Family Members Of Incarcerated Individuals Thankful For Securus Innovation

Having a criminal in the family can be a very difficult situation. Everybody in the family wants what’s best for the convicted criminal. The first consideration for a lost loved one is usually safety. Some families even think that their lost loved one would be safer in prison.


While it might be counterintuitive, prison can be a very dangerous place. Despite the fact there are prison guards and cells, many criminals figure out ways to perpetuate violent crimes. That is why so many families are relieved to hear about Securus Technologies new software innovation.


Securus Technologies is a company that only prisoners and their families are familiar with. It is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services as well as Internet services to prisons around the country. Securus receives government contracts to become the telecommunications provider for a singular jail or prison.


The total indications company then uses its position to help law enforcement by recording every single phone call that an inmate makes. These phone calls are logged by inmate, date and are even tagged for phrases. But Securus goes the extra step by allowing law enforcement officers and lawyers to search the entire recorded database using proprietary software.


The software can lock on to a certain person’s vocal signature. Any recorded voice can be fed into the program, deconstructed and analyzed for its uniqueness. That uniqueness is then fed into the search engine to find every single phone call that particular voice was involved with.


This allows a family member to call into the prison and squeeze confessions or other intelligence out of their loved one. They can then go to law enforcement and tell them to listen back to all their telephone calls in order to get their family member help. Much of this information has been used to prevent crimes.


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