Moves Rick Smith Has Made for Securus

As the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith makes sure he is making all the right moves for the company. He has remained dedicated to the company in different ways and that has helped him make sure he is doing things the right way. He has always wanted people to realize he is doing things the best way for the company and that has led him to the choices he has made. He knows there are different things that will allow him to make a difference and all of that has led him to a point where he can provide more opportunities for those who are working in the business. He knows the people who are a part of the industry struggle to get the help they need and that’s what has given him the ability to do more with the industry and with the people who are in the industry. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Recently, Securus acquired JPay. This is a way for people to pay for things while they are helping their loved ones in prison. They know there are different things they can do and that will allow them to make all the right choices for their business. It will also give them what they are looking for and the options they need to be successful in every way possible. For those who use JPay, Securus was the perfect option to make sure things would be going right for them. It was also a way for the companies to grow together by using the resources they both had.

This wasn’t the first time that Rick Smith, Securus made a good move to help other people. He actually chose to help them through different avenues and that’s what gave him the motivation he needed to keep doing things the right way. He had always wanted people to realize there was more to the community than what they would normally see so he did his best to give them what they wanted. The prison administrators quickly saw how things were getting better and how things were changing as a result of what the company was doing. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

Looking at these options gave Rick Smith the chance to make sure things would get better. It also gave him the ability to continue working on different projects within the community. Even though there were times when people could see a difference in the community, they knew they were working toward a more positive role with others. It helped them through the times they were dealing with and through the things they had started to do to help people. For years, Rick Smith had been successful at giving back to the community he had become such a big part of.


Securus Technologies Serves Their Community With Honor And Pride

Securus Technologies has added John Bell to their team as a senior executive in sales. He will be helping to develop a new, high tech software to expand the portfolio of the company. The company currently offers 800 products to the corrections market. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies CEO, The company has spent $600 million developing efficiency, security, and safety products in a time frame of just three years. Rick Smith discussed John Bell’s career and stated his experience, performance, leadership, and ability to help a company grow exemplify his career of 35 years.John Bell has been an asset to IBM and is a graduate of the Holy Cross. In addition to IBM he has worked for AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and NTT. As the Vice President of Sales for Securus Josh Conklin will be reporting to John Bell although he will continue with his current responsibilities. They will be working as a team in the development of a training program for their sales associates, to increase their personal customer relations, to represent the companies bundled products, and to fully utilize the Securus Technology Center.

Reporters have started using emails in the production of blogs. Their hope is to make incarceration safer and to prevent the occurrence of situations that incite terror. According to Rick Smith this represents a strong investment for Securus Technologies. Proposals regarding the development of their products and services are being released a minimum of once each week. This is how they provide assistance to law enforcement so crimes can be solved and many of the social problems plaguing society can be prevented.There are thousands of emails and letters received by Securus Technologies sent by clients who wanted to express their appreciation and hold the company in high regard.

Due to the efforts of Securus, their services have provided safety to numerous inmates as well as their friends and families. This safety has become part of the DNA of the company and it about so much more than social responsibility. Securus Technologies is truly honored to be able to both serve and protect their community.Richard Smith has an amazing capacity for leadership. He has been a force that has helped drive Securus Technologies in technical innovations. He additionally guides the company in their investments such as improvements in access, collections, and communication with his main focus always on the families and inmates they serve. Rick Smith has a solid education with several prestigious degrees from when he attended college and is an asset to Securus Technologies due to his expertise and experience in his chosen field.



Jason Hope Leads The Future

Jason Hope was the subject of an article on Engadget recently. In the article, author Jesse Boskoff outlines Hope’s “hardline stance” on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to the growing number of devices that have Internet access.

In Hope’s mind, this connectivity benefits society in numerous ways. Boskoff specifically points out Hope’s belief that the Internet of Things reduces waste and makes society safer.

Jason Hope’s role as an entrepreneur and futurist benefits many members of the business community. Hope provides services as a business consultant and has written numerous articles on how the Internet of Things can help businesses succeed. He offers a fresh perspective that can help any business succeed in our contemporary environment. Hope’s consulting is bolstered by his impressive credentials including a bachelor’s in finance and a masters in business administration, both from Arizona State University.

Hope is not simply a consultant. Hope also has an extensive history of philanthropy including support for specific organizations and individuals. Hope offers grants for people that can present a compelling vision and idea that pushes the boundaries of existing technology and business. Likewise, Hope supports innovative organizations such as the SENS Foundation, a pioneer in the fight against age-related illness. Hope has pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, an indicator of his commitment to bring humanity into the future.