Kim Dao Attends a Wedding with Her Boyfriend


The video starts with Kim Dao in the car with her boyfriend Eric driving on the way to her friend’s wedding. They discuss how warm the weather is and show the clear blue skies making it the perfect day for a wedding. At the wedding, Kim is extremely hot and comments how the weather is different from Japan, and she is not used to the heat. The wedding hosts kindly provided sun umbrellas, but they are not helping Kim to stay cool.


After the ceremony, they drive to the restaurant where the wedding reception is being held, and Kim deposits the card from her and her boyfriend into a handmade gift card box. Kim goes to a table with props that she tries on including some shutter shades and a fake beard. Later on, Kim comments how things have cooled off, and the weather is much more bearable, and so they are outside taking photos. Eric doesn’t mind all the photo taking as he is tipsy. The bride and groom finish taking their pictures, and everyone heads back inside where the bride and groom mingle with the guests. Kim shows us the pretty wedding cake adorned with floral patterns.


Kim goes back to playing with the photo props followed by the cutting of the cake by the newlywed couple. Kim comments how her boyfriend Eric is meeting all of her friends. Afterwards, the video cuts to Kim at Eric’s house where she ends the video by saying that they enjoyed the wedding and will spend the next day, a Sunday, together enjoying each other’s company.

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