How to Respond When Social Media Problems Happen

When responding to any social media crisis, you need to first understand and appreciate the importance of safeguarding your reputation.  According to SocialMedia Examiner‘s comprehensive list of facts and strategies of responding to social media crisis, most executives rank reputation ranks as the number 1 strategic risk. When it comes to online conversations, it is important to understand that anyone’s voice can be heard in social media and companies often experience bigger challenges than individuals. The other fact to remember is the idea that bad news travels faster than good news.

However, to develop a successful reputation management strategy, you need to build building a plan and make sure shared standards are maintained across the company operations. These policies can be instigated by ensuring uniform customer relations, quality standards, utilizing an online reputation company like privacy standards, human relations and safety standards among others. Every member of the team must understand and comply with these policies to prepare the company for any undesirable eventuality. According to SocialMedia Examiner, when crisis strikes, companies need implement the following crisis management actions to protect their reputation:
• Act fast before anyone else
• Take charge of the situation
• Handle the reality by dealing with the real facts
• Involve the Nay-sayers in the process
• Spread the word using all means of communication to avoid misconceptions
• Encourage positive dialogue through online forums
• Stay true to your word

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