Andrew Rolfe- Expanding The Opportunities For Disadvantaged Children in Port Elizabeth

The Ubuntu Education Fund is an action that utilizes its resources to help the disadvantaged children in Africa. Currently, the organization is serving over 400,000 less fortunate children in Africa. In South Africa, at Port Elizabeth, Ubuntu has a campus for helping the disadvantaged children. This center assists children with challenges in health and education. Once the children join the center, all these needs are met. The center focuses on meeting the needs of the children and nurturing them to prepare for future careers.

Ubuntu Education Fund was started in 1999. It began as a small charity focusing on education. Due to challenges of hunger and HIV, the organization expanded to provide services in health, home stability, and nutrition. These are serious problems that can hinder children from reaching their full potential in education.

Recently, Ubuntu held an Education Fund Charity Gala in London. They did this together with Andrew Rolfe. About 300 socialites and philanthropists in London attended the gala. The fundraiser aimed at raising £600,000. They, however, surpassed the goal by raising more than £603,000. The purpose of this money was to expand Ubuntu’s Port Elizabeth campus in South Africa. Some of the money was also meant for improving the center’s pediatric clinic.

During the Ubuntu’s fundraiser, a young girl narrated her story of success. Her father was irresponsible, and this was due to his alcohol addiction. The girl, known as Sinesipho, was lucky to get a scholarship with Ubuntu and she is now in law school.

Jacob Life is the founder and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund. He acknowledges that there is a group of generous donors who have helped in sponsoring over 2000 disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew is also the managing director at TowerBook Capital Partners. Andrew is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the University of Oxford where he got a BA in Business economics and administration and Bachelor of Arts respectively. He studied his master’s degree at ST. Edmund Hall.

Andrew Rolfe has a strong experience in leadership positions. His leadership and expansion skills are an asset to Ubuntu Education Fund.