The Dynamic Duo of Fortress Investment Group and iPass

The current topic of discussion in the investing world is the strategic credit facility arranged by Fortress Investment Group and iPass. Fortress Investment Group is arguably the most innovative and diverse global investment management company in the industry. For instance, right now it manages over $40 billion in assets. Not to mention, that the company’s private and institutional clients number well over 1,500 around the world. iPass provides global mobile connectivity solutions. Its Wi-Fi service is safe, reliable and easy to access on any device with a SaaS platform. It provides 64 million hot spots globally, which secures its spot as the world’s leading Wi-Fi provider. Upon completion the credit facility was valued at close to $20 million from affiliate-managed funds.

Fortress Investment Group is very pleased about the investment partnership because iPass is a company with a lot of untapped potential. Many professionals in the mobile industry believe that iPass is capable of disrupting the entire industry. Despite being launched nearly 20 years ago iPass is still unknown to many consumers. This is probably due in part because iPass does not offer service directly to consumers but rather to mobile connectivity providers. The company was kind of floundering around 2015 when it decided to make some drastic changes. these changes included new leadership and 3 major innovations. These innovations allowed the company to make a complete comeback and substantially increase its position of leadership.

Fortress Investment Group is based out New York and it has not changed the location of its headquarters since it was founded in 1998. Fortress has a history of building investment relationships with well-known entities in the industry. It is able to attract these kind of high profile entities because of its excellent track record. Fortress Investment Group’s investment platform is top notch as well as its hard working leadership team. This creates an atmosphere of success.

Richard Blair educating clients to secure a bright future

Richard Blair is an investment advisor representative. Blair works at Wealth Solutions, Inc., which is located in Bee Cave, Texas. Richard has gained a lot of experience in the finance industry where he has worked for over 23 years. Apart from the work experienced that Richard has learned over the years, he has taken additional examinations to become a Certified Financial Planner. Every CFP must take certification exams and must also pass the Boards Fitness for Candidates and Registrants. Richard has gone through all these procedures and agreed to abide by CFC board of ethics and professional responsibility and rules of conducts.


Richard for a long time has been a fan of world education with his mother, wife and grandmother all being teachers. He did witness how teaching could help one gain knowledge and confidence. Richard then realizes that his skills in finance and his background growing up in education could be useful in financial planning and investment. In 1993 Richard graduated and immediately got into the financial service industry. He then founded his independent firm, Wealth Solutions to give clients an unbiased and objective advice with no conflict of interest.


Richard has improved his skills and knowledge throughout his career. His experience in retirement planning has made it possible for him to assist a client in narrowing the gap between planning and living for retirement.


Wealth Solutions is a registered investment company that was founded by Richard Blair. Wealth Solutions provides many services ranging from, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Wealth Management. Wealth management is created to help build a client portfolio that is based on individual needs and goals. Richard knows that wealth creation needs people to collaborate and work together to be successful. Every client in investment has a unique goal and want customized solutions thus they need to work with an investor that they can trust.


With financial planning an investor should help a client, create both long-term and short-term goals because it is about their life. Financial planning entails determining the value of assets, liability and evaluating the client’s financial position.


Wealth Solutions understands the importance of retirement planning. They advise clients on the importance of it in their life and should not deal with it in their last stages of their life. Richard has helped many of its customers accumulate wealth and also given them ways to plan for their retirement.


The financial market keeps on changing, and Wealth Solution improves its financial strategy each time the market changes.

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