For the love of Texas

Texas is a phenomenal place to do all your banking. It is an expert in oil, petroleum, gas, mining, finances and more. In fact, perhaps that’s where the name Texas Bankers’ Annual Conference comes from in the first place. Texas is known for holding some of the wealthiest millionaires and billionaires on the planet, men like John Holt of Nexbank. Did you know that the association had its most latest annual event in New Orleans this last November and that Mr. Holt was at the front lines, speaking out for what is right, good, noble, true and fair in the world of modern banking? This is likely what made the event an outstanding success and one worth repeating very soon.


Nexbank is known in the following statistics as well. Take careful note. This company has done much and reach the stars for you – in terms of your wildest aspirations.


  1. Concentration: 2 All Other Specialization > 1 Billion


  1. Established: 1934-11-30


  1. FDIC Insurance: 1934-11-30


  1. FDIC Cert: #29209


  1. Charter Class: Savings banks and state charters are fully supervised

by the FDIC.


  1. # of Branches: 4, ranked #2465


  1. Website:


  1. Total Assets: $5,307,592,000, ranked #205


  1. Total Deposits: $4,761,012,000, ranked #183


  1. Total Equity Capital: $407,723,000, ranked #266


  1. Domestic Deposits: $4,761,012,000, ranked #183


  1. Net Income: $30,589,000, ranked #121


  1. Quarterly Net Income: $30,589,000, ranked #121


  1. Return on Assets: Two percent, ranked #138


  1. Quarterly Return: Two percent, ranked #138


  1. Return on Equity: 33 percent, ranked #31


  1. Quarterly Equity: 33 percent, ranked #31


Nexbank is based near McKinney, TX and continues to serve many of its communities faithfully, even after having served for nearly 100 years. Nexbank is FDIC insured and qualified. is the official company website. Nexbank owns three bank branches.


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