Chris Burch’s Resort Ranks High in the Hospitality Industry

Many people know Chris Burch as a founder as well as co-founder of some of the best internationally known retail businesses. Just recently, he set his eye on the hospitality industry, and he took it by storm. With the help of his friend and hotelier, James McBrIde, Burch decided to buy a hostel by the Indonesian beach. The hotel sits on the Sumba Island. The two bought the hostel back in 2012, and went on to spend approximately $ 30 million to renovate it. In 2015, they opened their five-star resort, Nihiwatu.  More to read about him on

Nihiwatu is one of the world’s best resorts according to Travel + Leisure. In fact, in 2016, it was voted the best across the globe. In 2015, when interviewed about the resort by Business Jet Traveler, Chris Burch revealed that he bought the property for his children. He was also inspired by the raw and untapped nature of the place. As a nature lover and traveler, he finds such places precious. He also hopes to give back to the community through his establishment.

More about Nihiwatu

Chris Burch owns properties all over the country. Normally, he spends his time in the Hamptons and Miami. He also finds time to visit his resort in Indonesia once in a while. Nihiwatu has an impressive design. It comes with 27 villas as well as Burch’s private home, also known as Raja Mendaka. His private home not only has a main house, but also has four additional villas and a plunge pool each.

Nihiwatu has been nicknamed “the edge of wilderness” due to its location on the Sumba coast. As one of the biggest local employers, the resort has helped to change the livelihoods of some of the local residents. Some of the profits made by the resort are channeled to the Sumba Foundation. The Foundation funds projects within the community to help those in need.  Read more about his famous resort on

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is also known as the founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company usually invests in brands and supports start-ups. They also offer incubation services for businesses across the globe.

With over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Chris Burch is an inspiration and a role model to many young entrepreneurs. For an update of his recent timeline activities, click this,

He has learnt the art of diversifying his investments to ensure he stays on top of his game. He is also a philanthropist and a family man.  Read his shared views on matters on

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