so. Graduates of the program had the lucky opportunity to present their collections to people such as Ms. J Alexander and Sara Kozlowski.


The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, Sunset Magazine’s creative director. The primary purpose was to teach students about art advertising. Nearly a century later, the school offers degrees in over 20 subject areas. Students can earn associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The university offers in-person programs on their campus in San Francisco and some programs can be completed entirely online.


The university offers nine different areas of focus within the fashion program. Students can study design, merchandising, styling and journalism. Many students choose to focus on the relationship between technology and fashion. Others focus on sustainability. One such student Eden Slezin, an MFA Fashion Design graduate who showcased at this year’s NYFW, used organic denim and recycled rubber bike tubes to create his collection.


In addition to NYFW, Academy of Art University hosts its own Annual Graduation Fashion Show. Graduates of the university showcase their designs in San Francisco, and it has become known locally and within the fashion industry as the “Fashion Week of San Francisco.” Students have further opportunities to show their work at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.


The Academy of Art University shows at NYFW are viewed as a glimpse into fashion of the future. True to this concept designers such as Ryan Yu, MFA Fashion Design, constructed futuristic garments with bold contrast. Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, created stunning garments out of vinyl and PVC, giving a glimpse into what high fashion will look like in years to come.


Academy of Art University graduates stand on cutting-edge trends in the fashion industry. The world looks forward to what they will create in the future.


Lovaganza Announcement for the Date of the Highly Projected Global Celebration

Lovaganza is a planning and branding practice that features a couple of distinct organizations. The companies include the Lovaganza Foundation and the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The Lovaganza Foundation aims to provide global entertainment that inspires world audiences and offer positive impacts while supporting regional and global programs all over the world.

Lovaganza Celebrations to be held in 2020
The celebrations were scheduled for 2015 but were moved on to 2020. This was to allow the festival organizers to take good use of the emerging technology on and create better familiarity with the diverse cultures of the world. The four-month carnival will tour the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Before the actual festival of 2020, the celebration will be supported by the Traveling Show that will offer samples of the Lovaganza 3D immersive glasses-free cinematic experience. The travel shows are scheduled to hit the road in 2017 and will be accompanied by the major films that will appear on the Lovaganza standard 2D and 3D theaters as well as the advanced 3D glassless technology.

Lovaganza Films
The bohemian adventure-motivated festival will concurrently showcase all world cultures through bedazzling modern and entertainment films of Lovaganza. The films will be reminiscent of the classic Cinerama experience and the nostalgic era of the old International Festivals. The celebration is planned to take place from May until September of the year 2020 at eight locations around the world. The Lovaganza films will also be exhibited the modern Immerscope screens on that produce an immersive cinematic experience with unique leading cinema technology of the current time and the future. These films have already started shooting in major world countries like the United States, Spain, and France. Internationally famous movie producers are already embarking on the films produce. Some of these producers include the Werner Bros Studios, Sunshine Shop, Lancaster movies, Hollywood among many others.

Lovaganza Films Will Produce Exceptional Audience Experience
The LOVAGANZA film trilogy aims to take the festival participants to whole new levels through phenomenal cinema media. The films will be based on mystery, action, drama, suspense, and experienced sense of comedy. Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is suggestive of the traditional Global Festivals at and aims to take the festival participants on an extraordinary immersive cultural journey across the world. The adventure-inspired tour will help to discover the world’s customs, unique cultural beauty, and ancient knowledge. Lovaganza aims for ancient wisdom and words, timeless music and dances, and the dreams of the visionary minds.