Chris Burch Moves His Spending From AmEx

The world of cashless money has engulfed a massive share in the economy with several companies offering these solutions. Among the key companies scrabbling for the top post is AmEx, with a worldwide presence. With clients streaming in large numbers to use the services, the company is very much concerned with brand reputation.

The latter in itself is such a marketing tool, especially when the giant investors take their spending to them. One of the key personalities under speculation is Chris Burch, one of the wealthiest men in America and a very talented and skilled investor.

Burch’s passion and vision have seen him devote his efforts to branding, a major tool in sales and marketing. Burch has stakes in hospitality industry where he has exercised his branding power, technology industry, financial industry among others.  Check on to read more details about him.

As an entrepreneur, Burch has highly concentrated in opening new opportunities and grown them to massive empires with remarkable brands. For him to achieve this, he majorly capitalizes on imagination, a tool that enables him to creatively have a competitive edge in the market. In addition, he always makes sure that his products and services are designed to not only meet the needs of the customers but to also bring a considerable transformation to their lives.  To read insights and views from him on business related matters, hit this link on

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Christopher Burch has been AmEx’ steadfast client for more than 3 decades. The company knows the implication of having such a personality as an American Express Co. card user. For starters, this means countless transactions in terms of numbers and also a great marketing tool due to his standing in the society. However, Chris has moved his spending to competitor’s J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Sapphire Reserve card after so many years with AmEx.

This is a move that couldn’t go unnoticed by AmEx and is surely such a heavy blow. Appearing among the list of most rich Americans as listed in 2014 by Forbes, Chris Burch is therefore a customer that AmEx must feel the pinch of losing. It also means that the incoming Chief Executive Officer to AmEx, Stephen Squeri, must get ways in which to regain the confidence of this customer and win him back.  To learn his latest cool offering to the market, hop over to

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