Recovering from a Crisis

Everyone has a crisis at some point in life. The real test comes in how he recovers from it. Even businesses have crises that they have to recover from. As a matter of fact, it is important to address the problem and fix it before it gets out of control. If they try to ignore it, then the problem might not go away, but will instead consume the business. Status Labs was faced with that when an executive has made some questionable decisions in how to deal with certain people. As a result, the other employees have called for a resignation of the executive. Afterwards, they looked for ways to deal with the backlash that they have received from the news.

Status Labs is really skilled in how to deal with online reputation crises. How it handled its own crisis shows its skills. When the problem turned into a national story in the media, the workers of Status Labs including President Darius Fisher saw a threat to their reputation and their business. Therefore, they took many steps towards fixing it. Among the things that Status Labs done in order to change the image was to change their behavior towards others.

Status Labs has changed a lot of their approach when it comes to their relationships with their clients. They not only handle online reputation, but they also give people advice on what they have to do in order to improve their own reputation. Among the things that they advise people who are hit with a reputation problem is to tell their customers that they will make changes. At the same time, they also advise their clients to do what they say they would do. Darius Fisher and his company understands that anyone can say that they are going to do something. Actions speak much louder than words. Businesses have to show their customers the changes that they are making.

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