Achievements of the Female Wine Connoisseur Julia Jackson


Julia Jackson attends the 14th Annual Global Green Pre Oscar Party at TAO Hollywood on February 22, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

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Julia Jackson has nurtured a passion in wines since as a toddler. Julia comes from a family with an established track-record of producing some of California’s finest wines. She is a well-known wine master and she lives to make vintage wines. Her interest led her to pursue a career in the winemaking industry. After completing her studies, Julia went back home and started working on the family business. She has proved to be an invaluable member of the Jackson family due to her connections. She is the second born daughter of the Jackson family.


  • She is one of the co-founders of Rex App which helps to locate the best restaurant and bars in your area.
  • She has been working at the Jackson Family Wines from 2007- present. Where she started as the family spokesperson. After her education, she has helped the family to rebrand and reaches a wider consumer base.

Charity work

  • Julia also works with Cambria Estate winery which was founded by the Cambria proprietors Julia and Katherine, which seeks to empower women by honoring women as warriors.
  • This organization reaches the women by supporting organizations that deal with women financially. She has a soft spot for women who have gone through hardship in life her mission with these NGO is to help these women stand with their own feet.
  • She runs a program called seeds of empowerment that donates $100000 annually to see the mission through.
  • She works closely with Aurora non-profit organization that enhances community empowerment and sustainability where her family contributes a lot to see this a success.


  • Julie pursued her Bachelors of Arts in Studio Arts at Scripps College in the year 2006-2010.
  • She later joined Stanford summer institute of general management school of business where she wanted to gain some managerial foundation.


Some of the best wine brands that the Jackson family wine has produced and doing well in the market both international and locally are; capensis in South Africa, Hawk and Silver-palm in California, in Chile Valle de Maule, France Château Vignot, Italy is Tenuta di Arceno and in Oregon they have Zena Crown and Penner-Ash. All these are well-known brands and according to Jackson, she says that Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are some of the best wines in Sonoma without forgetting Cabernet which she says is an excellent variety too.