Crowd power and the success of Fabletics

Crowd-power is increasingly changing the dynamics of marketing. Today’s customer has shifted from the use of traditional marketing in determining the final purchase and trust for products. We have witnessed an increasing use of crowd-sourced reviews as a primary determinant of the last purchase and the level of trust. Companies that have discovered this secret have benefited a great deal. Fabletics is a successful brand that owes a lot of its success to this technique of marketing.

The growth of Fabletics has been exceptional since it got launched in the year 2013. With a revenue of over $ 235 million, the growth of the company is set apart from its competitors in the field. Shawn Gold, the corporate marketing officer of Fabletic’s parent company, attributes this to an increase in the number of customers embracing user reviews as a basis for their purchase decisions.

Customer reviews get credited with increased customer loyalty, customer acquisition, and retention. Research reveals that customers trust reviews and some even to the same extent as personal recommendations. It presents companies with a potent marketing tool that can yield excellent results if embraced. Fabletics has demonstrated this and has moved fast to leverage this power from the crowd.

This crowd power increases due to an increased or the high number of reviews. In fact, authentic business reviews come with multiple benefits. They lead to an increase in Google search rankings as some review sites have built partnerships with Google. Even on other e-tail sites such as Amazon and Walmart, the products with more reviews have higher search ranks. It makes it possible to capture more customers and eventually achieves more sales. The brand of the company is also improved, mainly because crowdsourcing has a way of making the company transparent and customer focused.

Kate Hudson is passionate about being an artist, but she found herself in business. The founders of Techstyle Fashion Group picked on her as a potential partner for the growth of the company and she has not disappointed. She was involved in the building of Fabletics from day one, and Kate has played a vital role in the success of the company. She focused on making clear communication a priority.

The company has risen to its current success for several reasons. Its commitment to quality and customer service stands out as a critical factor in its growth. The company also benefited from the partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group, an already established business. From this, the company was able to profit from shared resources.

Fabletics has adopted a data-driven approach that has also significantly contributed to its growth. The company uses technology to gather data, which is used to determine the response of customers to the company products.It helps in knowing the kind of design to adapt and quantity of the products to make. The company also uses this data to use the personalized customer information to match their needs by producing clothes that fit the customers’ preferences.

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