Chris Burch’s Investment Becomes The World’s Top Vacation Hotel

Chris Burch undertook a $30 million project four years ago when he became a partner with James McBride in the purchase of Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia. A former fashion guru who’s been a big venture capital investor, Burch has been making his way up in the hospitality industry, and Nihiwatu Resort has been his biggest investment yet. From a hostel that used to be on this remote island, Burch has built many luxury villas and brought in fine dining and spa therapists. You cannot go to this resort without being totally in awe of what you see, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit Chris Burch’s home and swim in his pool overlooking the ocean.  More to read on

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Chris Burch got into real estate investing after 20 years of running his own company. He got into this business back when he was a student at Ithaca College and bought custom-made sweaters that he would resell in the college dorms. Soon he had made enough money to buy his own factory and he began making millions of dollars in sales under the name Eagle Eye Apparel. After years of successfully running this company, he sold it and then bought shares in the Internet Capital Group and Tory Burch fashion’s fashion line.  Related article on

Burch started Burch Creative Capital around the mid-2000s and some of the companies he has seeded in the portfolio include Voss Water, Poppin Office Spaces, C. Wonder and Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle company. Burch started getting into real estate investing around that same time when he formed a partnership with Alan Faena to build the Faena Hotel + Universe. He also started buying up homes in the surrounding communities of New York City, Nantucket, Massachusetts and in south Florida.  Additional article to read on   Burch has also been a donor to the Rothman Institute’s orthopedic research center and the private Tilton School.

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