Studying Kabbalah to Gain Fulfillment

Kabbalah has been in the news, due to celebrities like Madonna, Victoria Beckham, and Naomi Campbell donning the red bracelets. This spiritual practice originates with Judaism and teaches certain philosophies about life. It teaches the followers about fulfillment in life and how to reach it.

All aspects of life, branches of life, grow from the same “trunk.” The goal is to reach everlasting fulfillment through connecting to ourselves. The universal principles taught through this ancient practice can be studied by any one from any walk of life or faith. These studies will help a person connect deeper to the universe and gain a better understanding of why something may be happening to the person.

These studies give followers a plan of getting rid of the mess and connecting to life in a way that it was meant to be fulfilled. The ancient document used to study this philosophy, the Zorah, has been around for 5,000 years and it is used to help followers understand how the teachings work. The Kabbalah used to only be studied by educated Rabbi, now it is available to anyone.

For those wishing to study these teachings, the Kabbalah Centre offers courses on the Zorah and the teachings of the practice. It is a non-profit organization that is based in Los Angeles, but they have regional, city based, and study groups world wide. They have an international staff of teachers offering training and guidance to students world wide.

Those who desire to study had been discouraged for so long because it was claimed that Kabbalah was too complex. The Centre helps to educate those wishing to seek fulfillment through this ancient philosophy. They start with practical methods to help students who don’t have background knowledge in Judaism. The Kabbalah Centre offers students the ability to study these ancient practices in a way they can approach it.