Glen Wakeman is a Man With a Long History in Business and Finance

Glen Wakeman is a man who has worked in finance and business for two decades. In 2015, he co-founded a SAAS company called LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. In 1981, he graduated from the University of Scranton with of Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Finance. In 1993, he received an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago (NewsSky). After graduating with his MBA, he worked at GE Capital. He founded Nova Four, a business accelerator that exists for the purpose of providing advice to start-ups and providing ways for them to access capital. At GE, the Board of Directors recognized him as a Growth Leadership Role Model. Some of the things that he has done include exponential growth, start-ups, M&As, divestitures and new market entry. His work has resulted in businesses having seventeen thousand-plus staff members and businesses having 15 billion dollars in assets that have led to their success.

Glen Wakeman shares his know-how by frequently blogging about financial topics. He blogs about global affairs, emerging markets, capital affairs, business transformation, administration, management and international financial affairs.

Glen Wakeman also takes on the role of mentor. He advises various start-ups to ensure their success. A couple of these companies go by the names of Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. He takes the time and trouble to mentor C-level executives.

He has gained international recognition due to the fact that he has taken responsibility for 30 operations all over the world.

During his lifetime, Glen Wakeman has lived in six countries. He was born in 1968, and currently resides in Miami, Florida. Interestingly, Glen Wakeman is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified. He has been recognized for his corporate social responsibility and has received various national and international awards.

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