Access to Clinical Information Made Easy by Eric Lefkofsky’s Team of Researchers

A few months ago, doctors and other medical specialists faced an uphill task while trying to extract critical clinical data from Tempus platform. They had to take a break from their regular duties to fetch the information used in the diagnosis and management of tumors. However, today, the doctors have a reason to smile. Tempus’ team of technicians has developed Tempus Labs, a mobile app that enables them to access Tempus’ library from their most convenient place.

Tempus’ chief operations officer (COO) says that the new medical application will let doctors access essential clinical and genomic data required to make sound medical decisions. Moreover, the app will enable healthcare practitioners to access relevant information on clinical trials and therapy options used to diagnose tumors. The app is easy to use, and one can download it from the internet, or they can get it as a bonus by purchasing Tempus’ diagnostic assays.
According to Tempus’ COO, Tempus Lab was developed to match the needs of busy doctors who had limited or no time to retrieve clinical information from a computer located away from their workstation.

Apart from the app, the COO unveiled that they had upraised $110 million from their August 2018 fundraiser. They will use the money to run their regular activities, as well as venture into new medical areas. Tempus’ partners had proposed that they extend their services to cover cardiovascular and neurological disorders. “We believe that our company is in a position to diversify without losing its focus on oncology,” the COO attested.

Tempus has been serving the world’s medical industry since 2015. It manages a database of crucial clinical information required to deliver actionable medical insights. Besides maintaining the database, the company boasts of a team of trained scientists who develop software used in clinical data analysis. Eric Lefkofsky, a US-based businessman, co-founded the company. In addition to Tempus, Mr. Lefkofsky has cofounded other companies like Lightbank, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings.

He runs a charity foundation that works to alleviate poverty, improve access to education, support crucial medical research, preserve culture, as well as empower women from underdeveloped societies.

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