An Explanation as to Why Rocketship Education Is so Successful

Rocketship Education is a network of 18 public charter schools, founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, better known for organizational innovation than any other region of the United States. In its 10 years of operation, Rocketship Education has firmly established itself as boasting some of each facility’s highest test scores, despite being located in low-income areas. As every great school features, this network of charter schools – meaning each location receives state and local grants without having to adhere to nearby school boards’ regulations – relies on several pillars of education from its first decade of experience.

Teachers visit the homes of students once per year, helping them develop personalized educational plans for each and every student. They also get to meet students’ parents, learning what teach student goes home to after long, demanding days spent at school. Parents are also inherently involved in recruiting new teachers, as panels of three to six parents carry out group interviews each year. Parents understand what their children need in educators more than administrators or instructors themselves, helping Rocketship Educations’ test scores remain at such lofty heights year after year.

Students’ parents and guardians are also encouraged to fight for better public schools in their areas, lobbying school boards and local governments to hire instructors with better experience and credentials, as well as pushing for schools to have higher educational standards. In turn, Rocketship Educations’ 18 facilities are held to higher standards than most nearby schools, just one of many aspects that help students learn more than at other public schools located in underprivileged, low-income environments.

Although other schools strive to have diverse collections of enrollees, Rocketship Education strives to diversify its teachers and principals before drawing in students from a smorgasbord of backgrounds. This causes students to get along better with teachers, rather than constructing proverbial learning walls between students and instructors by hiring bases of teachers whose demographical characteristics don’t align with those of students.

Rocketship Education was created by chief executive officer Preston Smith, having more than 15 years of experience as an educator at the time. Smith does great things for the network of schools, trusting so highly in its capabilities, he sends his own students to school at Rocketship.