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Educators believe that the best way for kids to learn is to make learning fun. Learning is also much easier, if the kids are able to engage or interact with tools or connect with each other. Class Dojo has recently released Student Stories. This is an interactive tool that makes it a simple process for kids to add images or videos to their portfolio to share with other kids, parents, or teachers. Learning is all about sharing knowledge too. The Student Stores tool was designed on this empowerment concept. Certainly, this concept is all about creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

Empowering Concept
Class Dojo believes in the power of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. For hundreds of years, the traditional classroom consisted of a teacher that stood in front of the classroom and taught lessons. There was little communication between the teacher and student. Students were not encouraged to interact or communicate with each other in the classroom. Learning seemed mechanical and forced. Class Dojo would like to reinvent the classroom. ClassDojo is a communication platform that believes in encouraging parents, students, and teachers to engage in communication with each other. It’s very rewarding for the student to instantly show the work they completed to the parent at the end of the day. This is possible thanks to the ClassDojo platform. Learning should be about creating a community of people that are working together to grow and improve.

Class Dojo believes in giving students their own voice to express themselves in a creative way. Certainly, there is much more to learning than simply letting the classroom sit and listen to the teacher. Learning should be a positive experience. Kids should be able to participate and share their learning experience with others. Clearly, the Class Dojo communication platform is a success because it makes sharing easy. Class Dojo’s main mission has always been to give parents, teachers, and kids the power to change the way that kids learn or interact with others. The Student Stories tool is something that every classroom in the world should use.


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