Brian Bonar – Man With Profound Experience And Knowledge In Technical And Financial Services Industry

Brian Bonar is a man who has come a long way in the field of financial services and is a familiar name in the finance sector. Having achieved brilliance in the financial service industry and making immense contributions, Brian Bonar is one of the most sought after names in the financial services sector today.

He has also received “Who’s Who in America” in the year 2000, which clearly showcases his popularity as well as his remarkable streams of achievements throughout his career. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the reputed Stafford University, Brian went on to join IBM.

IBM is one of the world’s global leader in the Information Technology space, providing a broad range of hardware and software products, services and solutions.

Much of his technical experience, skills, and expertise can be credited to his experience at IBM, where he served from April 1969 to March 1985. During his tenure of around 16 years at IBM, he was responsible for outsourcing motherboards for different personal computers belonging to the company.His qualifications and over 16 years of experience got him promoted to the designation of Director of Engineering at QMS, where he joined in April 1985.

He continued to work for QMS for the next four years and three months and managed a team of over hundred hardware and software engineers. This experience helped him understand the value of teamwork and polished his leadership skills further.

It is because managing a team of over a hundred software and hardware engineers and getting results on time that exceeds clients’ expectations without any glitches is certainly a remarkable feat.

After serving as Director of Engineering at QMS, he went to Rastek Corporation in June 1989 where he served as Vice President Sales and Marketing. At Rastek, he single-handedly increased the sales of company’s in-house printing technology globally.

Later in September 1993, Brian Bonar joined Adaptec as Sales Manager and managed high profile clientele of the company, which included Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers. After that, Brian Bonar founded Bezier Systems in September 1994. Bezier Systems is accredited with the achievement of launching the first SCSI-based printer.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar later joined ITEC Imaging Technologies as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and continued to hold that position for the next four years. His primary role at ITEC Imaging Technologies included client management, business development, and bringing business from the Asian printer manufacturers.

In February 2008, Brian joined Allegiant Professional Business Services, and was responsible for sales and marketing as well as promoting insurance products of the company.

One of the specialties Brian is known for in the business circle is his in-depth knowledge and understanding of managing mergers and acquisitions, which is also one of the core services provided by his company Trucept Inc.