How Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu is Changing the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is changing. There are many different things that are happening in hospitality that people did not know about in the past. In fact, there are things that are happening that most people didn’t even realize were possible. There were many problems in the past where people thought they would have to deal with them if they wanted to travel. In addition to these problems, people had to make sure they were doing things right and they were getting more from the options they had. Chris Burch knew this and also knew the hotel would be something he could change to make different for people. For more of his views on business related matters, click on

The way he was going to change it was making an affordable luxury hotel. Nihiwatu was the chance he had to do this. Chris Burch had spent a lot of time trying to make sure he was helping people with things like this and that’s what led to him making sure he was doing the best job possible. For Chris Burch, the experience has changed depending on what he is doing and how he is going to help people through the different opportunities they have available to them. Read a note-worthy article on

Based on the information that Chris Burch has come up with, he has learned that most people are looking for a hotel experience. The problem, though, is that many luxury hospitality places require people to have a lot of money. With the current economic outlook that people have, it is not reasonable to think that others should have to pay a lot to have the luxury they desire. In fact, people need to make sure they are doing what they can to help others through the different situations they are in.   To read more about this expert entrepreneur and his works, check

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Bringing new opportunities to people is something that Chris Burch has always felt confident about. The idea behind Nihiwatu is just another option in that plan. He wants to be a part of many different industries and plans to be a player in the different industries around the world. Nihiwatu is another way for him to make sure he can help people and to give them the things they are looking for. As long as Nihiwatu continues to be the best hotel in the world, Chris Burch is confident he’ll be able to give everyone what they are looking for in the luxury part of the hospitality industry he has worked so hard to make realistic.  More about the luxury hotel on

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Christopher Burch Surprises the World Again

Popularly, Christopher Burch is known for his fashion brand that was a great milestone in his career. However, the fashion mogul never ceases to amaze. Who had the idea that Burch would earn a fortune from the hospitality industry? Many would say that the notion was a risk not worth taking, but to Chris Burch, the venture was a challenge worth taking. In 2012, Chris bought Nihiwatu, a hotel located on a remote Indonesian Island, Sumba.

Chris has a record of tapping the talented individuals in the industry when it comes to the run for the money, and this particular venture was no different. The successful entrepreneur partnered with James McBride, a respected hotelier in the journey to build his hospitality brand. Burch and McBride spent about $30 million to renovate the property, and this saw it transform into a luxurious five-star resort.  Related article on

Last year, Nihiwatu was named as the world’s best resort, just a year after opening. Many would be surprised how this was possible, but a simple visit to the resort will disagree with the doubts. Nihiwatu, meaning mortar stones has 27 private villas each with a dive pool. Also, there is Raja Mendaka, Chris’s private which is open to guests.

The resort has the best sceneries ever. The plunge pools face the Nihi Beach and across the Indian Ocean. There are also two story houses which give the resort a wonderful appearance. The two rooms are usually linked together by a bamboo bridge. The entertainments within the resort are incredible from indoor to outdoor. From yoga sessions to spa services, visitors are in a position to have a touch of these services even from the comfort of their rooms. Also, the visitors get to enjoy swimming at the blue lagoon beside the excellent surfing experience.

The resort charges considerable prices. For the people residing within the island, the resort has been of great benefit as it has created a pool of employment to its members. Besides, the resort regularly donates part of its profits to the Sumba Foundation as a way of giving back to the community. In the future, Burch and his new partner ought to build resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

About J. Christopher Burch

In the business world, Chris Burch is a respected individual. His success story puts him in a level way above a majority of renowned entrepreneurs.  Read more about Burch on   His versatile mode of business surpasses that of an ordinary person. Burch has been associated with the technology and real estate industry besides the fashion and now the hospitality industry.  Additional reading on

Chris’s success story dates back to his young hood. As an undergraduate at Itchica College, Chris and his brother started Eagles Eye Apparel. Surprisingly, the business had grown to $165 million before it was sold. Today, Burch serves as Burch Creative Capital principal, a company that has incubated many exciting brands such as the Nihiwatu venture. Burch is associated with renowned retail brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch.  More interesting news on this link

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