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Avanca innovators initiated there funding campaign for “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC” and by virtue of NewsWatch interview went viral and surpassed their target figures. The campaign was set to raise at least $10000 within 30 days which prompted allocating it to NewsWatch to be featured on national television and through online channels. Exceptionally, within 30 days the campaign recorded a staggering $456,551 which was estimated to be 29 times more than they had objected.

As stated by Avanca Marketing Director, Nathalie van Wijkvliet, in an interview, it is absolutely fulfilling to work with NewsWatch considering its great support team. Notably, the Avanca segment influence was felt in more than 96 million households in the U.S. As Avanca is focused on working closely with NewsWatch to realize success in other funding campaigns, it remains to be seen how it will be an influence in the market.

NewsWatch is an award-winning show running for 30 minutes with episodes that are distributed to over 200 markets in the U.S. The program boosts itself of hosting numerous interviews with key personalities such as Julianne Moore, Phil Mickelson, and many others. Additionally, top-level companies such as Ford, Bounty, LG among others have been featured over the years. In retrospect, several breakthroughs in health, technologies, business, and fashion were made aware to the public courtesy of NewsWatch media and review.