What the Koch Brothers are Really About

A recent article by Moyers & Company takes a closer look at the Koch brothers, beyond what is typically heard about them and their political influence from the mainstream media. By going beneath the surface, the article addresses the most common misconceptions about the Koch brothers and provides more accurate insight into the goals and motivations of the leaders of a powerful network of political donors. The Koch brothers are multi billionaire industrialists who made their fortune following in their father’s footsteps at the head of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the U.S.

Charles Koch is commonly portrayed as having the singular goal of fighting against the Obama administration’s liberal agenda. However, the Koch brothers have been supporting libertarian and free market policies for over three decades now. In fact, they really increased their political activity during the George W. Bush administration when they disagreed with its less than conservative policies and the expansion of big government into everyday lives of its citizens. The article also points out that the Koch brothers are not such an obscure pair who operate independently of the Republican party or other political activists, despite what the general public has been told. The Koch brothers have orchestrated quite the connected political machine built on a strong foundation of libertarian principles and free market economics, which is supported by many businessmen who share in the Koch brothers’ political and economic philosophies.

Charles Koch has an impressive educational background and plenty of experience in engineering, finance and management. He speaks openly and frequently about his belief that the smaller the role of the government in people’s lives, the better. He also vehemently opposes any form of corporate welfare. He has written two books about his success in business and the economic principles underlying his free market philosophy. Koch consistently supports educational initiatives that promote free market principles, such as programs at George Mason University. Charle’s net worth is estimated at $44.3 billion as of 2015, and he has earned a spot on the list as one of the wealthiest men in the world. Charles Koch’s political spending and endorsement is poised to have a major effect on the 2016 presidential election.


In the world of philanthropy, rich corporations and wealthy families are to be appreciated in making the world a better place. When philanthropy isn’t just giving but stewardship then the result is a happier world. The DeVos name springs up in my mind at the very mention of the name philanthropy. The DeVos family has stayed true to its roots by contributing to charity in every way possible. It is not uncommon to see one of the DeVos in one of those philanthropy events. In fact, that name is synonymous with philanthropy.
Richard DeVos Sr co-founded the company Amways in 1974. The company focuses on direct marketing as the source of revenue. It has grown immensely to be a great source of his wealth and he thanks his community for this. Dick DeVos is dedicated to religious giving. Any charity that is associated with religion grabs his attention faster than you can say Mississippi. The founder of Amway also gives money to the Republican Party. He supported Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich in their presidential campaigns. His wife is not left behind in all this. She is an active participant in the family traditions. The couple jointly contributed to form a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids. The hospital is now known as the Helen DeVos Children Hospital. As a family, their name looms large in the city and the country as well.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos. He acted as the CEO of Amway Corporation before leaving to start his own business. The son of the giving family has followed in father’s footsteps. Together with his wife, they founded The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation gives aid to communities for growth and viability. In the spirit of his father, Dick DeVos continues to bless his community.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

The couple has four children, some of whom are married and have children. http://www.dbdvfoundation.org