Securus Technologies Remain Committed To Ensure a Safe and a Protected Community

Securus Technologies is a leading for-profit correctional technology provider in North America. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and was founded in1986. Currently, the organization has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Carrollton and Allen in Texas. The company serves over 2,600 correctional facilities in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Mexico and Canada. The organization serves over 1,000,000 inmates across the United States.


By July 2016, the organization had invested over $600 million in acquisitions, patents, and technologies. Over the last couple of years, Securus Technologies has enjoyed a tremendous growth under its incumbent CEO rick smith. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has grown to become a leader in the provision of innovative, comprehensive and responsive customer experience across the U.S. Ensuring a protected and safe community has been their core mandate, and it is evidently clear that the firm is succeeding in its line of specialization.


Customers’ Feedbacks


Recently, Securus Technologies revealed that they get thousands of emails and letters from their esteemed clients honoring them for their excellent service provision. While commenting on the letters, Rick Smith the CEO of Securus Technologies stated that they produce new products and technologies every week. As a result, the company gets approvals and recognition’s from a wide array of consumers. Smith stated that the overwhelmingly positive letters and emails prove their hard in ensuring safety and protection to the community including inmates, friends, and families with incarcerated members.


In the letters, corporate executive praised the firm for their mobile tracking technologies, which helped them nab corrupt officers. Correctional facilities couldn’t hide their appreciation in how Securus Technologies enabled them to get information about inmate drug selling, alcohol use, and drugs within the facilities. Their efforts in monitoring and deterring incidents of contrabands were also appreciated. Securus Technologies’ LBS software was also recognized by many for its help in recovering millions of illegal money, drugs, and assets.


Family Members Of Incarcerated Individuals Thankful For Securus Innovation

Having a criminal in the family can be a very difficult situation. Everybody in the family wants what’s best for the convicted criminal. The first consideration for a lost loved one is usually safety. Some families even think that their lost loved one would be safer in prison.


While it might be counterintuitive, prison can be a very dangerous place. Despite the fact there are prison guards and cells, many criminals figure out ways to perpetuate violent crimes. That is why so many families are relieved to hear about Securus Technologies new software innovation.


Securus Technologies is a company that only prisoners and their families are familiar with. It is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services as well as Internet services to prisons around the country. Securus receives government contracts to become the telecommunications provider for a singular jail or prison.


The total indications company then uses its position to help law enforcement by recording every single phone call that an inmate makes. These phone calls are logged by inmate, date and are even tagged for phrases. But Securus goes the extra step by allowing law enforcement officers and lawyers to search the entire recorded database using proprietary software.


The software can lock on to a certain person’s vocal signature. Any recorded voice can be fed into the program, deconstructed and analyzed for its uniqueness. That uniqueness is then fed into the search engine to find every single phone call that particular voice was involved with.


This allows a family member to call into the prison and squeeze confessions or other intelligence out of their loved one. They can then go to law enforcement and tell them to listen back to all their telephone calls in order to get their family member help. Much of this information has been used to prevent crimes.


New Opportunities for Businesses

The life of a patent on a product is defined by the government that issues it. These life cycles are finite and have a particular end date, which could mean the difference between progression and ruin to those companies and individuals who have ownership of them. When a company loses the ability to hold on to their patents they risk collapse. Such is the case of Securus Technologies, a reliable and growing information technologies company based out of Dallas, Texas. There have been recent news within the media suggesting that Securus has been operating under expired patent codes for a period of time now. This means that if these accusations were true that Securus Technologies would need to release ownership of these products and allow other companies to buy in to their implementation and use for future capital gains.This information was provided by GTL, a competitive corporation within the same industry.



After much research into this issue by Securus Technologies and some of their third party allies it has been decided that these accusations by GTL are baseless and completely untrue. This is great news for Securus as it means that they can continue to do business as usual, providing the same level of customer driven support and reliable product options as they are currently known for. Customers of Securus, who are normally incarcerated individuals within the United States penal system look towards Securus as their way to communicate with the outside world.


Thanks to this rebuttal of information Securus will continue to grow and produce results within the United States and abroad. There is now endless potential for further development of products for Securus, allowing them to continue to branch out and build to higher and more efficient levels.


Securus Is Helping Us Share Every Day Tasks At Home

I know that talking to people on Securus is a really good idea because it helps us make sure we are all checking on my dad. He will be out in a couple years, but we need to share with him that everything is alright in the meantime. The only way to really do that is to use Securus on my tablet, and I turn it sideways when I am sitting in the house or working. It is really easy for us both to see each other, and I have been happy with the way that it works. I can still see and hear him when I am moving around of the tablet is sitting on a table.


There are many reasons why I like to use Securus, but the most important part is how good the calls are. I can hear well, and I see everything well. I can check on my dad and see how he is doing in jail, and I know for sure that he doing well because I can see for myself. We are just talking about what is going on every day, and it feels better for me to do this than to go to the jail.


I get a more personal time with him this way, and it makes me feel like we are having a real conversation. Everyone who is using Securus can get the same kinds of talks done that I do with my dad, and I know that I am going to be able to talk to him any time I want when I call with the app. It makes more sense for people like me to use Securus because it prevents us from going to the jails. It is so much easier than using any other program we have tried.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.