Reasons to Why Nihiwatu is the Pride of Chris Burch

Chris Burch, the celebrated founder of renowned retail brands, now owns a luxurious hotel in Indonesia called Nihiwatu or Nihi located on the Indonesia island of Sumba. Nihiwatu has been awarded for two years by Travel + Leisure for being the best hotel globally. In 2012, Burch collaborated with James McBride to purchase a beach hostel. They spent a whopping $30 million to renovate the hostel and reopened it in 2015.

An Overview of Nihiwatu

Nihiwatu has 27 private villas, for instance, Burch’s private home called Raja Mendaka, which consists of the main house and four other villas. Nihi contributes its profits to the prestigious Sumba Foundation that finances projects to assist the local community. Nihi has two, two-story tree houses, which are connected with a strong bamboo bridge. The two villas have a balcony, bathroom, and bedroom. Moreover, the hotel has a diverse entertainment area.

The Unique Features of Nihiwatu

Nihi is decorated with traditional Sumbanese antiques and Ikat prints. The hotel has an exquisite beach spa and a wellness center that offers group yoga sessions daily. Nihi is also ideal for surfing since the resort offers surfing lessons for $250 per person. Further, individuals can book trips to neighboring waterfalls at $175 per person. The hotel also allows guests to travel by boat or Safari jeep to nearby bays. Furthermore, there are several riding stables with a skilled team of guides to take the visitors to their preferred destinations including a rice field and the famed rain forest.

Nihiwatu’s one-bedroom villa costs $750 per night during the low season while the five-bedroom private estate of Burch costs approximately $14,000 per night all through the year. Chris Burch and McBride are planning to expand their operations and establish new resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  Read more on

Insights of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the acclaimed founder and talented CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His outstanding entrepreneurial values contributed to the company’s investment philosophy. Further, Burch’s visionary nature for creativity and new market opportunities led to the invention of disruptive brands that have a long-lasting impact on users. Burch’s company is backing the establishment of numerous lifestyle and consumer products including apparel, retail, hospitality, and technology industry.   More to read on

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Burch has been an avid entrepreneur and investor for almost 40 years. He has been involved in the development of over 50 companies through integrating an intuitive acknowledgment of customer behavior with both global and direct sourcing experience. Moreover, Burch has a long, impressive track record of linking innovation to impact.  Know more about him, check

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Chris Burch Has Created One Of The Most Exquisite and Luxurious Hotels Of All Time

Nihi Sumba Island is an exquisite paradise formerly referred to as Nihiwatu and has been voted the world’s best hotel for two consecutive years. This resort is located on an island in Indonesia and takes luxury to a new level. Nihi is one of Chris Burch’s creations and is the result of a partnership with James McBride. They originally purchased the hotel in 2012 and after an expensive renovation Nihi was born. If you can imagine luxuriating in a spa delightfully set beneath a sparkling blue waterfall or having your own private butler, you can imagine the comfort and beauty of Nihi. Additional article on

Nihi consists of 27 charming villas including one of Chris Burch’s private homes. The sumptuous hotel is located on one of the remote islands in Indonesia. The name translates to mortar stone because the beach derives its name form one of the formations of rock on the tide. The hotel employees more locals than anywhere else on the island and gives a percentage of their profits to provide help for the community. The resort has two delightful tree houses that are connected by a bamboo bridge and contain two stories each. The luxuries include spa treatments, riding stables, horseback riding on the beach and rain forest, yoga sessions, and a paradise for surfers. Related  article about Nihi here.   Expansion has already been planned by Burch and McBride with new resorts expected in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. They want to build resorts that are easier to access.

Chris Burch has the heart and soul of a true entrepreneur. He was still attending college when his talent, drive, and vision set him on the course for a lifetime of achievements and success. One of his most critical abilities is finding the elusive connection between the innovation of an idea and the actual implementation. He has the ability to understand the way the mind of the consumer works and when he combined this talent with his additional qualities and skills he determined his path in the world.  Check for more.

Chris Burch’s investment are both local and international.  Hit for an overview of his various investments.  One of his many talents is in the market of real estate and they way he has chosen to develop luxury homes has created dreams come true for many individuals. He is credited with the development of several hotels with a unique quality making them both special and popular. His acquisition and renovation of Nihi has resulted in the creation of a resort that is one of the most exquisite in the world. More to read on

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