Coriant Ready To Amaze 2016 OTC Conference With Revolutionary Technology Innovations

Telecommunication partner, Coriant, a specialist in networking solutions and innovations has maintained a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace. It’ll reveal its latest breakthrough in multilayer POT (Packet Optical Transport) technology at the upcoming OTC Conference next week. Established in 2013, Coriant adopted the heritage of three telecommunication innovators, Sycamore Networks, Siemens, and Tellabs. Initially, it launched under the Nokia Siemens trademark, a Marilyn Equity Partners brand, and began trading independently two months later.

Cloud-based business models are a leading innovation today. Coriant expertise as an architect of dynamic networking solutions is to help businesses implement such innovations. With this, they’ll be in a better position to effectively compete in today’s fast-evolving cloud-based environment. With Coriant revolutionary products, including edge-to-core transport and SDN-enabled innovations, network operators profit from improvements across all verticals. This includes Cloud services, revenue-generating automation, and multilayer networking tools. Additionally, it lessens the common frustrations influenced by operational complexity. Largely, it’ll ease the burden on the workforce while optimizing services to align with the changing demands of consumer and business applications. Cloud resources, digital content and mobile innovations are examples of such appliances.

Recently, Coriant restructured its leadership with the appointment of telecommunication innovations strategist, Shaygan Kheradpir as chair and chief executive. The powerhouse engineer holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree from the renowned U.S. higher education house, Cornell University. Today, he’s among Cornell’s elite engineering council members. Additionally, Kheradpir formerly served the U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) advisory panel. With 28+ years pioneering technology and business innovations, Kheradpir brings the fuel Coriant needs to keep competitive. His expertise aligns with financial services, technology, and telecommunications. He’s developed a series of patents focused on media, payments and telecom innovations.

Initially, Kheradpir joined GTE Corporation where he spearheaded Verizon product innovations, systems modernization, and efficiency initiatives. Famously admired for the FiOS innovation, Kheradpir who held multiple executive positions such as CIO and EVP of the group quickly became a sought-after brand. He’s also the architect of Barclays Bank “TRANSFORM” initiative. At the time, he operated as the bank’s CTO/COO (Chief Technology/Operations Officer). Before Coriant, he briefly secured employment with Juniper Networks as chief executive.Wall Street Journal highlighted Kheradpir achievements following an interview with some 120 CIO candidates with dreams of reaching CEO status. Of the vast majority who ambitiously prided themselves as worthy candidates, Kheradpir is among the few who actually delivered.

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  1. Coriant now operates in 100+ countries globally, serving a diverse portfolio of clients. This includes utility companies, data centers, fixed-line service operators, cable MSOs, government agencies and more. It is very pathetic that cannot control the MSOs again.

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