Forbes Newest Billionaire Lister: Randal Nardone

Randal’s current position on the Forbes Billionaire list

Randal Nardone holds the position 557 on the Forbes Billionaire List. Randal is apart of the Fortress Investment Group and has several different positions the organization, its subsets, and other organizations. Find out more about Randal Nardone at

Randal’s Current and Previous Boards/Positions

Randal is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC which was established in 1998. Since August 2013, his title served for the organization has been the Chief Executive Officer and respectively the principal for credit corporation for the investment group since 1998. He also serves as the President of Ncs 1 Llc. and Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC in 2010 until 2013. He is not short on titles with other boards apart from Fortress. From June 2002 to September 2016, he was the Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC also known as Drive Shack, LLC., the Co-Founder and CEO of a separate entity with Fortress Investment known as their Fund IV, L.P. sector. Randal holds the title of Co-Founder of Fortress Registered Investment Trust and is the department’s CEO, Principal, COO, Vice President and Secretary since November 1999. With the RIC Coinvestment Fund LP, he sits as the Chief Operating Officer, Portfolio Manager, and Secretary.

Nardon was the CEO and Secretary of IMPAC Commercial Holdings, Inc. starting back in May of 1999 and from December 2011 to August 2013, he served as an Interim Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group LLC. For a year starting in May of 1997, Randal was the Managing Director at UBS and the Principal for BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Since 2008, Nardon has been the Director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. He holds the position of Director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd. and is a member of Eurocastle Investment Limited since August 2006.

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What You Gain From Freedom Checks

What You Gain From Freedom Checks

Are Freedom Checks an overnight sensation? What do you gain from them? Well, there are a lot of controversies surrounding the freedom bills. For starters, these checks got introduced just the other day and in a highly publicized fashion. Consumers, apparently, feel that the checks are a way by a few ‘brilliant minds’ to swindle none suspecting citizens of their hard-earned money.

Is it true Freedom Checks are a scam? There is a lot of evidence pointing to the same, but, as they say, little knowledge is dangerous. The checks, as it turns out, are a game changer for you and your family. As Matt Badiali will show you there are more than a thousand chances of succeeding because of the freedom bills. Mr. Badiali is not your average lad. Badiali, as you are aware, is a geologist and a financial analyst. Therefore, everything Matt says goes including the Freedom Checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

According to Matt, the checks get issued by private entities hence their validity. Mr. Matt says that the checks are long-term investment opportunities that do not pay off immediately. You must be willing to put in some extra work for you to cash out. Matt Badiali who is now knee-deep into the investment opportunity acknowledges that many American presidents of the past have been trying to create a bipartisan policy that helps citizens reach financial freedom and freedom bills are the thing.

So, how are the checks beneficial? Freedom checks are exempt from all taxes. That said, you get to cash out your full earnings. Secondly, freedom bills trade for less than ten dollars. In essence, that is all you need to get your finances on track as you begin to realize significant returns with a little investment.

Are you aware that you can you can use your earnings to invest in more shares? In truth, is everything a man desires to make it to the big leagues. The risks are low and the returns high. In a nutshell, listening to Badiali is a sure way to success.

Remember, Matt Badiali has spent over two decades working in the natural resources industry, a platform that has enabled him to meet with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. The associations Matt has had over the years are to thank for his insights on freedom bills, enough reason to believe in him. Therefore, use the checks to your advantage to grow wealthy. Visit:



Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu is Evidence that He is an All-Round Investor

Chris Burch is familiar because he has business interests in famous brands such as Tory Burch. He is an entrepreneur who has begun successful firms or joined other in creating profitable ventures. In 2012, in partnership with hotelier James McBride, Burch bought a beach hotel from a New Jersey couple. The hotel is located in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Burch and McBride were interested in developing the hotel into a sensational tourists’ attraction. The two spent a whopping $30 million in reconditioning the beach hotel into a five-star resort referred to as Nihiwatu which means “mortar stone.” Check this here.

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With a huge amount invested, the hotel now features luxurious villas, tree houses, and five-star auxiliary services. Nihiwatu has 27 villas including Burch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. All the villas have plunge pools with beautiful views of Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean. It costs $750 per night to rent a private villa in the off-peak season. Raja Mendaka cost $14000 per night during the high season because the villa has a main house and four other sub-villas within it, and it also has expansive indoor and outdoor entertaining space. The architectural design of all the villas incorporates traditional Sumbanese antiques, local wood, and Ikat prints.  More related reading on

Burch and McBride made sure that outstanding services complement the beautiful structures in the beach. Spa treatments are not only available outdoors on the beach but also in the rooms on request. The wellness center offers regular group yoga sessions, and instructors are free to provide private classes on demand. Nihiwatu is slowly gaining popularity with surfers because of its strategic location on the path of swells emanating from the Indian Ocean. Surfing is highly regulated in the hotel to minimize the chances of an unlikely event occurring. Surfers have to part with $125 in the peak season. Tourists interested in surfing classes have to part with $250 for excellent surfing classes provided in Coconut Grove—a calm bay for novice surfers to learn the ropes. Excursions are also available to tourists at $125 per person.

The locals around Nihiwatu are proud of the hotel. The hotel has provided employment opportunities, and to top it up it runs a foundation that contributes to support local projects. Burch is pleased that the investment turned out to be overwhelmingly successful.    Hit on to read an overview of his diverse successful investments.

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Chris Burch has an eye for revolutionary investments. Since his undergraduate days, Chris has run successful businesses, and he is still on the look-out for promising ventures.  Chris Burch is renowned as the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital.

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