Handy Turns a Profit From On-Demand Services

A lot of companies have tried and failed to do what Handy founder Oisin Hanrahan has managed to do with great skill. He has found a void that has come with cleaning homes, and he has managed to make a great amount of profit doing this with contracted workers.

That is something that has become the key to his success. He has a background check in place, and the workers are contracted out for their services. These are not full time Handy Cleaning employees, and that may be the main difference between this company and others that have failed like HomeJoy.

Oisin has managed to create an organization that has become a lot more focused on customer satisfaction. That means that the workers that are in place are trying to create a comfort zone. They want to earn repeat business, and that is how the Handy structure has managed to keep growing over the years. This has become the organization that people look to when it comes to cleaning.

Fortunately, good customer service and customer satisfaction goes a very long way in the world today. It provides a path to social media in which more people are willing to recommend the company to friends. That is the second factor – repeat business is the first – that makes the company a success.

Both of these things are going to hinge on the contracted workers that are in place so it also makes sense for Oisin Hanrahan to make sure that the contractors are happy. Workers that like their jobs will become the third factor that results in a successful cleaning company.

Source: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/11/05/how-handys-founder-oisin-hanrahan-is-scaling-his-startup-into-an-on-demand-powerhouse/

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