In The Hands Of Soros

How The Legend Came To Be

Understanding someone is easier when you have a glimpse into their past. But you don’t have to travel too far to get that glimpse. It’s true whether the person you examine is tall, small; fat, skinny; rich, poor or neither. In either case, the same stands true for every human being.

Everyone’s history is written as the prior experiences they’ve had. Some are good, bad and then very ugly. The outcome is only simple when we face the facts as is. What we know and what we believe is dictated by our own history and the lessons we learn from them.

The legend George Soros is no different today and regardless of his financial standing. So you might be prepared to better understand this amazing figure of modern times. That is, to better understand who he is, we’ll take a quick look at the timeline he lived, endured and overcame. We do this to paint the clear picture of who that leaves us with today.

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From Childhood

We know that nothing came easy to George Soros, and we hope that you don’t assume it did. If you assume such, then realizing the full picture will be difficult. His childhood was riddled with trouble, fear and a lack of financial stability. This was all put into play during World War II which changed the dynamic of the world itself.

Nothing had been the same since, and George Soros’ family would also realize the effects and aftereffect. Yet, one man’s life was changed. But one thing remains true; the reality that the 13-year-old George Soros lived would shape the man we see today. Here, we get a true glimpse into the monumental figure and why his heart is pure with hope. Read his profile at Business Insider.

From University and Support in Finance

Though ambitious for a child, George Soros had to find the right opportunities. The train yard of the United Kingdom couldn’t contain this man’s heart forever. The only way out he found was in education. But before that opportunity would flourish, young Soros had to wait on tables.

He soon found access to financial education that changed his life forever. With the right mentorship and credentials, it was clear that George Soros would live an impressive life for everyone to see.

More Money Than One Man Needs

In time, the money became overwhelming.

Though it might seems to be in the amounts that is more than one person could obtain, none of George’s success was by accident. The financial world continues to recognize Mr. Soros as a very intentional investor. The habit remains today. Read more about George’s life story at

Giving and Philanthropy

The only natural step for a person like George Soros is to give back after making his profound wealth alone; he then began a long running charity campaign. During this, Mr. George Soros is noted for providing charitable causes roughly millions.

His name continues to be a legend to this day and because of philanthropy.

What Does Thor Halvorssen Think of Democratic Socialism?

There are a lot of greedy people in the world. There are people who would take everything that others have given the opportunity. Many have made their career doing precisely this. They have risen to fame on the back of corruption and theft. They have spent their lives taking advantage of the weak and the helpless. If you have ever listened to Bernie Sanders, you will recall that he spends a lot of time targeting these individuals. He is quite right that there is a lot of greed and corruption. But, In this video, Thor Halvorssen argues that socialism will only make things worse.


First-Hand Experience

The reason that socialism has so quickly overtaken the masses is that people only see the potential benefits. They see that poor people will get a little extra money and tax benefits, but they do not see the history of corruption in socialism. Thor Halvorssen has first-hand experience with socialism. Unfortunately, that experience with socialism has had devastating impacts on his family. He recounted how his parents were imprisoned and murdered and his cousin is currently a political prisoner.


The “Lesser Evil”

According to Buzzfeed, Halvorssen is drastically and vehemently opposed to the doctrines of socialism. However, he is even more opposed to the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He suggested that they have made alliances with people who are clearly immoral simply so that they could have money for their campaigns or to win over voters. As terrifying of an alternative as socialism may be, Halvorssen thinks that it is not nearly as terrifying as the prospect of either of these individuals coming in to office. That is why he has given his full support to Bernie Sanders (which may sound odd, since Sanders is campaigning on socialism). Not only is he giving him his support, but Halvorssen has also made the largest allowable donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign, all to stop Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
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