Infinity Group Australia-Teaching Austrailians How to Take Back Control of Their Money

Infinity Group Australia reviews and for a good reason. The company recently made it on the prestigious list of The Australian Financial Review as the 58th Most Innovative Company. They were chosen out of thousands of nominees across New Zealand and Australia. The annual list includes and ranks the most innovative companies and is the only cross-country and national industry list like it. The Australian Financial Review is well-known and has over 1.8 million readers.


Infinity Group was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013, and it has grown rapidly to become a debt reduction company that many Australians go to for financial help. The company is helping Australians to reduce their debt, secure their futures, and improve their personal finances.


Infinity Group Australia was selected from over 1,000 companies and is in the top 5.8% of those nominated. Graeme Holm was very honored to be the recipient of this very coveted recognition.


Infinity Group has earned the reputation of helping the average Australian out of their debt traps, and they are dedicated to helping their clients in any way that they can to gain financial freedom. They offer mortgage broking, money management services, property investment, and financial planning.


About 30% of Australian households are burdened by debt according to a poll conducted in 2015-2016. Of all the households with a mortgage, 62% aged 25-34 were over-indebted, and those aged 34-44 were over-debted by 51%. Infinity Group is working very hard to reduce those percentages and is against debt rather than for it like so many companies since they do not make their money form debt but rather by reducing it.


Infinity Group provides many services that help their clients to not only market their debt but also to learn to handle it better and to develop better spending habits so that they will not get into debt again once they get out of it. Reducing debt is not just about finding a way to pay off what is owed, but it is a lifestyle. Many people simply do not know how to manage their money properly and need to learn how.


Sometimes it is necessary to re-learn how to spend and to create a money management and savings plan. Far too many Australians are living paycheck to paycheck, and their money situation is out of control. Their money is controlling them rather than the other way around. Learn more :